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What Happens to Hon Hai if Terry Gou Runs for President?

On April 17, Hon Hai Group chairman Terry Gou dropped a bombshell, announcing his intention to run for president. Once Chairman Gou becomes candidate Gou, he is sure to distance himself from Hon Hai to some degree. But can Hon Hai really afford to let Terry Gou “walk away” in its current state? And who else can take the helm of the Hon Hai empire?

Inside Microsoft’s Legal Strategy

On Microsoft's Attack against Hon Hai (Foxconn)

Microsoft has filed suit against the Hon Hai Group in a move that may be related to the U.S.-China trade war and the company’s battles with Google and Huawei. What is at the core of the dispute, and why has Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou reacted so angrily?

Which Taiwanese Suppliers Stand to Gain?

Trump’s Anti-Huawei Campaign Creates Opportunities for Homegrown Brands

U.S. President Donald Trump’s moves against Chinese tech titan Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. might create business opportunities for home-grown Chinese brands, which may result in Huawei outshining Apple. Which Taiwanese suppliers stand to benefit if Huawei’s supply chain becomes larger than Apple’s? What are the possible drawbacks of manufacturing for Huawei?

Recycle and Recreate the Rhythmic Flow

What Makes This Glass Recycling Plant Special?

Says design guru Aaron Nieh (聶永真), “An important reason why Spring Pool is more than a traditional industry, but also a famous contemporary brand, is because it melds environmental protection with craftsmanship and positions itself as a sustainable industry that will survive far into the future.”

How Taiwan’s Small-town Factories Keep Making the World’s Money

Taiwan may be known as a high-tech haven, but clusters of small, unsung factories hidden in small towns around the country remain important sources of export revenue. How have they survived in an age of globalization and fierce competition?

Setting the Standard for Industry 4.0

Uncovering TSMC’s Two Special Weapons

TSMC has revealed its smart manufacturing weapons for the first time. In an exclusive interview with CommonWealth, a top TSMC executive explains how the semiconductor powerhouse has used AI and machine learning to make chips faster than anybody else and achieve consistency across its 13 fabs.

World Economic Forum

CO2 Can Be a Valuable Raw Material. Here’s How

What if we did something with carbon emissions, instead of continuing to try and contain them on a massive scale?

U.S.-China Trade War

Challenges and Opportunities of Manufacturing in Vietnam

As entrepreneurs weigh their options for relocating production lines and local supply chains, Vietnam seems quite attractive. “In the eyes of many entrepreneurs the trade war has turned Vietnam into the new China.”

Taiwan’s Three-Wheeled Dynamo

Behind the Rise of the Gaius EV

Taichung-based Gaius Automotive and its unusual electric vehicle have yet to gain recognition in Taiwan, but they have stolen the spotlight at trade shows in France and Germany. Why has the company been a hit in Europe and where is it headed?

World Economic Forum

People, Not Technology, Shape the Future of Manufacturing

It's how people choose to use new technologies that will decide how the production jobs of the future evolve.

Recycled Bottles as Jersey Threads

Real Madrid’s New Football Shirt Is Garbage - in a Good Way

The billion-dollar football business has been going green. Top European football clubs like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Juventus are sporting greener with jersey threads made from recycled plastic bottles.

An Interview with Minister of Economic Affairs

Phasing out Nuclear Power?

In the year since a massive blackout was caused by power generators going down last August 15, Minister of Economic Affairs Shen Jong-chin has been in the hot seat on nearly a weekly basis, addressing concerns about Taiwan’s energy transition. In spite of the host of challenges at hand, he is confident that policy objectives will be met.

Everest Textile Co. Ltd.

Taiwanese and Local Textile Mills ‘Make Stone Soup’ Together in Forest City, North Carolina

Taiwan’s textile and apparel industry is taking advantage of new opportunities, since manufacturing in the United States cuts down on costly shipping time, smaller brands gain in popularity, and the global division of labor is reshuffled yet again.

Hawassa, Ethiopia

Taiwanese Textile Industry’s New Paradise

Ethiopia enjoys duty-free exports to the U.S. and Europe, and as the global division of labor is redrawn, the East African nation with a population exceeding 100 million is a new land of opportunity for the Taiwanese textile and apparel industry.

The Arrival of Globalization 3.0

Taiwanese Textile Industry's New Chance: Ethiopian Farmers + U.S. Machines

Though worlds apart, Ethiopia and the United States are suddenly proven attractive to Asian producers for different reasons. This shift in the global division of labor is opening new opportunities for Taiwan’s textile and garment makers.

Serving Clients Like Starbucks and Nike, Arthur Huang Makes Recycling Popular

He has turned rice husks into clothing, and kitchen waste into business cards. From furniture at European Starbucks stores to a mobile upcycling unit on the Tibetan Plateau, he is all about exploiting the capitalist production system to make recycling sexy.

From Uniforms to Shoes, Taiwan Is a Major World Cup Player

The World Cup is not just a soccer tournament, but also a technology competition. Why are the UK team’s jerseys made with looms used to knit socks? The official game balls have surface patterns that look like bug bites, and are embedded with NFC chips. Athletic shoes must be soft and pliable, but soccer cleats must be stiff, not to mention made from custom lasts. And the technology behind all this can be credited to Taiwan.

Future of Work

3 Key Skill Sets Workers Will Need to Learn by 2030

The age of automation will bring about a fundamental shift in the skills required for people to enter the workforce.

4 Mega-trends You Should Know about the Future of Work

We are used to the erosion of low paid jobs.Yet new forms of technology and automation are also making more highly qualified professionals obsolete. What are the “mega-trends” in our evolving job market?

Snatching Apple Orders

TSMC’s Unsung Weapon

Glitzy high-tech advances often capture the spotlight in the semiconductor industry. But it has been somewhat unsung back-end innovations that have helped TSMC leave its two biggest rivals lagging behind.

Charting the World

These Countries have the Greatest Density of Robot Workers

The usage of robot workers continues to rise. According to a report from International Federation of Robotics, South Korea has the highest density of automation in the world. On the other hand, Taiwan ranked 4th among the Asian countries.

Platinum Optics Technology Inc.

Taiwan’s Unheralded Tech ‘Unicorn’ 

Platinum Optics Technology is not publicly listed and avoids attention, but it has penetrated Apple’s supply chain by mastering a niche technology. The company’s founder recently gave us a rare glimpse into how this optics upstart was built.

Tokyo Motorcycle Show

Kymco Announces New Battery System for E-scooters

At the just-concluded Tokyo Motorcycle Show, Taiwan’s largest conventional scooter maker Kwang Yang Motor Co. Ltd (Kymco) premiered its new battery technology eco-system, called Ionex. With what it calls its “game-changing” new system, Kymco hopes to sell e-scooters made in Taiwan around the globe.

Seeing Through the Hype of Sharing Economy

Why Disrupting Business Models is Innovative But Insufficient

We hear the word “innovation” all the time. It has become such a buzzword that we forget what it means. For some people, innovation means building the next Facebook. For others, it’s a new way to cook an omelette. For the purposes of this article, let’s break innovation down into two general categories:

Defending the Throne

Advantech Launches Counter Attack from Europe

Ennoconn Corporation, a member of the Hon Hai/ Foxconn Technology Group, is steadily closing in on Taiwanese industrial computer manufacturer Advantech Co. Ltd., threatening to replace it as the global No. 1. How does Advantech plan to win this battle?

Made in the USA

Taiwanese Company Takes On American Market

How can a player in Taiwan’s conventional paint industry establish a foot in the U.S. market? Using its unique competitive advantages, Kaohsiung-based Yung Chi Paint and Varnish is taking a three-phase approach of acquisition, expansion and localization.

Terry Gou’s U.S. Gambit

The Eagle Has Taken Off

Foxconn Technology Group Chairman Terry Gou is pressing forward with the first 10.5-generation flat panel display plant to be built on American soil. Considering the challenges, does the gambit make strategic sense?

Is a Delisting Wave Imminent in Taiwan?

In late January, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd. (also known as Foxconn Technology Group) convened its first-ever extraordinary general shareholders’ meeting since listing on the Taiwan Stock Exchange in 1991, approving the IPO of a Hon Hai subsidiary in China. With its decision, Taiwan’s largest manufacturer sounded the alarm for the currently high-flying Taiwan Stock Exchange (TAIEX).

Redefining Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Sweeping in a New MIT Trend

Most consumer electronics manufacturing has moved out of Taiwan. But Hobot Technology Inc. founder George Chao may be reversing the trend with innovative, award-winning robot cleaning devices that are being made at home.

Morris Chang on his Retirement

Ready for a Clean Break with TSMC

TSMC’s 86-year-old Chairman Morris Chang is vowing to make a clean break with TSMC after he retires in June. CommonWealth Magazine caught up with him to see how he feels about the company he’s built and how he thinks it will fare without him.

Thriving in 4IR

These Countries are Best Prepared for the Future of Production

The rising tide of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is altering the entire landscape of production. Old types of business models, techniques and workers will be fundamentally challenged. How are different countries in the world responding to this drastic transformation?

The Disruption of Industrial 4.0

Does ASEAN Still Have a Future in Manufacturing?

The coming disruption of Industry 4.0, which aims to bring manufacturing back to the developed countries with technological integration, will be one of the key issues for the ASEAN region in the next five decades. How can ASEAN manage the potential impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

The Rise of AI & Automation

How Machines Will Not Replace Human Workers

It's reasonable to be alert that AI and automation can eliminate jobs. However, it's also irrational not to look into the benefits and higher productivity brought along with human-machine collaboration. At certain point we will have to ask the question: Do machines necessarily have to compete with humans?

Taiwan vs. Vietnam

Who Treats Workers Better?

Labor groups in Taiwan have been up in arms recently over the government’s labor policy. And there’s good reason for that, argues professor Hong-zen Wang, who says that workers in Taiwan have even fewer rights than those in less-developed Vietnam.

World Economic Forum

India and China Together can Lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Here’s How

India and China together created approximately 13.5 million jobs last year. The benefit generated by the collaboration of the two countries will surely be significant, but is it possible to achieve?

A Different Take on Taiwan’s Low Wages

The ‘Hidden Costs’ of ‘Hidden Champions’

Labor groups have long blamed Taiwan’s low wages and long working hours on exploitative employers. But in this Op-ed piece, Universal Cement Corporation Vice President Jack Hou offers a more expansive view of what the real problems are.

World Economic Forum

A Major Risk of Automation

Automation can serve the purpose of reducing the workload for overwork employees, making our lives more efficient. However, there's an unexpected risk hovering over efficiency: boredom.

International Trade Slows Down

A Turning Point for Globalization

Globalization has reformed the world's production landscape, however, recent studies show that international trade is slowing down. What does this mean to the future of globalization?

A Turning Point for SMIC?

Liang Mong-song Jumps Ship Again

Former TSMC R&D executive Liang Mong-song, dubbed the biggest traitor in Taiwan’s semiconductor industry for leaking trade secrets to South Korean rival Samsung, has jumped ship again, this time taking the post of co-chief executive with China’s SMIC.

Your Smartphone Could Be Hiding a Dark Secret

Unsafe working conditions, forced labour and toxic fumes: the hidden costs built into your smartphone.

Morris Chang’s ‘Last Contribution’

Resolving TSMC’s Succession Dilemma

The face of TSMC for 30 years, Chairman Morris Chang, announced on Oct. 2 that he will be retiring in June 2018, and he laid out a succession plan involving “dual leadership.” Can this new model really replace the semiconductor legend?

Decoding the iPhone X

Apple’s ‘Face ID’ Made in Taiwan

A main highlight of Apple’s much-hyped iPhone X is its facial recognition function (Face ID). After six months of digging, CommonWealth Magazine has confirmed that Taiwan’s Himax and TSMC are the main suppliers backing this critical technology.

A Threat to South Korea?

Terry Gou’s American Dream

Foxconn’s plan to build an LCD flat panel factory in the U.S. still has to be approved by the Wisconsin State Senate. If it does go forward, what does Foxconn boss Terry Gou really want from it, and why is he seen by South Korea as its biggest threat?

The TSMC Electricity Dilemma

Can Taiwan Power TSMC’s Dream?

TSMC alone has accounted for about a third of the increase in Taiwan’s power usage over the past five years, and a new technology is about to drive its electricity needs even higher. Can power-strapped Taiwan accommodate this semiconductor giant.

Cheng-shu Kao:

‘Invisible Champion’ Model Taiwan’s Way Out

Small- and medium-sized enterprises have been instrumental in making Taiwan a key link in the global manufacturing network. These invisible champions developed an industry model unique to Taiwan, making their products indispensable.

Closing in on Industry 4.0

Unveiling TSMC’s Secret Weapon

Recognized as one of Taiwan’s leading practitioners of Industry 4.0, TSMC has been able to maintain its pricing power in an age of plummeting component prices. What has been its secret weapon in achieving that?

Closing in on Industry 4.0

Elevating the Internet of Things

Three Cloud-based platforms keep 300,000 elevators across the globe in line. The incorporation of augmented reality places virtual over actual reality, streamlining workflow. With the Silicon Valley innovation engine powering the way, American Industry 4.0 is quietly accelerating into the passing lane.

The Age of ‘Octopus Talents’ Is Here

Self Study, the Trend to Watch

The stories of three multitalented people engaged in lifetime learning and leveling up their skills runs contrary to the conventional university education and on-the-job vocational training.

The Age of ‘Octopus Talents’ Is Here

As the late management guru Peter Drucker once said, the tools we rely on for survival today could get in the way of growth tomorrow. Constantly enhancing one’s skills and taking on all kinds of roles, “hybrid talents” are the new stars of the workplace.

China Steel Corp.

Boosting Profitability with Pre-sales Services

Thanks to customer-oriented “pre-sales services” and strong R&D capability, Taiwan’s largest integrated steelmaker, China Steel Corporation, has doubled its profits and made inroads into the Asian market for high-end steel materials.

Largan Precision

The Making of an Optical Lens Legend

Largan Precision’s dominance in the high-end lens industry was confirmed when Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus ushered in the dual-lens smartphone camera era at the end of 2016. How has Largan reached this pinnacle, and where does it go from here?

Top 2000 Survey : Manufacturing

Embracing the Future with the Internet of Cars

Though seasonal demand for consumer electronics helps Taiwan's ailing manufacturing industry stop bleeding money for now, finding products and services that generate sustainable growth will be crucial for the future development of the manufacturing sector.

Ford Lio Ho Motor Company

Can NT$4B Buy a Comeback?

Its days as Taiwan’s automobile sales leader long past, Ford Lio Ho is now investing NT$4 billion in manufacturing upgrades. Can these efforts bring back the glory days?

Smart Machines and Aerospace

Machinery Industry Takes Aim at Trillion-Dollar Goal

For the past nine years, Taiwan’s machinery industry has tried to break the trillion- dollar mark in terms of annual output, but so far this challenge has proven insurmountable. This year might be different. Why?

Giant Manufacturing Co.

The Future Determines the Present

Giant Manufacturing founder and chairman King Liu has been instrumental in leading the global cycling lifestyle trend. Liu believes that if you want to win you have to anticipate trends before others, and never let the present affect your thinking about the future.

2016 Most Admired Company Survey

Taiwan’s Champions of Transformation

New technologies, increasing connectivity and industry convergence are rewriting the way companies do business. How do Taiwanese industry bellwethers such as TSMC, Hon Hai and President Chain Store innovate to remain relevant for decades to come?

2016 Greater China Top 1000 Survey

Taiwanese Makers Struggle as Chinese Tastes Move Upscale

As Chinese consumers develop a taste for the better life, Taiwanese manufacturers, who used to dominate China’s domestic market, are now being forced to transform themselves.

2016 Top 2000 Survey

30 Years Later, Who’s on Top?

The CommonWealth Magazine Top 2000 Survey has tracked the evolution of Taiwan’s industrial history over the past 30 years, often identifying paradigm shifts in business trends before they were obvious. Here’s a look back and forward.

Top 2000 Survey: Manufacturing

Bust Cycle the New Normal in Post-Apple Era

While conventional industries struggle to transform themselves, emerging industries face great uncertainty. Despite a short-lived recovery, the manufacturing industry registered a 3.4 percent decline in revenue growth in 2015. However, a select few have been able to disperse the clouds in favor of sunny skies.

Hon Hai’s Bold Gambit

In Hot Pursuit of Japanese Treasure

Hon Hai Precision Industry, the world’s biggest contract electronics manufacturer, is close to acquiring Sharp of Japan. What is behind Hon Hai’s willingness to risk it all financially to take over the venerated but money-losing Japanese electronics giant?

Cars of the Future

Turning Drivers into App Users

The convergence of communication technology, big data, and Cloud services with automobiles will totally reshape our "mobile" lives. Who will rule in the new era? And what role will Taiwan play?

'Made in China 2025'

Decoding Beijing's Intentions

The entire world is engaged in a battle for innovation and transformation supremacy. Qu Daokui, one of China's foremost robotics experts, tells CommonWealth how China will go from the world's manufacturer to a manufacturing superpower.

2015 Greater China Top 1000 Survey

China's New Economy Companies Win Big

In this year's Greater China Top 1000 Survey, new names have taken the top spots in growth, EPS and profits, and China's new economy upstarts have dislodged the old guard.

Top 2000 Survey: Manufacturing

Profits High Due to Apple and Oil

Taiwan's high-tech manufacturers benefitted from the success of Apple's iPhone 6 in 2014, while the 50% drop in oil prices was a boon to conventional industries.

Delta Electronics

Making Key Decisions to Success

The world's number one name in switching power supplies has enabled Delta Electronics to yield stable profits. Yet the company has another ace in the hole: industrial automation.

Asustek Computer

Getting Stronger by Getting Leaner

While rival Acer was busy acquiring companies abroad to boost market share, Asustek Computer Inc. was slimming down. It pared down its 11 business groups to just three, helping it become one of the world's top five computer brands.

Hon Hai Precision

You Are Your Own Greatest Enemy

When it comes to "destruction" Hon Hai has no match. The company attacked the supply chain with low prices and forced the world's top brands to cry uncle and place orders. It is now up to CEO Terry Gou to guide Hon Hai to its next breakthrough.

Driven to the Top by Ambition

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has used an ideal blend of technology, strategy, management and corporate governance to be a global player in the semiconductor market. Chairman Morris Chang explains how this was done.

Cheng Shin Rubber

Greater China's Top Tire Empire Sets a New Course

This past June, after honing his skills quietly for over two decades, Lo Tsai-jen took over the operation of the Cheng Shin Tire empire. In the driver's seat steering the group's efforts toward internationalization, he is about to put himself to the test as CEO.

Top 2000 Survey: Manufacturing

Identifying Trends, Seizing Niches

In 2013, Taiwanese manufacturers saw their sales fall but their profits rise. Was that a warning or good news? What are the secrets to coping with mounting external challenges?

2014 Top 2000 Survey

Dynamism Gets the Edge on Size

CommonWealth Magazine's 2014 survey of Taiwan's top 2,000 enterprises revealed a clear trend: instead of trying to get bigger, companies are now determined to get better.

Taiwan's Top 50 Performers

Niche Markets, Little Giants

Taiwan's top-performing enterprises of 2013 came from a wide spectrum of industries. What sets these hidden champions apart from the pack is unique key technologies and niche dominance.

2013 Most Admired Company Survey

Innovators under Pressure

In 2013 new champions emerged in more industries than ever before. With ambition, courage, tenacity and innovation, Taiwan's new standard bearers deftly navigated rocky economic waters to sail ahead of the pack.

BASF Taiwan

Turning Country Kids into Chemistry Whizzes

BASF Taiwan Ltd. earned honors as one of Taiwan's leading corporate citizens this year with the help of a corporate social responsibility approach that gives ordinary workers a real voice.

2013 Top 2000 Survey

Taiwan's Top 50 Performers

Several relatively obscure companies serving Taiwan's domestic consumers defied the economic malaise of 2012 to join high-tech enterprises among the year's top performers.

2013 Top 2000 Survey

Hidden Champions Transcend Gloom

CommonWealth Magazine's traditional Top 1000 Survey has been changed to the Top 2000 this year to recognize the under-the-radar medium-sized companies that are doing well despite a difficult economy.

Top Manufacturing Enterprises 2013

Riding Technology, Flexibility to Success

In 2012 Taiwan's manufacturing sector saw revenues and profits fall, but some companies are fighting back and reversing the tide with technology and innovation.

TSMC Chairman Morris Chang:

The Best Is Yet to Come

In this exclusive interview, the venerable leader of Taiwan's semiconductor industry ponders his current battle for market share, and the passion that's needed for victory.

2012 Most Admired Company Survey

Winners in a Downturn

The new standard bearers of Taiwanese business are those able to show imagination and dexterity, and provide customers with innovative new value.

Top 1000 Manufacturing Enterprises

Focus amid Volatility

Growth in Taiwan's manufacturing industry has slowed, but some companies still boast revenues worth one fifth of GDP. With the law of the jungle ruling the market, how do they manage to join the ranks of the fittest?

Hiwin Technologies

Balancing Vision with Precision

Motion control specialist Hiwin Technologies is Taiwan's hottest manufacturer. Here's a look at how chairman Eric Y.T. Chuo has built a "Made in Taiwan" innovation and R&D legend.

Taiwan-Japan Synergy

Hon Hai: Sharp's New Pass to the World

Long the standard-bearer of the global LCD panel industry, Sharp has fallen on hard times. But it has been given new access to the global supply chain by teaming up with the Taiwan-based Hon Hai Group.

Corporate Succession

Morris Chang's Last Hurrah

In this exclusive interview, the chairman and CEO of semiconductor powerhouse TSMC outlines his final strategic move: a triumvirate of co-COOs to undertake a smooth leadership transition.

Ting Hsin International Group

The Rise of the Brothers Wei

From humble beginnings in Jhanghua, four brothers are forging an empire on the appetites of Chinese consumers. They are showing the world how a fine-tuned machine really works.

Domestic Demand Reshuffles the Deck

2010 Most Admired Company Survey

Taiwan's growing domestic demand has invigorated the market. And in an unprecedented move, Fubon Financial Holding voluntarily relinquishes its top spot.

Taiwan Makes a Stand in the Talent War

2011 Most Admired Company Survey

Taiwan's top-level talent is being seduced away by high pay offers, forcing the country's most admired companies to use emotional appeals to hold on to their prized executives. Is the strategy working?

Putting Employees First: the Rise of Steve Day

Taiwan's Most Admired Entrepreneurs

Restaurateur Steve Day moves into the top ten for the first time. The list of most admired entrepreneurs is dominated by CEOs of Taiwanese brands, clearly demonstrating the ascent of Taiwan's branded businesses.

2011 Taiwan's Top Corporate Citizens

Shattering the Myths of Corporate Social Responsibility

In its fifth annual survey of Taiwan's CSR landscape, CommonWealth Magazine reveals the common strategies that have allowed companies to thrive and help sustain Taiwan's beauty.

Top 1000 Manufacturers

High Profits, Wild Growth

Taiwan's manufacturing sector had combined sales of NT$24 trillion in 2010 and net profits rose 78 percent. How did it deliver such scintillating results?

The Age of Value Marketing Has Arrived

The sales and profits of Taiwan's top 1,000 companies hit three-year highs in 2010. The secret to their success? Winning customers' hearts in an age when consumers are pricklier than ever.

2010 Top 1000 CEO Survey

Optimism on the Upswing

Riding an unexpectedly strong 2010, 88 percent of Taiwan's top execs are highly optimistic over the coming year's economic prospects. But three sources of uncertainty could mean trouble.

Triumph Taiwan

Beating the Heat with Cool Textiles

Using a groundbreaking new cooling fabric, an international undergarment brand has unveiled a new collection that's completely Made in Taiwan – from materials to R&D to production to international marketing.

2010 Most Admired Company Survey

The Return of Management Fundamentals

The companies heading CommonWealth Magazine's 2010 Most Admired Company Survey had rigorous management systems that resisted the temptations of pre-financial crisis excesses.

Tainan Enterprises Co. Ltd.

Undercover Guardian Angel of Tainan Culture

Adopting public parks, conducting ecological surveys, revitalizing historical sites, caring for the elderly – one company plays a leading role in safeguarding Tainan's heritage. What are its motivations?

Taiwan's Top Corporate Citizens 2010

The Social Responsibility Race Heats Up

In CommonWealth Magazine's annual survey of Taiwan's top corporate citizens, Delta Electronics edged TSMC by the slimmest of margins for the top spot, an indication of just how fierce a battleground corporate social responsibility has become.

Delta Electronics

Public Service Meets Profit

With record net after-tax profits last year, Delta Electronics is living proof that public service and concern for the environment are not antithetical to running a profitable business.

CTCI Corp.

Knowledge Base Empowers People

With its unique Knowledge Management framework, the engineering firm CTCI provides its personnel with an arsenal of expert advice. What is the secret of this low-profile but high-power knowledge base?

Clayton Christensen, Shih Chintay

Disruptive Innovation – How Taiwan Can Win

The Harvard business scholar who pioneered the concept of disruptive innovation considers the future of change in the global economy, and the opportunities that may lie in store.

Hyundai Motor

Going Local, Giving Detroit a Drubbing

Last year as leading Japanese automaker Toyota plunged into crisis, South Korea's Hyundai swiftly seized the day, surging to fourth place in global rankings. This incredible "Hyundai speed" has since become the model to emulate.

Top 1000 Listed Companies of Greater China

The New Code for Success in China

China's breakneck pace of growth is hiding serious deficiencies that provide opportunities to Taiwan's companies. What is the code that will unlock this potential bonanza?

2010 Top 1000 Enterprises

Thriving through Flexibility

The global financial crisis claimed plenty of casualties in Taiwan, but its top enterprises brandished one critical asset that helped many of them thrive: flexibility.

2010 Top 1000 Enterprises

2010 Top 1000 Manufacturers

The global financial crisis claimed plenty of casualties in Taiwan, but its top enterprises brandished one critical asset that helped many of them thrive: flexibility.

The '2.5 Generation' Industry

ACS: Making Factories Smarter

Its business is hard to describe, but many petrochemical, steel and technology companies can't do without it. Advanced Control & Systems has a lock on large-scale factory upgrades, spinning a fortune out of intelligent plant service integration.

Taiwan's Next Mainstream

The '2.5 Generation' Industry

Often overlooked because they cannot be conveniently pigeonholed, these shadow warriors have long been consulted by the likes of mogul Terry Gou. Who are they?

TSMC's IP Settlement with SMIC

Why TSMC Showed Mercy

When Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC chose to settle out of court with China's SMIC for IP violations, it spared its rival from a potentially ruinous lawsuit, and in the process gained far more for itself.

Business Strategy Takes a Major Turn

Expansion through Attack

With the rise of hot money and shrewd corporate financing, Taiwan's no-frills growth model has given way to a new expansionary game of acquisition. What capabilities will companies need in order to wage battle in this new environment?

Taiwan's Three Bright Spots

Where do Taiwan's opportunities lie amid the rising tide of eco-friendly business? Who will be the winners, as everyone struggles to grab a piece of the promising green industry pie?

2010 Top 1000 CEO Survey

Cautious Outlook for Taiwan's Economy

2010 may be a year of economic recovery, but it will also pose many challenges to Taiwan's businesses. How do the country's top corporate leaders see the year ahead?

Taiwanese Tech's Hunt for a New Front

Why Are the Big Bosses Feuding?

Taiwan's tech sector has recently been roiled with strife. Terry Gou and Barry Lam, Bob Tsao and K.Y. Lee... sworn partners have become completely estranged. Behind the discord lies a high-tech mid-life crisis.

2009 Most Admired Company Survey

Thriving in Turbulent Times

Six industry leaders among the most admired in 23 sectors were dislodged from their perches in 2009 by more agile competitors who found ways to overcome the global economic slump.

Tung Ho Steel

A Dozen Years Forging a Successor

In this exclusive interview, Tung Ho president Earle Ho and his son Henry discuss the challenges of leadership succession, and the pluses and minuses of an owner serving as CEO.


Good to the Last Thread

A cup of coffee can be not only consumed, but also used for compost, printing, or even worn as clothing. Coffee is the latest buzz in eco-fashion, with a Taiwanese company at the forefront.

AU Optronics

Saving Water Helps Environment – and Bottom Line

To cope with Taiwan's uncertain water supply, AU Optronics has made water conservation an integral part of its flat panel fabs. How have they approached the problem and what's the real payoff?

Green Vehicles

Taiwan Goes for the Globe

With a components industry specializing in electrical machinery, Taiwan stands poised for a leading position at the heart of the rising electric vehicle industry. The next step will be independent brands and entry into new markets.


Playing at the Big Table

Epistar, Taiwan's largest manufacturer of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), has seen its share price rise far above its peers. Now it is boldly entering the advanced stage of competition, with its sights set on spearheading industry transition.

Top 50 Best Performing Enterprises

Electronics Waning, Five Star Sectors on the Rise

The Taiwanese companies with the most stellar business results are those able to grasp what consumers need, and they come from sectors as diverse as renewable energy, conventional industry, and the growing stay-at-home economy.

Hon Hai Group

Terry Gou Joins the ‘Bandits'

The Hon Hai Group was Taiwan's biggest manufacturer in 2008, but revenue growth sagged and opportunities were missed. After toying with retirement, Chairman Terry Gou is back, hoping to restore his company's aura of invincibility.

2009 Top 1000 Enterprises

The Next Wave: Knowing How People Live

2009 spells the end of manufacturing as we know it. Being able to make products is no longer enough – the path to wealth lies in knowing what consumers really want.

2009 Top 1000 Manufacturers

A Shift in Priorities

Battered by the global economic slump in 2008, Taiwan's top manufacturers focused on improving from within, putting a premium on flexibility and responding to consumers' needs.

Ta Yang Group Holdings

Silicone Rubber: the Next Big Thing?

From remote control keypads to cellphones to that gripping jacket on the wildly popular Wii, one Taiwan-based company is producing what makes the modern world click.

Everest Textile Co.

Riding the Green Wave to New Markets

Five years ago, Everest devoted itself to the production of green textiles and expansion through R&D and marketing. Its next move is to amp up marketing internationally.

E-One Moli Energy Corp.

The Long-awaited Lithium Surge

After a decade of struggle, E-One Moli Energy Corp.'s orders from major international firms prove its status as Taiwan Cement Group's future green star.

Green Energy Technology Inc.

Tatung Dons a Cloak of Green

Last April, the Tatung Group announced a full-scale foray into solar power. After founding Green Energy Technology four years ago, how has this conglomerate fared in seizing green opportunities?

The Vietnam Formosa Industrial Park

Taiwanese Business Sinks Roots in Vietnam

Amid Vietnam's current financial crisis, one industrial park was able to buck the trend, attracting an influx of large corporate tenants. What lies behind its success?

Taiwan: 'Solar Energy Island'?

Dupont and Applied Materials have both made tangible moves suggesting considerable optimism over the prospects for solar energy development in Taiwan. With their support, the next trillion-Taiwan-dollar industry may have already been born.

Gearing Up to Take On GORE-TEX

Taiwan's Fabric Makers Embrace Branding

Taiwan's "Big Four" functional fabric makers are joining forces to turn Taiwanese textiles into a well-known brand – a sea change in an industry long dependent on contract manufacturing.

Quanta Computer's Barry Lam

The Search for the Next Twenty-year Heyday

With notebook computers ever more commonplace, leading notebook maker Quanta faces a future growth ceiling, but despite the pressure, its leader Barry Lam is calmly in pursuit of the next killer app.

A Bumper Year Goes Bust

Top 1000 Manufacturing Enterprises

In 2007 Taiwanese manufacturing rocketed with record revenues and profits, but plummeted in the final quarter, hit by the U.S. mortgage crisis and global inflation. How will it steel itself against a continuing string of challenges?

Nan Ya Plastics Corporation

A Twin-engine Revolution

Once a supplier of plastics and textiles, it is now a petrochemical and electronics giant. Here's the story of how Nan Ya Plastics reinvented itself.

Formosa Plastics Group

Wang Yung-ching's Living Legacy

Although Taiwan's most influential entrepreneur Wang Yung-ching has passed away, he left behind a thriving petrochemical empire that will long outlive him. CommonWealth Magazine looks at his group's winning strategies.

Formosa Chemicals & Fibre

From Textile Pygmy to Petrochemical Colossus

Since the completion of Naphtha Cracker No. 6, FCFC's petrochemical business has skyrocketed, with operating revenue this year ten times the figure for 1991. Who is behind this astounding metamorphosis?

The Taiwanese Mystery behind the iPhone

A Taiwanese company is making the most crucial piece of technology in Apple?s iPhone? A nearly forgotten brand from a bygone era has become the master of the world?s hottest touch-sensitive screen.

Taiwan's Solar Powerhouses

With solar energy becoming virtually the hottest money technology in China, which Taiwanese players are entering the fray in the battle to harness the sun? And which has what it takes to weather the storm?

2007 Top 1,000 Enterprises

Manufacturing Matures, Looks Inward

As new products and new emerging markets fuel profit margins, Taiwan's manufacturing sector refocuses on internal management, and continues to consolidate.

Taiwan's Top 1000 Enterprises

Metamorphosing to Overcome Micro Margins

While revenues rise, profits are flagging. Yet some companies are transforming themselves, with strategies that transcend the high-volume, low-margin modus operandi of conventional Taiwanese industry.

Cheng Loong Corp.

Papermaker Turns Bad Rep into Pulp Fiction

The paper industry is notorious for consuming energy. But Taiwanese paper manufacturer Cheng Loong has voluntarily cut greenhouse gas emissions, joining the vanguard of Taiwan's green revolution.

Epistar Corporation

Manufacturing Prowess + Patents = Global Primacy

Can a “two-legged” strategy help Epistar Corporation become the UMC of the trillion-NT-dollar LED industry?

Tong Yang Group

Raymond Wu Ups the Ante in China

Despite lackluster returns, Tong Yang is determinedly pouring its resources into new factories in China, with a single goal in mind: rising to the status of Tier 1 supplier for the world’s top carmakers.

From imitator to international manufacturer

Decoding Chery's Success

Eight years after its first "mitation" of a Spanish car hit the streets, Chery has emerged as China’s seventh largest carmaker, rivaling Taiwan’s entire output. How did Chery do it?

Taiwanese Parts Suppliers

Tooling Up for China's Car Boom

China is rapidly becoming the world’s biggest auto production and consumption market. How will Taiwanese businesses with an established footing in the mainland compete for a piece of the pie?

Actron Technology Corp.

In a Race for Precision? Start Your Engines!

As a core auto electronics component, rectifier diodes must be high quality. As Taiwan’s only manufacturer, how has Actron weathered strict scrutiny to become number three in the world?

United Microelectronics Corporation

A Capital Decrease? Good Defense, Good Offence

A capital decrease at UMC and an increase at UMC-invested HeJian Technology in China... Is UMC pulling out of Taiwan? Or does it have something else up its sleeve?

China Shipbuilding Corp.

The Road from Red to Black

China Shipbuilding Corp. chairman Frank Lu has led his company back from the brink of bankruptcy and toward a new beginning.

Hon Hai Group

Terry Gou's Secret Bases

Big-league industrialist turned would-be movie mogul, Terry Gou has changed. From computers and electronics, he is moving into content, and the sprawling dominion he has established in China is the key to his ascent.