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These Countries Have the Most Expensive Childcare

Childcare costs make up a significant proportion of many working parents’ outgoings. But how much you pay can vary considerably depending on where you live.

Why Does the Top Five Percent of Pupils Love This School?

Taiwan Tech, Most Popular University for International Students in Taiwan

The largest population of international students in Taiwan is not concentrated, surprisingly, in the popular “top four” universities: NTU, NCKU, NTHU, and NCTU. Instead, you will find them enrolled en masse in the former technical college National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, colloquially known as Taiwan Tech. Taiwan Tech’s contribution to fostering foreign talent has won them three billion NT$ in donations from grateful international enterprises. Why is Taiwan Tech so successful at attracting elite students from around the world?

World Economic Forum

The Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Some advantages to learning a second language are fairly obvious, but there are many others that are not so immediately apparent.

Architects and Teachers Joining Hands

Taiwan’s Boldest School Experiment

Featuring a bold spatial design that encourages students to run around, Guanpu Elementary School is only the second school to be built under Hsinchu City’s “new school movement.” Before its completion, the school had already built a reputation for both its architectural design and its curriculum. When admission applications skyrocketed, the building design had to be altered to accommodate more classes.

'The Best Teacher Discusses About what Matters in Education'

The pupils at Alperton Community School in Brent, northwest London are among the most disadvantaged children in the UK.

World Economic Forum

Where Teachers are Most and Least Respected

A new study by the Varkey Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that aims to improve education for underprivileged children, gauges how respected teachers are in 35 economies around the world.

Immersive Travel

More Effective Than Language Schools

There are people who are drawn into a chat while buying an ice cream abroad, instantly overcoming their fear of speaking in a foreign language. Others are like travelers on a quest, successfully reviving dormant language skills in just seven days. Taiwanese polyglot Terry Hsieh, who speaks 25 languages, is living proof that “immersive learning” is more effective than attending formal classes in language schools.

Bilingualism in Science and Engineering Education in Taiwan

As an American scientist in Taiwan, what language should I speak?

Singapore’s New Approach to Education

Why Children in Singapore Will No Longer Be Ranked by Exam Results

The island nation is changing its educational focus to encourage school children to develop the life skills they will need when they enter the world of work.

Times World University Rankings 2019

These Are the World’s Best Universities

Here is a look at the 10 universities leading the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019 - and a few interesting new additions.

Where There Be Dragons and Avenues

The World School Traveling Taiwan

In the Spring of 2017, Where There Be Dragons and Avenues: The World School partnered to bring 15 teenagers from New York City to Taiwan to study sustainability and the environment.

Education in China

Testing Times: The Lifelong Cost of Top Marks

A coastal city in China is famous for its top exam results — but the intensive academic culture is grinding down teachers and students alike.

World Economic Forum

It’s Not Kids’ Screen Time You Should Worry About - It’s Yours

Much has been written about the dangers of screen time for children. Meanwhile, emerging research is starting to look at the role that parents’ screen usage has on a child’s development, and the news isn’t good.

Charting the World

Parents in these Places Spend the Most on Their Children’s Education

In the US, parents spend an average of $58,000 – less than half of what parents in Hong Kong are spending. Taiwan ranked 5th on the list with an average of $56424, right behind the US.

Generation AI

What Happens When Your Child's Friend is an AI Toy that Talks Back?

Dolls equipped with voice recognition technology are raising fears over children's privacy.

Students, Faculty Sound Alarm Bell on University Autonomy

Yellow banners and ribbons fluttering along the scenic Royal Palm Boulevard at National Taiwan University (NTU), night and day recently indicate unrest on the renowned campus. Congregating at the school’s landmark Fu Bell Tower near the boulevard, faculty and students are sounding the alarm for Taiwan’s higher education. 

Taiwanese Educators in China:

‘Why Are We Cultivating Talent for China, Not Taiwan?’

“In China, rather than seeking truth, academia serves the party and the state,” says one Taiwanese academician with experience across the strait. Realizing that he was not a good fit, he returned to Taiwan after just one semester of teaching, yet since returning to Taiwan, he has still been unable to find a suitable position.

Charting the World

These Are the Best Countries and Cities for Attracting and Developing Talent

Though these countries share four key traits in their education system, business landscape, working environment and government policies that are worth learning, none of these countries is said to have completely cracked the problems of people management. Why?

Benefits of Multilingualism

Speaking More Than One Language Can Boost Economic Growth

According to researchers, multilingualism can fuel exports, increase salaries and help innovation. Why?

The Future of Education, According to Jack Ma, Trudeau and Malala

The future of work is going to look very different, as automation and Artificial Intelligence make many manual, repetitive jobs obsolete.

World Economic Forum

5 Ways We Misunderstand Adolescents, According to Brain Science

No more 'terrible teens' ... It's time to talk truthfully about this crucial stage of human development.

École 42

Students Clamoring to Study at Revolutionary Free Tech School

While the acceptance rate at Taiwanese universities stands above 100 percent, only 1 percent of applicants are accepted at École 42, a private computer programming school in Paris. What makes this institution even more difficult to get into than a prestigious, top-ranked university like Harvard?

Charting the World

These Countries Have the Most Doctoral Graduates

This chart tells you where the most doctoral scholars are from. Which countries are winning the war of attracting talents?

Competition for Talents

The War without Gunfire, Is USA Still Winning?

Take a small quiz and look into what the statistics of international student mobility are telling us.

Sylvia Chang

Love Education from Asia's Leading Actress-Director

"Find that little girl back to your heart," a gentle yet rippling reminder from Asia's first and foremost actress-director. "As our world keeps getting more complicated, it's even more important for us to live our lives to the bravest, the purest, and the simplest."

From Reading to Literacy

Reading and Writing – An Antiquated Way of Thinking?

Many teachers ask their students to put their phones down. But is that the only thing educators should do to keep up with the 21st century? Meet Ms. Marcie Craig Post, Executive Director of International Literacy Association, in an interview after her speech in the 2017 International Reading Education Forum.

What is Experimental about Experimental Education?

Taiwan’s legislature is currently reviewing three laws pertaining to experimental education. Tim Chen, father of three home-schooled children and a longtime activist for non-traditional avenues to education, cautions that the label “experimental” alone does not make schooling different.


The Secret of the World’s Most Competitive Nation

Though Switzerland has consistently held the top spot in the Global Competitiveness Rankings by the World Economic Forum, the landlocked nation has slipped to rank 47 for enrollment in higher education. The country boasts the most internationalized universities, yet it says internationalization is not the goal.

Miao-Li A&I Vocational High School

Fostering Autonomous Learning and Critical Thinking

Who would have thought that a vocational high school in the small city of Miaoli could attract high schools from Japan and Korea to engage in exchanges in Taiwan? Miao-Li A&I develops students’ critical thinking capacities on top of honing their hands-on skills, sparking a revolution in their minds.

The One Crucial Skill Our Education System is Missing

Students will need more than tech prowess to thrive in the future.

Failing Education Systems

How Can We Prepare Our Kids For the Jobs Of the Future?

The world of work is changing. How do we help education systems keep up?

The Higher Education ‘Yushan Project’

An Initiative that Misses the Point

Taiwan’s government has proposed a “Yushan Project” to stem the brain drain it says is plaguing academia. But in a commentary done for Crossing, writer Chen Kuan-ting takes issue with the program’s focus.

The ’35 Generation’

Seeking Freedom, Living for the Moment

They’ve been derided as the “strawberry” generation, but Taiwan’s 30-somethings defy stereotypes. Born into an era when freedom began taking root in the country but economic growth slowed, what motivates them and how do they see their futures?

Taiwan’s Growing Talent Drain

‘Farewell, Taiwan’

With its low salaries and lack of stages on which to shine, Taiwan is no longer seen by young people as a land of opportunity, and they are leaving in droves. Are companies and the government ready for the massive talent deficit down the road?

Meiho University

Tailor-made Programs Attract Vietnamese Students

Taiwan’s universities compete with other Asian universities for students from Southeast Asia. Some use scholarships; others their reputation. Meiho University possesses neither money nor fame, yet its cooperation program with a Vietnamese university is successfully attracting students.

Land Dyke Feminist Family Farm

Women Create Farming Community

The female farmers group “Land Dyke” has established a new model of communal living and farming, using environmentally friendly farming methods, while also engaging in exchanges with local farms to share good food and good ideas with a greater audience.

Food Education in Tainan Schools

Elementary Students Grow their Own Lunch Produce

A first in Taiwan, the curriculum in elementary schools in Tainan, one of the island’s major agricultural regions, includes “food education”. By growing their own food, students gain greater self-confidence and develop a stronger bond to the land.

The Age of ‘Octopus Talents’ Is Here

As the late management guru Peter Drucker once said, the tools we rely on for survival today could get in the way of growth tomorrow. Constantly enhancing one’s skills and taking on all kinds of roles, “hybrid talents” are the new stars of the workplace.

Asia University

Cross-discipline Creativity Key to Students' Success

What is creativity? Where does it come from? How do you teach it? Asia University has designed creative spaces and distinct study programs to steer students towards their passions.

CTCB Financial Management College

Forging Financial Talents with Guaranteed Employment

Pursuing a “boutique” educational esthetic, the CTCB Financial Management College’s assurance of employment after graduation has helped yield impressive recruitment numbers.

Ming Chuan University

Education in the Social Media Age

When it seems that almost superhuman powers and magic skills are needed to live up to the fickle media industry and its fragmented audiences, the practical courses at Ming Chuan University’s new media department prepare its students to navigate between the old and new media worlds

Taiwan Tech Mechanical Engineering Dept.

Industry 4.0 Revolution on Campus

Taiwan Tech not only wants its students to know how to create, but that they also understand cross-domain integration, using Industry 4.0 thinking to advance traditional automation talent.

Reinventing Tertiary Education

Aiming for a Unique Profile

Dwindling student numbers, insufficient resources and global competition are forcing Taiwan’s colleges and universities to reinvent themselves or become obsolete. A unique niche with precise positioning may be the answer.

Feng Chia University

Educational Innovation Helps Students Face the Future

Feng Chia University is in tune with society’s needs, using hands-on methods to pre-pare innovators for industry upgrading and transformation.

China Medical University Hospital

Doctors Use 3D Printed Models to Plan Surgeries

With the advance of medical technology, physicians need to communicate not only with patients but also with engineers. The definition of “professional" now includes being able to apply new technologies and keep up with technological progress.

Interview with Richard Saller

Don’t Abandon the Humanities

Stanford University is renowned for its innovate approach to learning. One of its top educators insists that liberal arts and the humanities are key to higher education, even in this digital age, but admits to still figuring out how to best get the message across.

Mailiao High Schoool

Education for More than the Top 1%

As a community high school in a fairly remote part of Taiwan, Mailiao High School should be struggling to survive. Instead, it is thriving by helping meeting the diverse needs of all of its students rather than focusing solely on getting them into college.

Tsinghua University High School

Students Play Lead Role on Educational Stage

Developing apps, wearable devices or electric vehicles - what sounds like Silicon Valley startup preoccupations is everyday school life at China’s Tsinghua University High School, where high schoolers have access to the top-notch facilities and faculty of the prestigious Tsinghua University.

Beijing University Affiliated High School

China’s "Hogwarts"

Remember the Hogwarts School featured in the Harry Potter fantasy novel and movie series? Beijing University Affiliated Senior High School is the only high school in China to follow an institute and house structure, giving students full autonomy to arrange their own classes and schedules.

Luchu Senior High School

Out of Nothing, A Base for Innovation

Several schools around Taiwan tailor courses to local traits, none more so than Luchu Senior High School in Kaohsiung. It has shaped part of its curriculum to reflect the area's natural environment and preserve the school's tenuous existence.

Jiadong Agricultural Vocational High School

Doing It All, From Field to Dinner Table

Handling everything from raising chickens and growing vegetables to harvesting coffee beans and stuffing sausages, the school is developing Taiwan’s new generation of farmers with professional skills and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Countdown to the 2018 Curriculum

Revolutionary Change for Taiwan’s High Schools

What kind of future awaits millions of students when they enter a completely different senior high school system in the wake of Taiwan’s most dramatic education reform in a century? How are schools and faculty preparing for this unprecedented challenge?

Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest

A Life-changing 72 Hours

For 72 straight hours, teams of intrepid but isolated Taiwanese high school students battle through a real-life video game, forcing them to come up with creative solutions to problems. For many of them, it’s a life-changing experience.

Taiwanese Youths Take on Milan World EXPO

A group of young people have turned to crowd funding to bring Taiwan's unique cuisine to the 2015 World EXPO in Milan, Italy.

Rolling Out

Figure Out Your Own World View

Four young women have designed a mission card that tasks people to summon the courage to get to know the world on a deeper level through travel.

Does A Degree from Taiwan Really Worth It?

After coming to Taiwan with high expectations and studying for four years, students from across the strait find themselves asking each other, "Is it worth it?

Stanford's Shock Education

Redefining the 'Good Student'

Taiwan's rigid education system produces plenty of "good students," but here are three stories about a group of Taiwanese who found out at Stanford University that what it means to be "good" in this new era is changing.

School System Reform

Return to the Essence of Education

The pain inflicted by Taiwan's new high school entrance system is rooted in its failure to eliminate the hierarchy in which parents and students place schools. What is the path forward for Taiwanese education reform?

2014 CommonWealth Taiwanese Talent Survey

Taiwan's Dire Brain Drain

How competitive are Taiwanese professionals on the international stage? CommonWealth Magazine's latest survey discovered three key factors determining the direction of Taiwanese talent: a stage to perform on, salaries, and ambition.

Taiwan University Professor Yeh Ping-cheng

Finding the Secret to Engaging Students

Passionate about teaching, Yeh Ping-cheng has turned classes on their head and developed entertaining games to teach boring subjects, showing his Taiwanese peers how to engage students in the 21st century.

2013 CommonWealth Survey of Junior High Students

Prospects Dubious Without New Approaches

Taiwan's 12-year national education system formally goes into effect in 2014. At this juncture, CommonWealth has undertaken a survey that takes us into the classroom in search of a new direction for Taiwanese education.

Cross-strait Youth Culture

The Post-90 Generation

The new generation of Taiwanese and Chinese youngsters born in the 1990s differs from any other that preceded it. How will they change the future on both sides of the Strait?

Taiwan's Swiss Apprenticeship Program

Making Masterful Mechanics

A chain link-style "vocational high school-technical university-corporate" collaborative model and the legacy of Swiss apprenticeship system is putting specialized technical certification in the hands of 18 year-old students.

Higher Education Survey

66% of Professors: We Don't Oppose School Closures!

Taiwan's universities have slid into a quagmire of diminished performance. CommonWealth Magazine's first poll of university educators seeks to find a way out for higher education.

Guey Lin Elementary School

A Heaping Helping of Healthful Greens

When other schools are promoting just one veggie day a week, this grade school in rural Yunlin County has already made it four, and inspired the whole community to focus on healthy living.

Survey of Taiwanese Teens

Survey of Taiwanese Teens

CommonWealth Magazine's civic education survey found that Taiwan's Internet-savvy teens strongly support equal rights but have confused core values that could complicate a push toward "digital citizenship."

Innovative Education

Teaching Science with a Smile

For many indigenous elementary schoolchildren, science is inaccessible. But one dedicated teacher stresses the subject's fun side. It's a philosophy that's catching on.

Science Ace Chen Hung-jen

Learning What Limitless Means

A two-time international science competition winner talks about gaining inspiration, the pleasures of teamwork, and the unbounded road ahead.

Ying-Ming Junior High School

Electronic Whiteboards Open 'Anywhere Door'

Electronic whiteboards have made classes at Kaohsiung's Ying-Ming Junior High more lively and interactive, transporting students back in history, over mountains and across seas, as if stepping through Doraemon's "Anywhere Door."

Jianguo High School

Tempering Science with the Human Spirit

Taiwan's oldest public high school also scores the greatest scientific accomplishments. Yet it is dedication to the liberal arts and commitment to service that give the students a balanced introduction to their world.

Education Survey

Science Losing Luster among Taiwan's Students

Nearly 70 percent of Taiwan's secondary students say they like science, but 80 percent do not want to become scientists. CommonWealth Magazine's 2010 Education Survey reveals they are being turned off by the way science is taught.

Math Teachers Lin Shou-fu and Wu Ru-hao

'Mathemagic' Makes a New Hogwarts

In Taipei's Xingya Junior High School, ten different waypoints conceal a total of 280 math problems, and its "Mathematics Corridor" sparkles with secret code. What is this wizardry that's giving math an allure worthy of Harry Potter?

China in 2015

The Brewing Talent War

Having already engaged in a major talent grab, China is planning a significant transformation of its human resources, one that will affect labor markets around the world.

Taiwanese Higher Education in Crisis

My University Has Disappeared!

In January 2010, the boards of Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science and Leader University signed an agreement to merge, the first merger of private universities in Taiwan since the Private School Law was revised last June, providing a legal foundation for such mergers. According to one education professional, Leader University will change its name and eventually vanish into history.

Education Innovator

How 800,000 Students Have Learned to Share

The Bliss and Wisdom Educational Foundation has taken the pressure off teachers for the past 12 years by feeding them innovative life education strategies.

Life Education Survey

Have Taiwan's Students 'Lost Their Direction'?

What does the new generation of Taiwanese expect out of life, and what difficulties do they encounter? Lacking role models to inspire them, the island's young urgently need to find their way in the world.

Song Shan High School

More to Life than Getting to the Top

At Taipei Municipal Song Shan Senior High School, weekly class meetings and school celebrations are different. Instead of empty rituals, students contemplate the meaning of life.

Life Education

Teachers Need to Learn about Life Too

Starting next year, life education will be a required subject at Taiwan's 330 senior high schools. In preparation for the new subject, a fresh crop of teachers has been taking courses themselves. Often, it has proven to be a life-altering experience.

Service Learning

Students Reap Far More than They Sow

Beginning with required public service courses, a new wave of service-oriented learning is rising on Taiwan's college campuses, waking youngsters to the notion that this world is worth changing after all.

Higher Education Branding

China's University Ambitions

From the faculty to the student body, from research to academics, China's universities are shelling out big bucks on a range of "out-of-the-ordinary" reforms. Is Taiwan prepared for this all-out global battle for academic talent and brand prestige?

Cross-strait Academic Cooperation

Building the Bell Labs of the Chinese World

Two prestigious engineering universities with the same name, one in Taiwan and one in China, are embarking on an ambitious joint project that may place Taiwanese technology at the center of international R&D.

Greater China Education

The Recruitment War Begins

Chinese diplomas are not yet recognized in Taiwan, but that hasn't stopped Chinese schools from aggressively recruiting Taiwan's best students. What are the challenges posed by cross-strait education links?

Shared Mentoring

To See Them Grow, Let Go

All parents believe they are doing what's best for their child. But through shared mentoring, one group of parents has elected to pull back, allow others to take the lead, and challenge their kids to become more independent.

Pulling Together

Villagers See All Children as Their Own

In the small village of Sin Sing, 70 percent of the local children are raised in single-parent families or by grandparents. Yet they feel loved, because the villagers view themselves as a big family and regard everyone's children as their own.

Youth Exchange Program

Sending Children Abroad to Help Them Grow Up

Two educators sent their son abroad under Rotary International's Youth Exchange Program to live with families they did not know. Why were they willing to send him far away, to the point of missing a key year of school at home?

Top Nail Artist Dawson Luo

A Focused Passion for Beauty

After just six years and without holding any illustrious degrees, Dawson Luo has become Taiwan's top nail art designer, breaking ground in a new industry that many people felt held no future for men.

Minister of Education Cheng Jei-cheng

Lacking Passion and Wisdom Is Dangerous

In this exclusive interview, Taiwan's education minister discusses the present shortfalls and future challenges of Taiwanese education, and the ultimate importance of true learning.

Taiwan's Higher Education

Out of Sync with the Real World

As Taiwan's students vie for spots in the best universities and technical schools scramble to advance in status, the focus of academia is drifting away from practical knowledge. Why are these institutions so out of step with the needs of society?

University Student Survey

The Age of High Unemployment: Students, Are You Ready?

With more and more people holding higher degrees, and university educations holding less value in the marketplace, new college grads face a harsh labor environment. Are they prepared for the challenges?

Solutions to Taiwan's Education Woes

'Star' Schools: Gleaning the Wheat Left Behind

Taiwanese education is known for its obsession with teaching students how to test into a handful of elite schools. What can these "star" schools do to make the system more diverse?

Solutions to Taiwan's Education Woes

The Government: Five Urgent Tasks

After a decade of reforms, Taiwan's education system is reeling with more problems than ever before. Here is a shortlist of the most important undertakings awaiting the new administration.

Solutions to Taiwan's Education Woes

Communities: A Rhythm of Life for Disadvantaged Kids

Community volunteers are giving children from broken families the support they need to regain a sense of belonging, and the confidence to succeed in life.

Solutions to Taiwan's Education Woes

Home Schooling: Learning Custom-made for Kids

A growing number of Taiwanese parents are choosing to teach their children on their own at home, designing learning environments specifically suited for each kid's unique needs.


Reform Fattens Cram School Coffers

After a decade of education reforms, Taiwan's private afterschool schools have grown in number to 17,400, comprising an underground education empire.


Child Soldiers in Classroom Combat

Education in Taiwan has become an all-out struggle, locking kids into competition at increasingly early ages. Why is it that the more the education system is reformed, the more it stresses exams?

Morris Chang

Eleven Musts for College Students

The chairman of Taiwan’s most prestigious semiconductor corporation shares the secrets to a long life of success

Erkki Aho

Fairness, Human Rights: the True Core Values of Education

Former director-general of the Finnish National Board of Education Erkki Aho discusses the commitment to quality that has driven his country’s achievements in education.

Education Reform

Excellent Teachers Nurture Creative Students

Taiwan’s newest teaching innovations focus on fostering creative thinking, deep understanding and active learning, rather than recalling facts.

Everybody Counts

Secrets to Finland's World-topping Education

Education has become Finland’s most successful export commodity. With just a quarter of Taiwan’s population, how has it claimed the crown as the world’s leader in educational reform?

National Youth Commission Minister Li Chiun Cheng

Give Youths the Power to Change

The government minister most closely involved with Taiwanese youth talks about the economic, social, political and cultural challenges they face.


Learning Independence, Having an Impact

How are we to cultivate the talent that will be needed in an unpredictable future? Around the world, societies are considering new ways to foster initiative and creativity in the next generation.

Taiwanese Universities

Curricula for Taiwanese Enterprises that have Branched out across the Globe

With a Southeast Asian economic boom fueling demand for business professionals, Taiwan's universities are recruiting large numbers of Southeast Asian students in what has become a new, lucrative trend.

Taiwan's Helicopter Parent

Taiwan’s six million "Helicopter parents" are hovering, their noses in everything involving their kids. And while their influence is expanding, their impact may not be for the better.