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Taiwan or Thailand? A Travel Comparison

How are Taiwan and Thailand different? How are they similar? Which place is better for what kinds of travel?

Baosheng Cultural Festival

A Festive Event Full of History, Religion and Community

Originally a birthday party for Baosheng Emperor, the god of medicine, the festivities have grown into a two month-long celebration of Taiwan’s history and culture.

Taiwan’s Best-funded Board Game Brings Wartime History Alive

A group of young Taiwanese unfamiliar with war fashioned a board game that recreates war-torn Taiwan 72 years ago to plug a gap in Taiwan’s collective wartime memory. Why has this board game found success in a relatively crowded market?

Breakfast in Taiwan

Start Your Day Like a Local

Some traditional Taiwanese breakfast items have western counterparts, while others will be familiar to anyone who’s traveled in China, Japan or Korea. But a few items are definitely uniquely Taiwanese.

How Taiwan’s Forestry Bureau Created Unexpected Buzz with an Artsy Calendar

The Forestry Bureau used to commission its annual calendar as a promotional give-away to non-government organizations, schools and government institutions. But during the past two years, the calendars suddenly became so sought-after that even urgently ordered reprints were immediately sold out. Few would have guessed that a civil servant was the mastermind behind this successful publicity campaign.


A Dutch Wife and Taiwanese Mother’s Letter to Her Unborn Child

Yizhuo L. is always being suspected by her Dutch in-laws of trying to turn their only grandson Taiwanese, or being hounded by her own parents to make sure the heritage of traditional Chinese culture is not lost in her son. She teaches Chinese to foreign students and embraces sinology while bring bombarded by cultural differences. Right now, her greatest challenge is nurturing her cross-cultural marriage.

Nojima Tsuyoshi Column

Tokyo’s Kabukicho - City of the Taiwanese

Who would have thought that three Taiwanese people would be instrumental to the establishment and growth of Japan’s number one red light district? Not only is this true, but it points to the considerable role certain Taiwanese quietly played in Japan’s overall post-war history.

Taiwan Scene

Eight Taiwan Lantern Festivals

To use a baseball analogy, if the first six days of Chinese New Year are the playoffs, then the Lantern Festival is kind of like the World Series. Only way more colorful. 

Taiwanese Cuisine and People

A Bite of Taiwan: Memories of Home and Cultural Amalgamation

Danzi noodles and miso soup, Formosa Plastics Steak and moon shrimp cake, Chiang Kai-shek and his Chinese chefs...Taiwanese cuisine goes a long way to answer some basic questions: who are we? Where are we from? What is us?

A Retrospective

How Much do the Taiwanese Love to Travel? The Wandering Youths of a Bygone Era

The Taiwanese people began spending their vacations abroad after 1979. 470,000 people vacationed abroad during that first year. By 1988, the number was over a million, and it kept on climbing. In 2017, on average every Taiwanese visited another Asia-Pacific country—mainly Japan—more than once that year...

The Dadaocheng Party

A Unique Reinvention of Tradition

When Dadaocheng was at its lowest point, the Sedai Group moved to renovate and reinvigorate an area long steeped in tradition. Today, old stores are embracing a new entrepreneurial spirit and reinventing themselves with cultural and creative flair.

Taipei International Book Exhibition (TIBE) 2019

German Stories, Guest of Honour at the Taiwanese Book Market

“Taiwan has a strong reading culture, and Taiwanese readers have tremendous intellectual curiosity about and interest in articles and publications from Germany. This is an ideal basis for our partnership and the reason why we have been working with the Taipei International Book Exhibition for years."

Chinese New Year in Taiwan

If you’re in Taiwan over the Chinese New Year Holiday, congratulations: You couldn’t have picked a more festive time of the year for your visit. And if you find yourself invited into a local home over the holidays, 雙贏! (Shuangying, or double win) because you’re about to experience Taiwanese culture from an insider’s perspective to which few casual visitors are ever privy.

Research & Reflections

A Year of Weaving in Taiwan

“We don’t have any form of writing at Iwan. This is our true text, a living one, ” says an elderly woman as she prepared food for an Amis festival in Iwan in Taitung county.

A Southern Taiwan University with a Vision

Cultivating Overseas Talent to Build Bridges to the World

How have more than 400 students from 46 countries around the globe come to study in Pingtung? What makes the Department of Tropical Agriculture and International Cooperation so special?

'Life is Nothing Without Obsession'

Five Details You Missed in 'Farewell My Concubine'

Selected by TIME Magazine as one of the 100 Best Movies of All Time, the digitally-restored version of the Chinese cinema classic “Farewell My Concubine” is playing in theaters to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its 1993 release.

From Gang Member to World Master Baker

Conquering Europe with the Taste of Taiwan

Have you ever tasted bread with straw mushrooms, crown daisy, bamboo shoots, or water spinach? Wang Peng-chieh, who earlier this year earned the title World Master Baker with the sculpted statue of a general from Taiwanese folk religion, wows bread lovers with authentic Taiwanese ingredients and seasonings.

TEDx Ambassadors: Taiwan’s Strength Lies in Cultural Freedom

When a group of TEDx ambassadors visited Taiwan recently, they said it was Taiwan’s cultural freedom and diversity rather than the usual night market delicacies that proved to be the biggest draws. What did they see that left the deepest impression on them?

The Founding of the German Empire Consulate in Formosa

Though the Treaty of Shimonoseki made Taiwan a possession of Japan in 1895, the construction of the German consulate proceeded as planned.

Explore Taipei's Music Scene

From cafes to record stores down to creative parks - here are some hotspots in Taipei music lovers should never miss out.

Taiwan’s Top 10 Soup Dumplings

​​​​​​​Xiao long bao, or little dragon dumplings, generally top anyone’s must-try in Taiwan food list. Though there are many places to get great soup dumplings around Taiwan, Taiwan Scene listed ten of the best.

Good Things Take Time

Patience Turns Troubled Youth Around

At 24, Jeffery Lin returned to his hometown of Sanxia in New Taipei City to save his grandfather’s soap factory from going under. Together with a few friends, Lin established a new soap brand that generated sales worth NT$50 million in four years. Despite his commercial success and a bright future, Lin decided to call it quits and test uncharted waters. With borrowed money, he launched a community-based social enterprise.

Tong Yang-tzu’s Literary Clothing

From Ink to Apparel III – Another Calligraphy and Fashion Crossover

The Chinese character “wu”, written in different calligraphy styles from an ancient, formal seal script to a rounded and smooth cursive script, has been freed from the confines of paper to come alive on fashion apparel, moving with light and space. Taiwanese calligrapher Tong Yang-tzu, well known for breaking into the realm of modern art with her unruly, playful approach to traditional East Asian calligraphy, has co-curated another exhibition exploring a crossover between modern calligraphy art and fashion design.

Wang Jiuliang

'I Changed the World by Telling the Truth'

He sees himself not only as the director of the documentary "Plastic China", but a social worker who takes action: discover the problem, present the problem, resolve the problem.

A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities

Conveying the Human Touch of Taiwan Through TV Dramas

“If one day a foreigner comes to tour Dadaocheng, and when you ask him ‘What brought you to Taiwan,’ he tells you: ‘Well, I came because I saw A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities’, then all my efforts were worth it. It would mean much more to me than winning a Golden Bell Award!”

Slow Living in Miaoli County

Discovering Miaoli Culture Through Slow Travel

With traditional culture kept alive along the county’s coastline and in the mountains, four distinct seasons and a wealth of seasonal flowers and fruit, Miaoli has all it takes for developing slow tourism.

Taiwan’s Architecture Comes of Age

With an architecture scene of the past that stresses practicality over beauty, Taipei has been dubbed by travel guides as "the ugly duckling of Asia.” Yet does that describe the future outlook? With more eco-friendly buildings, more public art spaces, and more innovative integration of form and function, Taiwan is now proving that its realm of architectural beauty covers more than just Qing-dynasty temples and Japanese Colonial-era buildings.

Crazy Rich Asians

The Dilemmas Those "Asians" Really Face

Is Crazy Rich Asians just a romantic comedy about people with inherited wealth? Why are people shedding tears in the theater? The steady rise in educational levels and career achievements of Asian immigrants and their children, together with depictions in television and movie dramas, are drawing more attention to the situations of ethnic Asians in U.S. society.

Exploring the History, Handicrafts and Culture of Tainan City

If Taipei is Taiwan’s New York City, then Tainan is surely its Portland, Oregon.

Charting the World

These Are the Countries That Eat the Most Meat

Red meat production is a major contributor to global warming because of the methane emitted by cattle and sheep. Which countries eat the most meat? This chart tells you the top meat-loving countries in the world.

Veteran Tourist Guide from the US:

Indigenous Culture, not Food, is Taiwan’s Top Tourist Attraction

Would you be ready to spend NT$8,000 – NT$10,000 per day immersing yourself in the everyday life of an indigenous village in Taiwan? “Never has a tourist tried to haggle over the price. Since they feel it’s worth it, they don’t think of cutting prices,” notes American travel writer and tour guide Cheryl Robbins, who takes visitors on tailor-made tours to the island’s indigenous communities.

Chasing Sweetness

Fruit Tourism is Taiwan’s Ripe New Trend!

Wondering where to go during the hot summer months? Consider visiting one of Taiwan’s growing regions to experience the sweet fun of fruit picking. This season, delight your tastebuds with plump and chewy lychee, the bright red meat of dragon fruit, plump orange mangoes, and sweet, juicy watermelon while enriching your love of travel.

World Economic Forum

Generation Z Will Outnumber Millennials by 2019

According to the latest research from Bloomberg, Generation Z will outnumber Millenials for the very first time by next year. Gen. Z, born and raised in the digital age, has no experience in pre-digital life. The rise of Gen. Z might shift business paradigms for companies that want to engage with this new demographic.

Getting the Most from Ghost Month in Taiwan

A tradition in both Daoism and Buddhism, Ghost Month is celebrated during the seventh lunar month in Taiwan, generally falling in August and September. In this article, we’ll be talking about the traditions, taboos and individual festivals associated with Ghost Month in Taiwan.

'Your View, My Home' Exhibition

Decoding The Art of Old-Time Doors and Windows

Why are there rumors that Taipei Guest House is haunted? How could eunuchs become door gods? Anything you’re curious about doors and windows, find your answers at Dadaocheng this year.

Culture, Beauty And World Class Entertainment

The Chishang Autumn Harvest Festival

Chishang is a rural township of around 10,000 people located in southeastern Taiwan’s Taitung County. Although small, the town attracts a significant number of tourists year-round, and with good reason.

Making Taiwanese Tourism Sustainable

Creating Immersive Experiences Through Smart Travel

Shifting trends in global travel, along with the impact of the transformations of Taiwanese industry and manpower, have placed unprecedented challenges before tourism in Taiwan. In response, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau has taken up the mission to consolidate central government and local resources and create new immersive experiences through smart travel.

Travel Tips

12 Facts German Travelers Want To Know About Taiwan

At a recent European Travel Fair, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s branch in Germany collected several questions about Taiwan from German Travelers. So we asked unseren guten Freund (our good friend) Klaus Bardenhagen, AKA The Taiwan Reporter to pick out a dozen of them to answer in his own mother tongue. So put on some Kraftwerk, crack open a Weißbier and some Erdnussflips , and please enjoy 12 Facts German Travelers Want To Know About Taiwan.

The Tech Hub's Past, Present and Future Glory

Hsinchu: More than Rice Noodles and Tech

The city of Hsinchu has much more to offer than traditional cuisine and microchips. Over time, the forefathers who settled in the area around the Long-en Weir on the Touqian River some 300 years ago built a unique history and culture. Their descendants continue to innovate and improve their environment. Let’s take a look at the city’s past, present and future as presented at the recently concluded Hsinchu 300 Expo, which marked the city’s 300th anniversary.

World Economic Forum

The G7 Should Take the Lead on Ocean Targets for 2020

Nations, organizations, businesses and citizens are rallying around marine challenges like never before.

An American Vegetarian in Taiwan

As health-consciousness and animal welfare awareness are rising, vegetarian buffets are enjoying a boom in Taiwan. Exploring the food, this Fulbright scholar emphatically argues that Taiwan is the best place in the world for vegetarian food.

Wild, Tame, and In-Between

Traditional Agricultural Knowledge of Taiwan Indigenous People

Today, 75% of the world’s plant food is made up of only 12 species. This dramatic impact on the world’s agro-biodiversity is accompanied by accelerating environmental degradation, the loss of diverse cultural understandings and appreciation of food, and an increasingly bland globalized menu – one that isn’t even very healthy. Luckily, diverse culture and food have an ancient and fascinating history in Taiwan.

#Taiwander Submission

Thriving in Taiwan Culture of Tolerance

The members of Taiwan foreign community are increasingly engaged in society, willing to slog hard, always appreciative of the opportunities for which they had to fight. Over the years, they have also contributed to an increasingly cosmopolite society that welcomes and values the input from minorities at all levels of governance.

A Taste of Taiwan

Danish Photographer Bundles Love for Taiwan in Time Lapse Video

A time lapse video clip called A Taste of Taiwan has recently created a buzz on the Internet. Behind the production is Danish photographer Henrik Matzen. The video celebrates Taiwan’s scenic beauty but is also meant as Matzen’s personal thank you to the island and its people. What made Matzen spend three months shooting this video, paying out of his own pocket?

Mother of Taiwanese Literature—Chung Chao-cheng

'Longtan, My Home, In Dreams You Visit and Linger in My Soul'

When 94-year-old Chung Chao-cheng walked into the living room, the visitors did their best to stay quiet as to cover up the exhilaration in their hearts. On this day, Chung would be talking about his home, Longtan—the land which never leaves his thought.

Did Mulan Really Join the Army out of Filial Piety?

Taiwanese singers Nana Lee Chien-na and Judy Zhou Ding-wei, who both became famous through the Taiwanese “One Million Star” talent contest TV show, play the lead roles in a new pop version of the original Chinese-language musical Mulan. With their powerful vocals, the pair brings to life a version of Mulan that casts the legendary devoted daughter in a somewhat different light. Playwright Tsai Pao-chang, director of the modern theater troupe Tainaner Ensemble, and composer Owen Wang, founder of theater company Studio M, add moments of laughs and tears, stemming from contemporary gender role issues.

Pay as You Go Wherever You Go with EasyCard

EasyCard – Your Ticket to a Cashless Life and Unlimited Travel

With Taiwan’s EasyCard, a stored value or prepaid card, you can just leave your wallet at home. Cashless payments with EasyCard make life so much more convenient, covering all your daily needs – food and beverages, transportation, shopping, leisure and entertainment. Just swipe your EasyCard when shopping for groceries at Shidong Market in Taipei’s Tianmu neighborhood, or when making a donation at Chaotian Temple in Yunlin County’s Beigang Township. Do you need tickets to the National Palace Museum or a tourism factory and want to take public transport or a taxi to get there? All it takes is EasyCard.

World Economic Forum

Almost 10% of the Players in the World Cup are Migrants

Almost one in ten players in the World Cup were born outside of their country. There are 1,032 players involved in the tournament. Of those, 98 were born beyond the borders of the country they are representing.

River Tracing in Taiwan

Summer is in full force here in Taiwan, bringing with it sunshine, humidity and the occasional typhoon. While there are plenty of activities in Taiwan for those looking to  embrace the summer heat , and plenty more for those looking to avoid it , river tracing is one of the few that kind of lets you do both at the same time.

An Island of Understated Beauty

Kinmen—The Once Critical Front Line against Communism

Fifty minutes away from the island of Taiwan by air, Kinmen has an incredibly rich history, culture and natural environment. Once a Cold War battleground, the island county stands out for its protected historical sites, traditional Minnan houses, and birdwatching opportunities.

Returning to Old Taipei at the Astoria Cafe

The historic Astoria Cafe, once a favorite gathering spot for Taiwan's literary greats, is a great place to experience the atmosphere of days past.

3D Tourism

Explore Kaohsiung’s Reimagined Warehouse District From Every Angle

Recent years have seen the Port of Kaohsiung, long a source of local pride, blossom with numerous new sites and attractions in the district, including Pier-2, the Hamasen Railway Cultural Park, and Kaohsiung Port Warehouse No. 2 (KW2). The area is easily accessible and enjoyed via bikeways, the MRT, the light rail, and the newly christened KW2 Ferry Terminal, bringing the century-old port district into the new century.

C’est La Vie, That’s Life

The Hakka Cultural Renaissance Memories─Tea, Camphor Laurel, and Sugar Cane

In the mid-19th century, Taiwan had three major exports: tea leaves, camphor laurel, and sugar cane. Tea leaves and camphor laurel were mainly cultivated along the Taiwan Romantic Route 3. The Chiang A-Shing Tea House in Beipu Township, Hsinchu, the Formosa Tea Industry and Culture Gallery in Guanxi Township, Hsinchu, and many other well-preserved former tea factories remain as a reminder from those glorious years.

Five Questions asked by the Taiwan-Curious

Tons of people are using the popular crowdsourced Q&A website Quora to ask questions about Taiwan. Since many of these questions concern travel in Taiwan, we’ve recently taken to Quora to offer tips & suggestions for first time visitors and the merely Taiwan curious.

From Hot Air Balloons to Taiwan's Largest Design Program

How did Taitung Nurture Its Urban Design Prowess? (Part 1)

There are many ways to create a livable city; why start with design? What did Taitung, not exactly an affluent county, do to make design prowess the shared goal of all its local government departments? What do the people of Taitung get out of all this? A dialogue on the topic of “Design Entering Municipal Government Offices” between Han Wu, guest editor-in-chief of Future City@CommonWealth, Taitung County Magistrate Justin Huang, and Taiwan Design Center Chairman Chang Chi-yi gives us a glimpse of how change in the public sector also transforms the everyday life of Taitung County residents.

C'est La Vie, That's Life

The Hakka Cultural Renaissance Memories Along a Mountain Route

From a track to a national greenway, the Reknus Selu Trail of the Taiwan Romantic Route 3 is an ancient path full of Taiwan’s treasures. There are legend and heritage on these whirling axles spreading more than 400 kilometers. Tea leaves and camphor laurel cultivated on this path interlinked Taiwan and the world in 19th century. The Taiwan Romantic Route 3, a way leading Hakka people home, highlights the underestimated romance of Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Marathon Tourism

Running the Gamut from Mountains to Sea

Here, you cover scenery as you cover ground on the race course. From sparkling coastal courses, to a stunning route wending through a marble gorge, and a marathon that feels like a banquet on foot; Taiwan hosts an incredible variety of races like nowhere else in the world.

Stop the Price War, Compete on the Value

Can Taiwan Become A Tourism Powerhouse?

Asia has emerged as a fierce tourism battleground. How should Taiwan's tourism sector be improved and upgraded so that Taiwan can be better appreciated by its people and stand out in the world?

The Battle for Tourists in Asia is On

How can Taiwan bring to bear its touristic attractiveness given that its neighbors have made quality tourism a national strategic goal?

Let's Eat the Taiwan Way

In Appreciation of Taiwan's ‘National Dish’—Braised Pork Rice

Just what goes into making the perfect bowl of braised pork rice? Let us break it down for you.

Guest Writer Submission

Dragon Boat Festival Brings About Successful Team Building

Participating in the annual boat races is a unique chance to connect with local cultures for most foreigners. It is also an opportunity to build social connections and successful team dynamics that enhance your fighting spirit.

Let's Eat the Taiwan Way

The Glue of Taiwanese Life—Sticky Rice

From sweet rice ball soup, zongzi, to sticky oil rice for celebrating a baby's first month, glutinous rice is milled into the most familiar and nostalgic flavors for Taiwanese. It is frequently a component of festivals throughout the year and at various stages of people’s lives.

Formosa Moon

Failure and Success in the LA of Taiwan

Notes from a Small Island meets Eat Pray Love on the Tropic of Cancer, Formosa Moon is a dual-voiced cultural exploration around Taiwan undertaken by Joshua Samuel Brown (a long-time resident and author of three other books on Taiwan) and Stephanie Huffman (a first-time visitor who’s reluctantly agreed to relocate sight unseen), a sneak excerpt of which to kick off our featured #Taiwander submission series.

Is Taiwan’s Famed Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival an Environmental Plague?

This article is a reader’s contribution to Crossing. It explores the environmental pollution caused by the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival, one of Taiwan’s most famous tourist attractions. What can be done to create a win-win situation for the environment and the tourism industry?

Cultural Tourism in Taiwan

The Mazu Pilgrimage Experience

Named by the Discovery Channel as one of the top three religious festivals in the world, the Dajia Mazu holy pilgrimage attracts large numbers of people of Chinese descent from abroad and foreign travelers alike. What makes the Mazu pilgrimage so special and fascinating that participants keep walking, determined to never look back, even when they have painful blisters on their feet?

Traveling in Taiwan

Firewalking in Taiwan for Beginners

Six years ago, I walked over a bed of hot coals. While I didn’t burn myself that night, I’ve been raking myself over the coals since.


Beauty of Taiwan in the Eyes of Two Danish Timelapsers

Thanks to the dedication of Henrik Matzen and Jonas Hoholt, a breathtaking video was made, revealing the vibrancy of the island that put both travelers and locals in awe.

Traveling in Taiwan

13 Tips for having a deeper Taiwan Temple experience

Taiwan has thousands of temples, ranging from large multi-story buildings bearing multiple shrines and countless deities to small single-shrine structures barely big enough to fit a single god. Taiwanese temples can be dedicated to Taoist, Buddhist or Confucian beliefs, and often times multiple faiths (and deities) coexist peacefully under one roof.

A Prawny Tale

How did Taiwan Become a Haven for Recreational Prawn-Fishing?

Prawn fishing is a popular pastime among distraction-hungry urbanites in Taiwan. Have you ever wondered how prawn fishing evolved into a leisure activity?

Taiwan’s First LVMH Prize Recipient- Angus Chiang

Taking Taiwan’s Culture to the Runways of London and Paris

Everyday experiences like shopping for materials at Yongle Market or listening to the rush of motorcycles on nearby streets provide vital creative energy for emerging Taiwanese fashion designer Angus Chiang. This attuned sensitivity to Taiwan’s distinctive everyday culture has helped Chiang make inroads into the fussy European fashion market.

Here are 5 Tips to Make You Communicate Better in the Noisy Digital Age

How can we manage the endless stream of information while conveying our own message to the world?

Reflexive Taiwan Series

My Taiwanese Tai Chi Experience

Joshua Samuel Brown, co-author of twelve Lonely Planet guides, started his "long and slow" Tai Chi journey, not just to delve deeper into the mysteries of Chinese culture, but also because he doesn't want his Tai Chi classmates think he's a quitter.

Steven Pinker

The Shocking Truth: Well-being is Actually Progressing

"The Enlightenment has worked - perhaps the greatest story seldom told," writes psychologist Steven Pinker in his latest book.

Lung Ying-tai:

Biweekly Visits Are Half-Hearted Endeavor

Former Culture Minister Lung Ying-tai went to the United States to study when she was 23. She stayed there for nine years and subsequently lived in Europe for another 13 years. Back in Taiwan, Lung served as head of Taipei City’s Department of Cultural Affairs and then joined the Cabinet as Minister of Cultural Affairs. Between her government posts, Lung taught at universities in Hong Kong for a total of nine years. During more than three decades abroad, her parents back in Taiwan were always at the back of her mind.

To All Carnivores

Here are 8 ways to Eat Meat While Saving the Planet

A new campaign suggests ways to cut pollution, animal suffering and unfair trade from our diets.

Cinema by the River

Films to Watch at Tamsui River Film Festival

When was the last time you gave yourself a timeout in this bustling city? This May, join us for some film-watching along the scenic riverbanks at Tamsui River Film Festival.

Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report

China is Now the Second-largest Art Market in the World

China overtook the United Kingdom in 2017 as the second biggest art market after the United States.

Open Call for Submissions

What's your #Taiwander story?

What's your #Taiwander story? Share it with us, let us broadcast it to the world through CommonWealth Magazine and then find yourself on an exciting MyTaiwanTour this year!

Breaking Tourism Boundaries

How Tainan Attracts Japanese

For many overseas visitors to Taiwan, Tainan is not at the top of their list of destinations. But in this commentary, travel agency owner Yu Chih-wei explains why his experience in promoting Tainan has given him hope for Taiwan’s tourism sector.

Open Call for Submissions

Best Travel Spots for #Taiwanders

What's your #Taiwander story? Share it with us, let us broadcast it to the world, then find yourself on an exciting MyTaiwanTour this year! Where would you like to go with MyTaiwanTour? Here are some best travel recommendations for 2018 from their guides.

Eat the Taiwan Way

Have A Run Bing for The Tomb Sweeping Holiday

Ever wondered why spring rolls are called “spring” rolls? Run bings (潤餅), or steamed springs rolls, hold a special place in the hearts of many Southern Taiwanese, especially when tomb sweeping day is around the corner.

2018 Taipei Lantern Festival

Top 10 Attractions at Taipei Lantern Festival

Haven't visited Ximen and Beimen last weekend? This weekend might be your last chance to catch a glimpse of the beauty of the city lit up with lanterns! Had a visit already? Then check out the list of top attractions and surprises to see if you have missed out any.

How I Tried (and Failed) to Become an Internet Celebrity in Taiwan and China (2/2)

Stephen Turban is a recent graduate of Harvard College and an alumnus of Jianguo Municipal High school. Here he shares his personal attempt in becoming an internet celebrity in China and Taiwan and his observation on the two’s social media landscapes. (Part 2)

Kaohsiung Main Public Library

A Reading Space of Light and Shade

Kaohsiung Main Public Library is beautiful during the day and charming at night. Its structure composes of unique design and emphasis on humanities, radiating a vibe that is playful and serious at the same time.

Purple Butterfly Valley

The Magic Light of Butterflies

There are only two overwintering butterfly valleys in the world, one is in New Mexico, U.S.A. and the other one is in Maolin. Each year during autumn and winter seasons, millions of butterflies migrate to warm areas to cope with the cold.

How I Tried (and Failed) to Become an Internet Celebrity in Taiwan and China (1/2)

Stephen Turban is a recent graduate of Harvard College and an alumnus of Jianguo Municipal High school. Here he shares his personal attempt in becoming an internet celebrity in China and Taiwan and his observation on the two’s social media landscapes. (Part 1)

2018 Chinese New Year

Taipei—Ghost Town during Chinese New Year?

Still wondering where to go for the coming holiday season? Fly a lantern to send your blessings, ask some friends to join you 'around the round table,' then drink yoursleves merry to welcome the new lunar year!

Lunar New Year Cultural Outing

Join Artists in Taitung

In Taitung’s Chishang Township, the Granary Art Museum, ISwell Cultural Boutique, and Bike De Koffie, which makes bagels from local rice, introduce new local aesthetics.

New Gangshan Hilltop Observation Deck

Ride the Music, Fly With the Mountain Wind

The New Gangshan Hilltop Observation Deck (崗山之眼) was built as a sky cloister under a budget over NT$100 million. What is innovative about the observation deck is that it exhibits the beautiful landscape of Gangshan through the symbol of music, which conveys an image of melodic harmony.

World Economic Forum

Your 2018 Reading List from Google CEO and Norwegian Prime Minister

From Sundar Pichai to Erna Solberg and Steven Pinker, Davos participants name the volumes that inspire them.

The Ultimate in Taiwanese Cuisine

‘Rich Man’s Dishes’ Returning to the Table

Other than the “little eats” snack food for which Tainan is renowned throughout Taiwan and beyond, in generations past the private banquet food served in the homes of the area’s wealthy represented the pinnacle of fine cuisine. Now this ‘rich man’s fare’ is making a comeback.

Interview with Director Ridley Scott & Others

Behind the Scenes of 'All the Money in the World'

This exclusive interview with All the Money in the World director Ridley Scott, actor Michelle Williams, Christopher Plummer and Mark Wahlberg brings a first hand look behind the scenes and into its famous 'reshoot'. How did Scott and others manage to replace protagonist Kevin Spacey and reshoot the scenes in nine days?

Stone House in Kungadavane

Infusing the Warmth of Time

Kungadavane Tribe is the final stop of the Maolin Scenic Area and also the very origin of local culture. Enter the tribe of Kungadavane and indulge yourself in the well-crafted stone houses, stone BBQ and rice cooked in bamboo tubes. The diverse characteristics of indigenous local life are great experience of five senses for visitors.

Simple Travel in Taoyuan

Historical Streets, Food Culture and Mountain Scenery (I)

“Daxi is a living old street. Here foreign visitors can experience local life. It is like a living museum,” says Mu-Chin Lee, a travel expert who assists the Taiwan Tourism Bureau with showing foreign visitors around Taiwan.

Keerthi Sridharan

2018: To New Beginnings

Is time socially constructed? If so, why do we make new year resolutions? Having said goodbye to the bumpy year of 2017, how should we keep making progress?

Simple Travel in Taoyuan

Bike Riding in Old Town Zhongli

With the Taoyuan Airport MRT and city bike rental service (YouBike) combined, it is easy, leisurely and economic to visit great travel spots in Taoyuan. The old town area of Zhougli is one of those spots that you shouldn’t miss. It is rich of local history and culture. Moreover, the night market and food are astonishing.

Pier-2 Art Center

Modern Hipsters in Old Warehouse

Do you consider yourself as an artistic, trendy hipster? Or are you just a normal person who occasionally enjoy culture and art? Either way, Pier-2 Art Center in Yancheng, Kaohsiung is an excellent place for you to spend a weekend.

Reflexive Taiwan Series

Even In the Hardest Time, Engage and Listen

Samuel Galler is a Harvard graduate and DPhil candidate in International Development at Oxford University. He shared with CommonWealth his experience in Taiwan and the importance of establishing understanding and trust in today’s unstable world.

Kungadavane Suspension Bridge

Suspending over the River Valley, Walking on the Cloud

Heading towards the unknown can be challenging but also rewarding. The high and exciting Kungadavane suspension bridge is one of these kinds of challenges. This extremely beautiful bridge is located in Maolin, Kaohsiung, attracting adventurous travelers with magnificent scenery and remarkable experience.


A Container Market of Colorful Vocabularies

KUBIC, a cultural and creative market in Kaohsiung captures the eyes of both the city's visitors and residents. It is built by containers and will definitely challenge your imagination and concept of architecture.

Formosa Boulevard Station

The Most Beautiful MRT Station, Charming from Inside Out

Kaohsiung's Formosa Boulevard Station is globally recognized as one of the most beautiful subway stations in the world.

Fongyi Academy

Centennial Academy in Old Town

Fongyi Academy built in 1814, is one of the oldest schools in Taiwan. Here is why you should visit there.

The Arrival of ‘Generation Can’t Commit’

We spend all our energy and efforts on living and on loving ourselves, so that in the end we are too exhausted to love anyone else.

Yu Guangzhong (余光中)

'Don't Give Up A 5000-Year Cultural Heritage For A 50-Year Political Shift'

"Nostalgia looms large to be a Channel. Here am I, and yonder my Continent!” Once a poet that had strummed the strings of all nostalgic hearts, Yu Guangzhong (余光中) conveyed one message through all his writings: “The beauty of Chinese culture should be passed down through words."

Lin Hsiu-tzu

Don’t Tell the Japanese to Visit Jiufen Anymore!

Repeat visitors from Japan are interested in delving deeper into Taiwan’s culture and geography than can be experienced on typical guided tours.

Ya-che Yang

'It’s Not Our Revenge, But Our Quiet Wishes For Them.'

"Long live to you" is what the director of the movie The Bold, The Corrupt, And The Beautiful said to the corrupt officials he based his characters on.

Award-winning Musician Sangpuy:

‘Music is Life’

The accomplished indigenous musician expands on the inspiration behind his music, as well as how nature and culture have both helped him deal with the challenges in his life.

Indian Food in Taiwan

Tasting Home in Taipei

A young Indian poet talks about her falling in love with a biriyani other than her mother's.


'In Respect of My Body, My Best Toner Is My Sweat'

She has danced herself from Yilan to New York, from stage to screen, conquering large theaters around the world for 30 years. For this 46-year-old dancer, what has driven her to never stop improving? What sort of satisfaction and joy did she gain from the journey? Meet Fang-Yi Sheu, a woman still dancing her way up to achieving her dreams.

Andre Chiang:

The 8 Year Journey Of Octaphilosophy

Taiwan's first Michelin Chef André Chiang has just officially announced the closure date of Restaurant ANDRE after 8 years of legacy. He expressed his enthusiasm and caring about passing down his experience and knowledge to young talents and cultivating a better food culture for Taiwan in the future.

A Must Do Activity When Visiting Kaohsiung

‘One-Day Farmer’ Tour Has Hit Abroad

Under the bright sunny day, a group of sweaty people are wearing gloves and protective clothing in a large pineapple field, and hurriedly harvesting pineapples.  The edge of pineapple leaves is very sharp which one hand has to hold the bottom while the other bend it down with great strength.  However, these group of people aren’t farmers at all, they are tourists coming from Japan.

Laura Russell

The Curious Case of Q

Laura Russell is a writer and recipe developer based in Portland, Oregon. She is also a regular panelist on the award-winning podcast, The Four Top. Here she shares her experience and journey with the interesting factor in Taiwanese cuisines: "Q".

Land Dyke Feminist Family Farm

Women Create Farming Community

The female farmers group “Land Dyke” has established a new model of communal living and farming, using environmentally friendly farming methods, while also engaging in exchanges with local farms to share good food and good ideas with a greater audience.

Food Education in Tainan Schools

Elementary Students Grow their Own Lunch Produce

A first in Taiwan, the curriculum in elementary schools in Tainan, one of the island’s major agricultural regions, includes “food education”. By growing their own food, students gain greater self-confidence and develop a stronger bond to the land.

The Time Is Now for Taiwanese Cuisine

Let’s Eat, the Taiwan ‘Way’

In Mandarin, “flavor” is pronounced “way,” so we’ve decided to call authentic Taiwanese flavors the “Taiwan Way.” Up to now, it has defied definition but efforts are afoot to give it a clear identity and have it resonate around the world.

Milk House

Revolutionizing Milk Distribution

Veterinarian Kung Chien-chia witnessed the problems of Taiwan’s dairy industry first-hand on his daily visits to rural dairy farms. Realizing that the farmers are at the mercy of the island’s three major milk brands, Kung decided to rewrite the rules of milk distribution.

Taking on Hollywood

China Dreaming Big on Movies

From buying Hollywood talent and acquiring movie theater chains around the world to protecting its home market, China is intent on becoming a powerhouse in the global film and video industry and setting the agenda on video content.

Eleven Madison Park X Restaurant ANDRÉ

Michelin Stars Chefs' Sensational Cooking Trio

Chef André from Restaurant ANDRÉ, one of the 50 best restaurants in the world, chef Daniel Humm and manager Will Guidara from the Michelin-starred restaurant Eleven Madison Park have an astounding cooking trio together, creating one of the most sensational dining experience ever.

Fil-Canadian singer and Internet celebrity Mikey Bustos

Key to Viral Success: "Never give up."

Fil-Canadian singer and Internet celebrity Mikey Bustos shared his keys to viral success: "Never give up."

Indigenous Singer Jia Jia

Working Hard at Being Herself

Long recognized on the music scene as an exceptional talent, two-time Golden Melody Awards nominee for Best Female Singer Jia Jia tells how she learned to believe in herself…

Ecological Aquaculture

Giving Our Seas a Break

A milkfish farm in Kaohsiung has found success with ecological aquaculture, using mostly all-natural feed. Its experience has raised hopes that eco-friendly fish farming can maintain supplies while allowing our exhausted seas to catch their breath.

People Tree

Slow Shopping Means More Joy

Fair trade starts at the source. That’s why the Japan-born fair trade label People Tree set out to transform the fashion supply chain, making Japanese society realize that buying organic, fairly traded garments brings more joy than pursuing the latest fashion craze.

A Rising Center of Creativity

‘Hot’ Taipei

Romantic yet practical, Taipei’s free-flowing creative energy is surging beyond Taiwan and into ethnic-Chinese communities around the world. Even countries in the West are showing fascination with the city’s creative expression.

Fanatical Shanghai

Fanatical young Shanghainese are bringing the world to Shanghai, from as far afield as Europe and America, and as nearby as Taiwan, carrying their cultural momentum forward, reproducing, tweaking and surpassing it… with the goal of taking Chinese design to the world.

Thomas Heatherwick:

Keep Moving Forward

Like his projects, Thomas Heatherwick operates in a world of practical considerations and constraints, relentlessly working to bridge modern cities with the individual need to feel important and productive. Inside Heatherwick Studio, an exhibition at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum through May 15, celebrates and gives insight into the mind behind such projects as the Garden Bridge and the British Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Taiwan's Diverse Families

Finding One's True Self, Alone

Once a high-profile media figure in Taipei, Hsu Lu now enjoys a quiet existence in laid-back Taitung, where she is redefining the concept of "home" and "family" on her own terms.

Stephane Corcuff

'Acquiring' Ancestors in Taiwan

Inside a cluster of decrepit wooden houses dating from the Japanese period, French scholar Stéphane Corcuff came across a wooden ancestral memorial plaque that changed his relationship with Taiwan.

Patience Chuang

Forge a Publishing Citadel to Protect Taiwan

Building momentum out of niche interests, she is working to raise issues that help reinsert depth and breadth back into Taiwan's increasingly superficial publishing market.

Tsai Pao-chang

Tainaner Ensemble Seeks Global Stage

Having barely graduated from university ten years ago, Tsai Pao-chang created a novel play consisting of six one-hour episodes, building his reputation as one of Taiwan's most promising theater talents. Now, Tsai wants to take his innovative playwriting abroad to entertain European audiences with plays in English and French.

Huang Sheng-Yuan

The Down to 'Earth' Master Architect

Huang Sheng-Yuan's many architectural landmarks in Yilan reflect a free and rebellious style honed over the past two decades. That sometimes unappreciated style has now earned him the chance to exhibit at a Japanese architectural shrine.

Taiwan's Independent Coffee Culture

Soft Power, Percolated to Perfection

Taiwan produces relative few coffee beans, but it is a prime destination when Asians want to open cafés, roast good coffee, or grow premium beans. How has Taiwan gained renown as a premium coffee hub in such a short time?

American Novelist Jonathan Franzen

Challenging the Internet Age

Jonathan Franzen is known for taking on Twitter and Facebook and lamenting how reading is becoming a lost art. In this exclusive interview, Franzen talks about how reading and literature have an important role in the new digital era.

Jonathan Liao

Making Our Own Films

Older people swore it couldn't work, but for the team at 1987 Studio, opportunity was right there before them, and they are determined to pave a new way in filmmaking for themselves and their young peers.

Chaz Chang

Turning Lukang into Asia's Edinburgh

Lukang has a nostalgic grip on its natives who work in other parts of Taiwan, a grip so strong that budding arts manager Chaz Chang has returned, hoping to bring the arts to his backwater hometown.

Takeshi Kaneshiro:

I Am not a 'Dream Guy'

CommonWealth Magazine talked to Takeshi Kaneshiro when he returned to his native Taiwan recently to promote his latest film. Out of the limelight, Kaneshiro is very different from his melancholic heartthrob on-screen persona.


Can Taiwan Keep Reigning Supreme?

Taiwan occupies center stage in the ethnic-Chinese music world. How is it coping with the digitization of music, the decline of albums and competition from China, to maintain and fortify its position of strength?

British Designer Thomas Heatherwick

Making the Future

He is the man behind the stunning UK Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and the 2012 Olympic cauldron. How does this uncompromising "Da Vinci of our times" present a new Great Britain to the world?

British Designer Jay Osgerby

Make Less, But Better

The British design team of Barber and Osgerby gained world fame with their design of a stylish and light all-weather Olympic torch for the London Olympics in 2012. What is the source of their creativity?

Why Hong Kong Is Smitten with Taiwan

People from Hong Kong have swarmed to Taiwan in recent years to enjoy its night markets and slower pace of life and to learn from its "happy protests." But an unmistakable disenchantment with Beijing may lie behind this infatuation.

The Magic of Tranquility

One in every four Taiwanese suffers from anxiety, depression or other mental disorders. The more turmoil we face, the more we need tranquility for clearer thinking.

The Post-90 Generation

A New Breed of Cross-strait Consumers

Accustomed to affluence, the newest generation of youth in China and Taiwan has never known a world without the Internet. Their lifestyle and consumption patterns are rewriting the retail world.

National Dong Hwa University

Wandering Lessons

You don't need to sit in a classroom to learn. At National Dong Hwa University, students explore every nook and cranny of rural Hualian County, sparking new enthusiasm and creativity.


Taiwan's New Land of Opportunity

Indonesia is one of the world's fastest growing emerging markets and the place where Taiwan's high-tech companies are looking to drive future growth. What makes them so upbeat?

Higher Education

Taiwan's Stray PhDs

Taiwanese officials warn of a looming talent gap, yet Taiwan boasts a talent pool of nearly one million people with advance degrees. After studying for more than 20 years, why are they facing such difficulties finding decent jobs?

Higher Education

Scrambling to Make the Grade

The convergence of fewer students, globalization and pressure-packed evaluations is brewing a perfect storm for Taiwan's higher education system. Where will it all lead?

Desperately Seeking Students

Taiwan's Professors Turn Marketers

Within two decades more than one third of Taiwan's universities may have to close down for want of students. All of a sudden, university presidents and professors alike are being forced to peddle their services.

Kanazawa, Japan

Tradition with an Innovative Twist

Founded 400 years ago as a cultural center, Kanazawa boasts a rich artistic heritage, which it lavishes with love, labor and generous investments. How is this city breathing new life into its creative and cultural industries?

Tainan City

Sowing the Seeds of Dreams

As more and more cultural immigrants plant their roots in Tainan, Taiwan's first capital city is slowly emerging as the island's creative and cultural Mecca.

Small Fishermen in an Uphill Battle

Saving Dwindling Oval Squid Stocks

Along Taiwan's north coast the stocks of squid are in decline. Fearing for their future, local fishermen have decided to fight for the sea creatures on which their livelihoods depend.

Taiwan's Barren Waters

The Fish Are Gone

Taiwan's residents consume huge amounts of seafood, but much of it is imported rather than caught in waters off the island. Why is that? And is there still time to reverse the situation?

Of Sports and CEOs

The Ball Field Is More than a Metaphor

Many top Taiwanese execs stay actively engaged in the world of athletics, and the lessons they learn serve them well. What are the "golden rules" of management that sports can teach?

CommonWealth Economic Forum

Empowering Local Communities and Culture

Lin Hwai-min, founder and artistic director of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, offers inspiration: Great changes begin with little steps.

Comic Artist Zeco

'Girl Arms' Takes Japan by Storm

The first Taiwanese cartoonist to secure a long-term serialization deal with a Japanese magazine, Zeco's armor-clad young beauties armed to the teeth have Japanese fans praising the quality and creativity of Taiwanese comics.

Comic Artist AKRU

Making Taiwanese History Come Alive

A twentysomething woman brings to life 19th-century Taiwan in her modern graphic novels. Every composition and every line in her drawings reveals her imagination and her feelings for her native Taiwan.

Indigenous Entrepreneur Lin Yi-bei

Owl Magic Reshapes a Community

Returning to Sun Moon Lake to start a business, Lin Yi-bei never expected her little owls to make such a mark on her community. Her inspiring story shows that people can choose their own path in life.

Beautiful Formosa

Taking a Different Road

Traveling the length of gently curving Provincial Highway No. 1, CommonWealth Magazine witnesses the rising vitality of grassroots Taiwan, and discovers seven traits that enable countless Taiwanese to prevail.

Legendary Masterpiece of Chinese Art

Reunited after Nearly Four Centuries

Split in two 360 years ago, the painting "Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains" has come together again at Taipei's National Palace Museum. What is the best way to take in this legendary painting?

Jaycee Chan

I Have to Work Harder than Others

Throughout his career, entertainer Jaycee Chan has had to fight to step out from under the shadow of his superstar father, Jackie Chan. But with the tireless help of his Taiwanese mother Joan Lin, he has managed to come into his own.

Taiwan's Future Leaders

Building Their Own Stages to Shine On

The future belongs to those who create their own opportunities. CommonWealth Magazine looks at some of the future leaders who will reshape Taiwan in the years to come.

Tseng Wei: Venice Architecture Biennale Taiwan Pavilion Curator

Taking Venice with 'Lightness' and 'Softness'

The selection of curator for the Taiwan Pavilion at this year's Venice Architecture Biennale was a major departure from the norm. What made the selection committee decide this upstart was the right architect to represent Taiwan?

Taiwan's Tween Generation

The Cyber Land Where Kids Connect

MapleStory, a free South Korean role-play adventure game, has been a hit among school-age gamers for five years now. It even entices parents to venture into the fantasy world of their kids. What is the game's magic?

Taiwan's Tween Generation

Yu Wo – Queen of Tween Novels

Easy to read and hard to put down, the "light novels" of Taiwanese writer Yu Wo have captured the hearts of the island's young readers. What does her rapid rise to bestseller stardom signify?

Life-changing Gifts

The right gift at the right time can help forge closer personal relationships, smoothen business ties, and even change a person's life. How can we choose gifts that adequately convey our intentions and also please the recipient?

The Most Important Lesson for Physicians:

When Should Patients Be Allowed to Die?

Now that technology can prolong life beyond its natural limits, the biggest question physicians face is not how to keep terminally ill patients alive, but how to help them die a dignified death.

Eat Less Meat

With Taiwan's diet increasingly skewed toward meat and wheat, its food supply is ever more vulnerable. To fight global warming, bolster Taiwan's security, and improve your health, maybe the answer lies on your own plate.

Song Shan High School

More to Life than Getting to the Top

At Taipei Municipal Song Shan Senior High School, weekly class meetings and school celebrations are different. Instead of empty rituals, students contemplate the meaning of life.

Life Education

Teachers Need to Learn about Life Too

Starting next year, life education will be a required subject at Taiwan's 330 senior high schools. In preparation for the new subject, a fresh crop of teachers has been taking courses themselves. Often, it has proven to be a life-altering experience.

Life Education:

A Competition that Has No Losers

More students are losing their way than ever in Taiwan's test-driven education environment. How can the system be changed to help each one of them win at life?

Taipei's New West Side Story

Steeped in culture and basking in a wave of urban renewal, Taipei's West Side is undergoing a quiet metamorphosis. A new gateway to Taiwan, a new oasis in Taipei, the city's West Side is currently standing on the threshold of rejuvenation.

1949 to 2009

Taiwan's Tumultuous Road

Six decades – a full epoch by traditional Chinese reckoning – have passed since the KMT lost control of China and took refuge on Taiwan, creating the political system and ethnic mix that now define the island. What does the future hold?

Timm Wu

A Fashion Show Is a Cross-cultural Gala Event

More than just models walking down a runway, the cross-disciplinary fashion shows of Taiwanese creative director Timm Wu are unique artistic performances.

Hayao Miyazaki:

Children Give Me Courage and Hope

In this exclusive interview, renowned Japanese animated film director Hayao Miyazaki explores the process of creation, the perils of the present era, and the divine nature of children.

Meet Fresh Dessert Franchise

The Sweet Taste of Good Old Times

With a mystique of down-to-earth, old-fashioned flavor, Meet Fresh successfully attracts and retains customers by highlighting the handmade character of its products and spreading the heartwarming legend of its founders.

New Key to Survival in Changing Times:

'Reading the Air'

In Japan, Taiwan, and around the world, in the workplace, businesses and political circles, people are desperately seeking the social awareness skills that often mean the difference between success and failure.

Thriving in an Atmosphere of Freedom

Hip Taipei Making its Mark

It's a city full of creativity, freedom and laughter. Compared to Beijing, Taipei shines as a fun, multicultural town bursting with vitality.

Jay Chou

Asia's 'Little King' of Pop

Multitalented Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou has become a synonym for innovative, non-traditional Chinese-language pop music. What is the source of the energy driving his success?

Creative Cities

Taichung's Cultural Stage Lets Economy Shine

Shedding its seedy reputation of the past, Taichung is putting its best cultural face forward internationally, with a future full of imagination.

Kris Yao's Passage to India

Seeing the True Essence of Life

Architect Kris Yao recalls the surprises, incongruities and moments of growth that happen while traveling in India.

The Rise of the Early Birds

Your Future Begins at Dawn

In Japan, Korea and Taiwan, more and more people are rising at daybreak, and with the extra time before work, opening up new possibilities for their lives.

Learning the Wisdom of Morning Markets

Early Bird Exec Telly Kuo

Among the growing ranks of early risers are more than a few corporate leaders. Optoma Corporation general manager for Asia Telly Kuo frequents traditional morning markets, for fresh fruit and fish, and entrepreneurial inspiration.

Early Bird Exec David Pacey

Gathering Energy through Morning Exercise

Among the growing ranks of early risers are more than a few corporate leaders. Grand Hyatt Taipei general manager David Pacey uses early mornings to foster his health, boost his energy, and achieve tranquility.

Early Bird Exec Fred Pai

Gaining Insight through Morning Contemplation

Among the growing ranks of early risers are more than a few corporate leaders. Polaris Financial Group vice chairman Fred Pai uses the morning hours to gather his thoughts, and hearken to his muses.

Transplants Forge a Great City

Hsinchu's Quiet Revolution

One of the world’s major technology hotbeds, Hsinchu has attracted a high proportion of non-native residents. Can its population of transplants trigger their own brand of urban renewal?

Taichung City

Giving Creativity Free Rein

This young city intent on change sticks out for its free and easy-going atmosphere, its consumer aesthetics and creativity, and the good life its people enjoy.

Microsoft's Imagine Cup 2007

Twenty-something Rebels Show World-class Creativity

Four Taiwanese university students, once told they 'had no future', placed second in a global creativity competition, highlighting what kinds of talent will be in demand in tomorrow's Taiwan.

Rebecca Kuei & S.S. Guo

Helping a Friend through Life's Tribulations

Along the path of life, each of us needs a 'Buddy' of our own. How do school or work relationships develop into lifelong friendships?

Chinese Medicine:

The Ultimate Solution to Cancer?

People around the world even Coca-Cola are taking a new look at traditional Chinese medicine. Can its multi-target "cocktail therapy" approach become the ultimate answer to cancer?

Former IMF Managing Director Michel Camdessus:

Taiwan Has Something Unique to Offer the World

Taiwanese Designers

Seducing the World with Oriental Aesthetics

Three mid-career Taiwanese designers demonstrate how they integrate Oriental and Western aesthetics into print, theater, and industrial design to speak the world's language.

Cracking the Oriental Creativity Code

Across the globe, designs from Asia are captivating the imagination. Not only Westerners, but Asians themselves are eager to unlock the secrets of style from the East.

Far Eastern Group CEO Douglas Hsu

Businesses Can Do More for the Environment

From planting trees, to riding bicycles, to devotedly saving energy throughout the many enterprises he directs, the Far Eastern Group’s Douglas Hsu has a green side the world rarely sees.

Cheng Loong Corp.

Papermaker Turns Bad Rep into Pulp Fiction

The paper industry is notorious for consuming energy. But Taiwanese paper manufacturer Cheng Loong has voluntarily cut greenhouse gas emissions, joining the vanguard of Taiwan's green revolution.

Motech Solar

Riding a 30-year Wave of Growth

Between 2003 and 2006 Motech Solar maintained annual growth of 70 to 80 percent. This year it is poised to join the ranks of the world's top five solar cell suppliers. How bright is solar's future?