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How Africa and Asia Are Joining Forces on Universal Healthcare

Thailand's successes in rolling out UHC has led to a knowledge-sharing partnership with ambitious Kenya.

World Economic Forum

How a Giraffe Puppet Can Change the World

In Ethiopia, where just over half of adults are still illiterate, the chances are that many young children will never be exposed to books before they start school. Bruktawit Tigabu, a former primary school teacher and now the CEO of Whiz Kids Workshop, is determined to close the gap...with a puppet giraffe.

Better to be the Head of a Dog than the Tail of a Lion

Paving a New Path in the Central African Republic

For most Taiwanese, Africa is in another world, but an intrepid group of investors is now braving high risks in the war-torn Central African Republic to carve out their own legacies.

Ambitions of the Dragon

China's Scramble for African Resources

In Africa, even the average street vendor knows of Chinese president Hu Jintao by name. China is playing a crucial role in Africa's return to the international stage.

Five Keys to Opening the African Market

Africa is a land of impenetrable mystery, evoking a fascination of the fabulously exotic, but it is also a land of pitfalls. With 53 countries, where does one start?

Hardy Survivors in a Harsh Landscape

Taiwanese Businesses in South Africa

Uncowed by bandits and undefeated by an inclement economy, Taiwanese businessmen strive for success in a strange land, all the more eager to be good citizens in their adoptive country.