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Life & Style
Pier-2 Art Center

Modern Hipsters in Old Warehouse

Do you consider yourself as an artistic, trendy hipster? Or are you just a normal person who occasionally enjoy culture and art? Either way, Pier-2 Art Center in Yancheng, Kaohsiung is an excellent place for you to spend a weekend.

‘Care Café’ Serves Seniors as well as Community

Is long-term care for the elderly only up to the government to provide? Now a corner café serving the community’s seniors has proven that long-term care can be not just innovative, but also attract young people to the field.

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Formosa Boulevard Station

The Most Beautiful MRT Station, Charming from Inside Out

Kaohsiung's Formosa Boulevard Station is globally recognized as one of the most beautiful subway stations in the world.

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Color of the Year for 2018

What Color Best Captures the Mood of the World Today?

As the dark clouds cast a shadow of anxiety and uncertainty over the world throughout the turbulent days of 2017, the color for 2018 reflects our growing need to pause, return, and reconnect.

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The Secret to a Happy Working Life

Is the Japanese concept 'Ikigai' a key to a long, happy and meaningful life?

The Arrival of ‘Generation Can’t Commit’

We spend all our energy and efforts on living and on loving ourselves, so that in the end we are too exhausted to love anyone else.

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Round-Island Touring

Circle Taiwan With a Bike – A New Trend for Japanese

Among the 60 % of foreigners who participated in this round-island cycling event, a Japanese journalist talks about him getting deeply moved by the beauty of the east coast, the cheers of the passer-bys, and the potential he sees in Taiwan tourism.

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Icey Tsui:

Climb Every Mountain

Everyone should climb at least one 3,000-meter peak in their lifetime. The path is never easy in the high mountains. Set aside the familiar horizon at sea level and discover that no mountain is too high to climb.

Eco-Tourism off Jiangjun’ao Isle

When the South Penghu Marine National Park was established in late 2014, local fishermen feared for their livelihood due to restrictions on fishing and other conservation measures. Meanwhile, guided snorkeling and scuba-diving excursions are providing new sources of income, putting the area on the eco-tourism map.

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Living Off the Electric Grid

Future’s Power Plant is in Your Home

Most homes already have half of a miniaturized power plant. Here's why and how this could bring us a more sustainable future.

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The Art of Acupressure

Calming the Mind, Soothing the Spirit

Do you often feel like a fire-breathing dragon filled with anger and rage? Fear not. Traditional Chinese medical doctors can teach you how to use acupressure to quell the angst, calm the spirit, and put a smile on your face.

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Sheu Fang-yi

Setback Sets Stage for Fulfilling Life After 40

Taiwan’s contemporary dance legend Sheu Fang-yi failed big with her own dance company, an experience that she is glad she didn’t miss because it made her see life in a different light.

Aquaculture Could Feed the World and Protect the Planet - If We Get It Right

With arable land in limited supply, is aquaculture - the practice of growing food in water - a viable solution?

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Japanese National Brand Expands Globally

Why is Uniqlo Opening Stores in Zara’s Territory?

Japanese apparel retailer Uniqlo keeps adjusting its global strategy as it grapples with slowing growth in China and experiments with new store concepts and sales channels.

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Laura Russell

The Curious Case of Q

Laura Russell is a writer and recipe developer based in Portland, Oregon. She is also a regular panelist on the award-winning podcast, The Four Top. Here she shares her experience and journey with the interesting factor in Taiwanese cuisines: "Q".

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The Time Is Now for Taiwanese Cuisine

Let’s Eat, the Taiwan ‘Way’

In Mandarin, “flavor” is pronounced “way,” so we’ve decided to call authentic Taiwanese flavors the “Taiwan Way.” Up to now, it has defied definition but efforts are afoot to give it a clear identity and have it resonate around the world.

High-tech Smart Underwear

A novel piece of underwear combining advanced textiles and innovative wearable technology aims to solve the problem of urine loss, an issue that remains taboo although many women suffer from it.

Preparing for the Golden Years

Have you pictured what your life will be like when you’re old? Whether living alone, or in the company of family, or growing old with a group of good friends, old age can have many forms.

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Angela Duckworth

What is Grit and Why is it the Secret of Success?

Angela Duckworth is an American psychologist, best selling author and professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research shows that the key to excellence is not about talent but 'grit'. In an interview with CommonWealth Magazine, Prof. Duckworth shares her insights about the idea of 'grit'.

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People Tree

Slow Shopping Means More Joy

Fair trade starts at the source. That’s why the Japan-born fair trade label People Tree set out to transform the fashion supply chain, making Japanese society realize that buying organic, fairly traded garments brings more joy than pursuing the latest fashion craze.

Everyday Fashion

After four centuries, the fashion realm has descended from the top of the pyramid to embrace the 99 percent. And the 99 percent’s taste is sure to have a tighter focus on the “everyday.”

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A Rising Center of Creativity

‘Hot’ Taipei

Romantic yet practical, Taipei’s free-flowing creative energy is surging beyond Taiwan and into ethnic-Chinese communities around the world. Even countries in the West are showing fascination with the city’s creative expression.

Fanatical Shanghai

Fanatical young Shanghainese are bringing the world to Shanghai, from as far afield as Europe and America, and as nearby as Taiwan, carrying their cultural momentum forward, reproducing, tweaking and surpassing it… with the goal of taking Chinese design to the world.

Going Home Again on Zhongshan North Road

Lyricist Chung Yung-feng and publisher Emily Chuang find their memories intertwine as they discover the warmth and delicious flavors along Taipei’s Zhongshan North Road.

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2016 Golden Service Awards: Muji

Aiming for 'Just Right'

The best service does not mean selling customers the most expensive goods but those they need most. Japanese lifestyle brand Muji took the crown of the 2016 Golden Service Awards with its "just right" approach.

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2016 Golden Service Awards

‘Change’ the Secret to Managing Change

"Change" and "digital experience" are the new mantras in this digital age, concepts embraced by the many innovative upstarts that emerged as leaders in their fields in the 2016 Golden Service Awards.

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2016 Golden Service Awards: Starbucks

Where Staff Are Digital Ambassadors

Starbucks, winner of the Coffeehouse Chains category for six years in a row and number one in online service satisfaction, has become more of a 'tech company that sells coffee,' with digital coffee houses that enable new Starbucks experiences.

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Johan Ku

Fashion – A Mind Game between Intellect and Art

Taiwanese avant-garde fashion designer Johan Ku, who debuted on the international fashion stage in New York and studied in London, decided to build his label from Asia, designing his collections in Taiwan and launching them in Tokyo. His haute couture and ready-to-wear lines are now available at his first flagship store in Taipei.

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Taiwan's First 'Digital Life Survey'

Who Rules the Cloud?

In its first ever "Digital Life Survey," CommonWealth Magazine found Taiwan's Internet users to be among the most avid fans of social media across the globe, and have distinct online behavior patterns that will dictate how companies position themselves in the future.

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Rolling Out

Figure Out Your Own World View

Four young women have designed a mission card that tasks people to summon the courage to get to know the world on a deeper level through travel.

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2015 Golden Service Awards

Healthy Competition within Conglomerates

This year's Golden Service Awards saw seven new winners emerge in their respective industries. What makes these champions special?

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Taiwan's Independent Coffee Culture

Soft Power, Percolated to Perfection

Taiwan produces relative few coffee beans, but it is a prime destination when Asians want to open cafés, roast good coffee, or grow premium beans. How has Taiwan gained renown as a premium coffee hub in such a short time?

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Taiwanese Consumers Learn a Lesson

Bargains Don't Come Cheap

Recent food safety scares in Taiwan have sparked boycotts of a major player, but consumers need to do more, including focusing on value instead of simply on how much they get for their money.

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2013 Golden Service Awards

High-end Trumps Low-cost

Taiwanese consumers are increasingly particular about high quality, and demand it across the board. Those service enterprises that deliver it are winning the race.

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The Nordic Models

Making an Art of the 'Simple Life'

Healing diets, a comfortable home, the simple pleasures of life – Taiwanese are gravitating more than ever to this "simple life." To figure out how to get there, their best bet is to look at Scandinavia.

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South Korea's Food Waste Solution

You Waste, You Pay

South Korea produces three times as much food waste as Taiwan. The South Korean government is now taking aggressive measures to tackle the food waste mountain, imposing weight-based disposal fees.

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Breeze Development's Henry Liao

Tailoring a Fashion Empire with an Italian Cut

Acquiring Giuliano Fujiwara for NT$500 million, a Taiwanese department store group is giving this premium Italian brand a makeover, and a new position on the world fashion map.

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Kanazawa, Japan

Tradition with an Innovative Twist

Founded 400 years ago as a cultural center, Kanazawa boasts a rich artistic heritage, which it lavishes with love, labor and generous investments. How is this city breathing new life into its creative and cultural industries?

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Five-star Free-for-all

Luxury Hotels Converge on Taipei

In the 1990s, the Regent and Grand Hyatt dominated Taipei’s luxury hotel market, but times are finally changing as new five-star hotels pour into the city. The question is, why?

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Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi

Local Nutrients, Rich Experience

Taking home top honors in this year's CommonWealth Magazine Golden Service Awards, the Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi continually challenges itself to create a unique sensory experience for visitors.

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Crafting a Corridor of Good Living

No longer content to measure success in terms of cargo shipments, Kaohsiung is expanding green spaces and opening arts districts, to remake itself as a "great city to live in."

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Golden Service Champion

HSR: The New Benchmark for Travel Culture

Unveiling a ticket verification system that has wowed counterparts in Europe and Japan, Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp. is starting to shape a new culture of sophisticated travel in Taiwan.

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Golden Service Champion

EVA Air Aims High with 'Taiwanese Quality'

Flat-lying beds, Bvlgari overnight kits, premium steak, lobster feasts… EVA Air targets the top of the pyramid, leapfrogging Singapore Airlines to become the king of airway service.

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2012 Golden Service Award Survey

Who’s the New Service Industry King?

A reshuffle has taken place in many segments of Taiwan's service industry. Which tricks of the trade did the winners of this year's Golden Service Awards use to grab consumers'attention,and money?

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2012 Golden Service Awards

Transit Hubs Sparking New Travel Vogue

Taiwan's high speed rail line and a highway service area earned high marks in the second CommonWealth Magazine Golden Service Awards. What's driving the trend?

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Golden Service Enterprise Ikea

Giving Customers That Perfect Match

In CommonWealth Magazine's recent service industry survey, Swedish home furniture giant Ikea reigned supreme in the "atmosphere" category, enticing the island's consumers with its warm, friendly, real-life ambience.

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Golden Service Enterprise PC Home

The Unbeatable Lightness of 24-hour Delivery

In the world of online retailing, only one question is paramount: "How to deliver the goods to the consumer as quickly as possible." At PC Home, the secret weapon is not working faster, but a 24/7, three-shifts-a-day operational culture.

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Golden Service Enterprise E.Sun Bank

Mastering the Art of Service

E.Sun Bank was rated tops for service among financial institutions in CommonWealth Magazine's first ever Golden Service Awards. What does E.Sun know that others don't?

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2011 Golden Service Awards

Those Decisive Five Seconds

Taiwanese consumers were given the chance by CommonWealth Magazine to evaluate their favorite service brands for the first time. The winners were companies giving customers a deeper level of service.

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Golden Service Entrepreneur Steve Day:

Shutting Out the Competition with Value

In an industry where personal warmth is key, restaurant group Wowprime focuses on keeping employees content, and dishing out value that rivals find hard to match.

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Golden Service Entrepreneur Hsu Chung-jen

My Competitor Is My Customer

Grasping, and even creating, the latest lifestyle trends is what keeps President Chain Stores one step ahead of their customers, making themselves indispensable through constant improvement.

Life & Style
Mayday's Ashin

A Dream that Fits to a 'T'

This time he's no pop star. Donning the cap of an ordinary small businessman, Ashin is spearheading one of Taiwan's most successful fashion brands. What does Stayreal say about the changing face of "Made in Taiwan?"

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Wisdom of Chinese Medicine Masters

Myths that Aren't Necessarily So

Many of us imagine that experts in traditional Chinese medicine live mysterious lifestyles, boiling up exotic brews, popping pills, practicing kungfu... But what are they really like?

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Wisdom of Chinese Medicine Masters

Eight Secrets to Illness-free Living

Usher in the Year of the Tiger with a mighty constitution and a light heart. Five of Taiwan's most experienced, and long-lived, traditional physicians share the keys to a healthy tomorrow.

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Wisdom of Chinese Medicine Masters

Dining Your Way to Health

Taiwan's most venerable Chinese medicine practitioners reveal the dishes they depend on personally to keep themselves in good health and their bodies free of toxins.

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The Zhongshan-Datong Area

The Soho of Taipei

Independent, relaxed, with a welcoming rhythm of life all its own – this once run-down area has staged a remarkable comeback, thanks to the creativity of its residents. Today its artsy atmosphere attracts the crowds, and offers surprises.

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Taiwan's Gourmet Food Market

Everyone's Learning to Cook

A craze for cooking classes is quietly spreading through the Taipei area. From high-end supermarkets to bookstores, from toddlers to retirees, Taiwan's gourmet industry is taking another stride toward maturity.

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Father Josef Eugster's Reflexology

Boosting the Body's Powers of Self-healing

Father Josef Eugster spreads the word of God in a rather hands-on way – by massaging people's feet. After reflexology healed his own arthritis, he developed a groundbreaking method that has since spread from Taiwan across the world.

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Former Executive Yuan Secretary General Wang Chao-ming:

The Natural Healing Experience

Two decades ago, this busy government official began suffering from an enlarged prostate, but with natural treatment and a regular lifestyle, he regained a state of health that has lasted well into his eighties.

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The Age of Personalized Health Care

Natural Healing Moves into the Mainstream

With conventional treatments unable to get to the root of many medical problems, mainstream hospitals are increasingly embracing holistic therapies, and altering the way patients receive care.

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Taiwan's Bicycling Craze:

Life in the Slow Lane

What is so appealing about bicycling that even corporate managers found bike teams and encourage employees to join challenging cycling tours around Taiwan?

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Thriving in an Atmosphere of Freedom

Hip Taipei Making its Mark

It's a city full of creativity, freedom and laughter. Compared to Beijing, Taipei shines as a fun, multicultural town bursting with vitality.

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Microsoft's Imagine Cup 2007

Twenty-something Rebels Show World-class Creativity

Four Taiwanese university students, once told they 'had no future', placed second in a global creativity competition, highlighting what kinds of talent will be in demand in tomorrow's Taiwan.

Cracking the Oriental Creativity Code

Across the globe, designs from Asia are captivating the imagination. Not only Westerners, but Asians themselves are eager to unlock the secrets of style from the East.

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Executive Producer

Peggy Chiao's Lonely Trip to the Movies

While few Taiwanese show interest in Taiwanese films, internationally recognized filmmaker Peggy Chiao aims to prove that Taiwan can put out major motion pictures that move millions.

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Personal Finance

Four Investment Wizards Share Their Tips

As we begin a new year on the Chinese Lunar calendar, four of Taiwan’s most successful personal finance experts share their best investment secrets.

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Hon Hai Group

Terry Gou's Secret Bases

Big-league industrialist turned would-be movie mogul, Terry Gou has changed. From computers and electronics, he is moving into content, and the sprawling dominion he has established in China is the key to his ascent.