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Big Data Led to a Spicy Chocolate Bar

Deciding which products to manufacture used to be a make-or-break skill for businesses. Now though, big data is making it much easier for companies to give customers what they want.

2018 International Gurus Forum

Can Taiwan Set Course for the 'Blue Ocean'?

W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, co-authors of the worldwide best-selling business book Blue Ocean and two of the world’s top management gurus, tell Taiwan: Yes, you can!

Shedding Tears At the Movies? Sign of a Potential Leader

No need to hide your tears at the cinema. And maybe you should even feel proud of those tears. Because crying at the movies shows your humanity, highlights your empathy, and is the sign of someone with a strong EQ - or even someone fit for leadership.

World Economic Forum

7 Key Disruptions that Will Change the Way You Work

"It's been estimated that 57% of all jobs are at risk of being automated within the next 5 years." Here are 7 key disruptions that most likely will change the way people work in the future.

World Economic Forum

No Degree? No Problem, as Top Employers Look Further for Hires

The shift in recruitment practices is taking place across a range of different sectors, with technology and accounting firms amongst those who have recently decided that a university degree is no longer a requirement.

Yung Ching Realty Group Goes Against the Flow

Creating a Different Realtor Image

Thanks to a Yung Ching Realty app that enables users to look for homes while exploring the property’s neighborhood and scenery in Google street view, users typically eliminate more than 80 percent of available homes that do not meet their needs or expectations and then, supported by the professional advice of experienced Yung Ching Realty agents, quickly settle on a matching property, smoothly completing the transaction.

Charting the World

This Chart Shows the Reality Behind the Gender Pay Gap

Gender inequality is closely linked to income inequality, which in turn can weaken the sustainability of growth in a country. According to the latest report by International Monetary Fund (IMF), more needs to be done on closing gender wage gaps in both developing and advanced countries.

Here's Why Working Fewer Hours Might Make You More Efficient

When a New Zealand employer trialled a four-day week, the result was an 'unmitigated success'. Can reduction of working hours really improve productivity?

These are the Cities Where People Work the Longest Hours

Top of the list is Mumbai, with an average of 3,315 working hours per year.

Charting the World

Does the World Cup Reduce Productivity at Work around the Globe?

Bosses in Rio and New York may need to accommodate football-loving employees.

Behind E.Sun’s Historic ‘Jiaoxi Meeting’

2 Pieces of Paper = 1 Smooth Succession

The succession issue has troubled many Taiwanese firms, but E.Sun Financial Holdings handled it smoothly 10 years ago. Ten years later, the company’s chairman and president divulge for the first time the back story behind why it went so well.

4 Mega-trends You Should Know about the Future of Work

We are used to the erosion of low paid jobs.Yet new forms of technology and automation are also making more highly qualified professionals obsolete. What are the “mega-trends” in our evolving job market?

Asus Chairman Jonney Shih Puts off Retirement Amid Bumpy Transition

After a crucial board meeting on April 18, Asustek Computer Inc. (ASUS) Chairman Jonney Shih announced that he would stay at the helm of the computer manufacturer while Jonathan Tsang, Asus’ largest shareholder, would stay on as president. Shih’s announcement put an end to the persistent rumor that he would retire in June. How will Asus steer through this transition?

Jack Ma

LQ: The Key to Success and Respect

In Davos, Alibaba founder and Executive Chairman Jack Ma spoke openly and at length about some of the key challenges facing the world, delivering a stream of perspectives and guidance.

The Evolving Management

Here’s How We Can Still Reinvent Leadership

In the last hundred years, technologies and related paradigms have kept shifting. However, decision-making structures in big organizations have changed little since the first industrial revolution. How can technology be used to optimize management?

World Economic Forum

Is the Age of Management Over?

Facing the challenges of modern economy, trying to control people in a corporate environment can be counterproductive.

Workplace Hack

Should Laptops be Banned from Meetings?

Could using a laptop to take notes in meetings undermine your overall performance? Research from Princeton and UCLA might have the answer.

Job Flexibility vs. Income Stability

Can Work in the Future be Fair as Well as Flexible?

With work becoming more flexible, does unconventional work necessary mean unstable income?

Patrick Y. Yang

Fighting Cancer with Precision Medicine

Instead of resting on his laurels and enjoying retirement life, biotech industry veteran Patrick Y. Yang has returned to the frontline to help Taiwan catch up with the world leaders in precision medicine.

Jack Ma

The One Mistake That Can Destroy Startups

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, is ranked second on Fortune’s list of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders. Here he shares his insight on management and also points out a crucial mistake that startups should be avoiding.

Why Being Too Intelligent Might Make You a Worse Leader?

People often regard leaders as the smartest or most intelligent, however, researchers recently found that highly intelligent leaders have struggled to adopt the best leadership practices.

2017 Gurus Forum In Taiwan

The Secrets Of The Hidden Champions

What can we learn from the Hidden Champions? What potential danger is threatening Taiwan in the global competition? See how professor Hermann Simon, elected as the most influential management thinker after Peter Drucker, reveals the secrets of the Hidden Champions in 2017 Gurus Forum in Taiwan.

The World's Best Employers in 2017

Google’s parent company Alphabet is the best employer in the world, according to Statista and Forbes data

Decoding Amazon

Ruthless Management Tactics Foster Innovation

Named Wired magazine’s most innovative company for 2017, operates according to principles many people find shocking, such as forbidding Powerpoint presentations and requiring employees to write six-page reports. The precise management approach keeps this e-commerce icon efficient and employees confident.

Lettuce Empire

Crafting a Winning ‘Food Safety’ Formula

The Taiwan Lettuce Village’s modern practices are redefining how to grow, harvest and store fresh produce. After conquering Taiwan, the company’s iceberg lettuce is now making waves on the global stage.

Closing in on Industry 4.0

Unveiling TSMC’s Secret Weapon

Recognized as one of Taiwan’s leading practitioners of Industry 4.0, TSMC has been able to maintain its pricing power in an age of plummeting component prices. What has been its secret weapon in achieving that?

The Age of ‘Octopus Talents’ Is Here

Self Study, the Trend to Watch

The stories of three multitalented people engaged in lifetime learning and leveling up their skills runs contrary to the conventional university education and on-the-job vocational training.

Simon Sinek

What Does It Mean to Be a Good Leader?

Each day our world is constantly changing and becomes more competitive. Good leaders brings their teams toward progress and success. However, what does it really mean to be a good leader? World-class author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek might have an answer.

Clayton Christensen

Breaking the Trap of Ultimate Failures

Clayton Christensen, who is a professor of Harvard Business School and known for his famous theory of "disruptive innovation", came to give a speech in Taipei under the joint invitation from CommonWealth Magazine and NTHU.

Alex Osterwalder

The Essence and Strategy of Innovation

Starting a business is easy, but continuing to make profits is really difficult. Many enterprise operators are afraid of innovations, because once the existing business model is altered, it will be hard to expect profits. Then, what is the key and strategy for companies to innovate successfully?

CTCB Financial Management College

Forging Financial Talents with Guaranteed Employment

Pursuing a “boutique” educational esthetic, the CTCB Financial Management College’s assurance of employment after graduation has helped yield impressive recruitment numbers.

Turning ‘Fans’ into ‘Customers’

Marketing in an Age of Virtual Echo Chambers

Internet technology has facilitated the rise of social media “tribes” that promote their own ideas or interests through highly insulated “echo chambers.” How can marketers penetrate these social media groups to turn “fans” into customers?

2016 Most Admired Company Survey

Taiwan’s Champions of Transformation

New technologies, increasing connectivity and industry convergence are rewriting the way companies do business. How do Taiwanese industry bellwethers such as TSMC, Hon Hai and President Chain Store innovate to remain relevant for decades to come?

Exclusive Interview with Morris Chang

One Key to Success – No Unions

TSMC Chairman Morris Chang, one of Taiwan’s most respected business people, opens up in this interview with CommonWealth Magazine about the future of the high-tech and semiconductor sectors and the state of labor-management relations in Taiwan.

2016 Top Corporate Citizen: Lucidity Enterprise

Raising Children, Supporting Seniors

Tainan-based Lucidity Enterprise proves every day that corporate social responsibility transcends deep pockets and resources and that a few simple ideas can make a real difference within a company and throughout society.

Hon Hai’s Bold Gambit

In Hot Pursuit of Japanese Treasure

Hon Hai Precision Industry, the world’s biggest contract electronics manufacturer, is close to acquiring Sharp of Japan. What is behind Hon Hai’s willingness to risk it all financially to take over the venerated but money-losing Japanese electronics giant?

Top 2000 CEO Survey

No Confidence in Economy, Next President

Following a lackluster business year, Taiwan's CEOs are not only pessimistic about the economy and the investment climate next year, but also issued a vote of no confidence in the leadership potential of Taiwan’s three presidential candidates.

2015 CSR Top 100

Small Giants on the Rise

CommonWealth Magazine’s Corporate Social Responsibility Awards include the “small giant” category for the first time this year to acknowledge CSR efforts that often outshine those made by Taiwan’s large corporations and foreign enterprises.

Kai-fu Lee :

Old KPI Models Stifle Innovation

Venture capitalist Kai-fu Lee believes the new wave of startups by young entrepreneurs will disrupt established business models, and he argues in this interview that the power of youth should be feared and respected.

Top 2000 CEO Survey

Worried About Cross-strait Trade

Taiwan's CEOs are optimistic about the economy next year, but widespread concern exists over stalled momentum in trade ties with China and Taiwan's inability to join regional trade blocs.

Delta Electronics

Making Key Decisions to Success

The world's number one name in switching power supplies has enabled Delta Electronics to yield stable profits. Yet the company has another ace in the hole: industrial automation.

Asustek Computer

Getting Stronger by Getting Leaner

While rival Acer was busy acquiring companies abroad to boost market share, Asustek Computer Inc. was slimming down. It pared down its 11 business groups to just three, helping it become one of the world's top five computer brands.

Hon Hai Precision

You Are Your Own Greatest Enemy

When it comes to "destruction" Hon Hai has no match. The company attacked the supply chain with low prices and forced the world's top brands to cry uncle and place orders. It is now up to CEO Terry Gou to guide Hon Hai to its next breakthrough.

2014 Most Admired Company Survey

Riding Technology to Stay on Top

CommonWealth Magazine's "Most Admired Company Survey" has seen the reputations of companies and sectors rise and fall over its 20-year run, making those whose brands have endured all the more admirable.


Driven to the Top by Ambition

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) has used an ideal blend of technology, strategy, management and corporate governance to be a global player in the semiconductor market. Chairman Morris Chang explains how this was done.

2014 Corporate Citizenship Awards

Corporate Governance: A Matter of Survival

A spate of transportation and industrial mishaps in Taiwan this year has demonstrated the prime importance of corporate governance. Winners of CommonWealth's Citizenship Awards showed how to do it the right way.

New CSR Award Winners

No Fears When Following the Right Course

The winners of CommonWealth Magazine's newest corporate citizenship awards have begun to reap the benefits of sound CSR practices, demonstrating that what's good for society may also be good for business.

2014 CommonWealth Taiwanese Talent Survey

Taiwan's Dire Brain Drain

How competitive are Taiwanese professionals on the international stage? CommonWealth Magazine's latest survey discovered three key factors determining the direction of Taiwanese talent: a stage to perform on, salaries, and ambition.

Four Habits that Win Raises

Like every other employee in the world, you're looking for a higher salary. These four habits can enhance your value, and make your boss happy to give you a raise.

Acer's Fateful 1,000 Days

Hijacked by Success

After three straight years of losses, Acer recently decided to reshuffle its management. Founder Stan Shih has been called to the rescue, but can he really save the floundering company?

2013 Most Admired Company Survey

Innovators under Pressure

In 2013 new champions emerged in more industries than ever before. With ambition, courage, tenacity and innovation, Taiwan's new standard bearers deftly navigated rocky economic waters to sail ahead of the pack.

BASF Taiwan

Turning Country Kids into Chemistry Whizzes

BASF Taiwan Ltd. earned honors as one of Taiwan's leading corporate citizens this year with the help of a corporate social responsibility approach that gives ordinary workers a real voice.

2013 Corporate Citizenship Awards

The Three 'P's' of Competitiveness

The annual awards for corporate social responsibility identify companies with the traits that sustain competitiveness. This year's poll found that the frontrunners not only value "profit," but also "people" and the "planet."

Wan Hai Lines

Thriving in Rough Economic Waters

Rising fuel costs and declining freight prices have battered global shipping companies, but Taiwan's Wan Hai Lines and its chairman Chen Po-ting seem to be taking the rough sailing in stride.

TSMC Chairman Morris Chang:

The Best Is Yet to Come

In this exclusive interview, the venerable leader of Taiwan's semiconductor industry ponders his current battle for market share, and the passion that's needed for victory.

2012 Taiwan's Most Admired Entrepreneurs

Paradigm Shift

While semiconductor legend Morris Chang remains far and away Taiwan's most admired businessman, restaurant mogul Steve Day has soared to 3rd place, clearly revealing the service industry's new clout in tech-heavy Taiwan.

Taiwan Hitachi Co. Ltd.

Cultivating Taiwan, Creating Local Happiness

Among this year's highest ranking corporate citizens stands a decades-old member of a distinctly conventional industry – air conditioning.

Taiwan's Top 50 Corporate Citizens 2012

Invest in Employees, Beat the Recession

Truly happy enterprises are able to improve employee welfare without increasing costs or undermining growth. Viewing employees as assets is a key to sustainable business.

Unemployment, Illness, Divorce

The Triple Whammy of Midlife

Gone are the days when the biggest problem of middle age was high blood pressure. In a globalized world of risk and turmoil, midlife presents an increasing array of troubles and strains. What can be done to weather the perilous middle years?

2012: Fragile Recovery in Store

Taiwan Looks Inward for Growth

Export-oriented Taiwan is hoping to keep 2012 GDP growth above 4 percent, but with major economies around the world stagnant, domestic demand will be the key.

2011 Top 1000 CEO Survey

Bracing for Bad News in 2012

While mostly pessimistic about the coming year, Taiwan's top executives strongly back President Ma Ying-jeou's policies on China and the economy. Yet a divergence of viewpoints exists between CEOs and the general public.

Putting Employees First: the Rise of Steve Day

Taiwan's Most Admired Entrepreneurs

Restaurateur Steve Day moves into the top ten for the first time. The list of most admired entrepreneurs is dominated by CEOs of Taiwanese brands, clearly demonstrating the ascent of Taiwan's branded businesses.

Planet Technology, Merry Electronics

'Sounding Out' a Beautiful Life

With their small scale and limited resources, isn't it too much to ask SMEs to go full bore on corporate social responsibility? Planet Technology and Merry Electronics are proof positive that SMEs can make a difference.

2010 Top 1000 CEO Survey

Optimism on the Upswing

Riding an unexpectedly strong 2010, 88 percent of Taiwan's top execs are highly optimistic over the coming year's economic prospects. But three sources of uncertainty could mean trouble.

Uni-President Hankyu Department Store

President Chain Store's Ultimate Battle

President Chain Store Corp. recently opened its second shopping mall in Taiwan. Why is it so determined to enter the department store fray when its 7-Eleven convenience store business is so successful?

Momo Department Store

What is Fubon Up To?

Enjoying success with its TV and Internet shopping ventures, the financial group Fubon has gone brick-and-mortar, with its Momo Department Store. Is Fubon creating a consumer paradise, or just aiming too high?

Tadashi Yanai:

Plan for the Future to Survive in the Future

Will Japan's No. 1 specialty clothing chain Uniqlo continue to grow? How does Uniqlo founder Tadashi Yanai figure out what consumers want?

2010 Most Admired Company Survey

The Return of Management Fundamentals

The companies heading CommonWealth Magazine's 2010 Most Admired Company Survey had rigorous management systems that resisted the temptations of pre-financial crisis excesses.

Taiwan's Most Admired Entrepreneurs

Soft Power Affirmed: Cher Wang Joins the Top 10

Some new faces have emerged among Taiwan's Most Admired Entrepreneurs, as the rise of Cher Wang and Stanley Yen symbolize an increasing recognition of Taiwan's soft power.


Driven by 'Chi'

Tadashi Yanai is pushing Uniqlo to conquer the world. As Japan's No. 1 fashion brand invades Taiwan, CommonWealth Magazine travels to Tokyo for an exclusive interview, to uncover the Uniqlo effect.

Tainan Enterprises Co. Ltd.

Undercover Guardian Angel of Tainan Culture

Adopting public parks, conducting ecological surveys, revitalizing historical sites, caring for the elderly – one company plays a leading role in safeguarding Tainan's heritage. What are its motivations?

Taiwan's Top Corporate Citizens 2010

The Social Responsibility Race Heats Up

In CommonWealth Magazine's annual survey of Taiwan's top corporate citizens, Delta Electronics edged TSMC by the slimmest of margins for the top spot, an indication of just how fierce a battleground corporate social responsibility has become.

Delta Electronics

Public Service Meets Profit

With record net after-tax profits last year, Delta Electronics is living proof that public service and concern for the environment are not antithetical to running a profitable business.

Bayer Taiwan

Science-based Company Boosting Science Education

Whether bringing science education to 34 elementary schools with a mobile science van, or helping reconstruct classrooms in the wake of Typhoon Morakot, Bayer Taiwan combines know-how and passion for a different kind of public service.

CTCI Corp.

Knowledge Base Empowers People

With its unique Knowledge Management framework, the engineering firm CTCI provides its personnel with an arsenal of expert advice. What is the secret of this low-profile but high-power knowledge base?

Taiwan's 50 Fastest Growing Enterprises

The New 'Mixed Blood' Company

The number of start-up enterprises in Taiwan has plummeted by more than half over the past 20 years, but in its latest survey CommonWealth Magazine discovered three keys that can still deliver success.

Secrets of Success

Korea's Unstoppable Conglomerates

The global market share of South Korea's biggest companies is on the rise. How have these chaebols managed to stay both big and flexible, and why are they so competitive?

Amore Pacific

Exporting Korean Beauty

From Seoul's trendy Myeongdong shopping district to the vanity tables of Europe and America, the brands of South Korean cosmetics giant Amore Pacific are increasingly at home, as beauty becomes the latest Korean craze to sweep the globe.

2010 Top 1000 CEO Survey

Cautious Outlook for Taiwan's Economy

2010 may be a year of economic recovery, but it will also pose many challenges to Taiwan's businesses. How do the country's top corporate leaders see the year ahead?

Wowprime on the Move

Taiwan's Top Restaurant Group Looks Abroad

Learning from its failed experience in the U.S., the Wowprime Group is now turning to partnerships to extend its steak empire in Taiwan to Southeast Asia

Yahoo's Great Transformation

Dancing with the Enemy

Feeling the squeeze from microblogs and web-based communities, Yahoo is fighting back – with open arms, and a centralized strategy that puts Yahoo Taiwan on the global stage. But will it work?

Quanta's Barry Lam:

Heading Not for Blue Ocean, but the Clouds

Quanta Computer chairman Barry Lam is embracing his "new 3Cs" with fierce determination. How does he intend to perform this "final movement"?

2009 Most Admired Company Survey

Thriving in Turbulent Times

Six industry leaders among the most admired in 23 sectors were dislodged from their perches in 2009 by more agile competitors who found ways to overcome the global economic slump.

Taiwan's Most Admired Entrepreneurs

Barry Lam's Star on the Rise

CommonWealth Magazine's list of Taiwan's 10 "Most Admired Entrepreneurs" has seen its biggest upheaval in 15 years after the country's legendary “god of management” passed away.

IBM Taiwan

Three Mechanisms for Grooming Leaders

IBM's human capital management program systematically sifts its talent pool, shores up the skills that leadership candidates lack, and prepares a comprehensive succession plan. What lessons can Taiwan's companies learn?

Acer's Stan Shih

I Enjoyed Relinquishing Power

Acer Inc. stands out among Taiwanese companies not just for its world-class standing in the computer industry, but also for its stable, successful leadership transition. Retired Acer founder Stan Shih shares his experience.

Tung Ho Steel

A Dozen Years Forging a Successor

In this exclusive interview, Tung Ho president Earle Ho and his son Henry discuss the challenges of leadership succession, and the pluses and minuses of an owner serving as CEO.

Taiwan's Corporate Succession Crisis

Taiwan's 30 largest corporations represent a market value of NT$13 trillion. Yet 40 percent of them have not planned ahead for a smooth corporate succession. Should their millions of shareholders and employees be worried?

Consumer Behavior Survey

The Rise of the Cyber Complaint

Dissatisfied customers who don't complain on the spot pose the greatest hidden threat to retailers. But dealing with them isn't easy, because, as a recent CommonWealth Magazine survey shows, no two are exactly alike.

Everlight Electronic Co., Ltd.

Leadership through Precision

Keeping an eagle eye on every detail has made Everlight Electronic the profitability leader among LED packagers. With its "tough love" leadership, what will Everlight's next step be along the road to "green lighting"?

2009 Top 1000 CEO Survey

Both Optimism and Concern for Cross-strait Ties

With the global economic slump, the often upbeat expectations of Taiwan's top execs have toned down considerably. While they believe increased economic ties with China will help their companies, they also are aware of the potential pitfalls.

Timm Wu

A Fashion Show Is a Cross-cultural Gala Event

More than just models walking down a runway, the cross-disciplinary fashion shows of Taiwanese creative director Timm Wu are unique artistic performances.

Sophia Tong

Pollinating B&Q with IBM Concepts

Former IBM general manager Sophia Tong is one of a new wave of executives taking on new challenges. How will she transfer her IBM experience to a new industry and what impact can she have?

David Wei

A 'Jack-of-all-Trades' Wins Over Any Customer

With an organizational style where everyone is a jack-of-all-trades, Taipei Inn Group vice general manager David Wei has conjured an occupancy-rate miracle.

Delta Electronics Inc.

Envisioning a US$100b Opportunity

The question burning in the back of Delta Electronics chairman Dr. Bruce Cheng's mind for decades: How to address energy, environmental and climate problems while preserving business development? Delta now believes it has found the answer.

Top Corporate Citizens 2009

Responsibility Generates Vitality

CommonWealth Magazine's survey of Taiwan's top corporate citizens found that in these trying times, being socially responsible is more than a way to build an image or give back to society; it is now critical to reviving sagging bottom lines.

Formosa Plastics Group's Susan Wang

Philanthropy Fitting for the Times

In this exclusive interview, FPG's deputy CEO discusses the philosophy behind her group's public welfare activities, and the loss of its legendary leader.

Johnson & Johnson Taiwan

Helping Women Stand Up on Their Own

When Johnson & Johnson Taiwan offered to help the Peng Wan-ru Foundation, it provided the nonprofit organization sorely needed management skills, and empowered women to help themselves.

Acer Founder Stan Shih:

The Netbook Is the Big Chance for Brand Taiwan

Taiwan's senior statesman of technology ponders the potential for the latest, lightest PCs to make Taiwan's name in world history.

Taiwan's Media Shake-up

United Daily News: Increasing 'Gold Content'

The age of the "intellectual newspaper" is over, as the rag trade now keeps its eyes firmly fixed on the bottom line. How can the United Daily News Group enhance its intrinsic value and pump up profitability?

Taiwan's Media Shake-up

Next Media Gets into TV, Hires Spin Doctor

Just as his flagship Apple Daily has begun to lose money, Hong Kong media baron Jimmy Lai has boldly entered Taiwan's highly competitive cable-TV business, hiring PR veteran King Pu-tsung. What does Lai have up his sleeve?

Taiwan's Media Shake-up

China Times Joins a Snack-food Empire

A month after Want Want Holdings chairman Tsai Eng-meng bought the financially troubled China Times Group, he reported the completion of the deal to a top Chinese official. What is this new media mogul up to?

Talent-grooming Prowess

AU Optronics Shuffles the Deck

At AUO rotating senior managers through different positions stimulates their learning abilities, helps them overcome personal limitations, and challenges them to think outside the box.

Talent-grooming Prowess

Standard Chartered Zero's In on Future Leaders

Standard Chartered Bank's rigorous, custom-made International Graduate program gives an elite corps of its young professionals substantive abilities beyond their years.

Talent-grooming Prowess

A.S.O Shoes on an Upward Ascent

Once a humble salesperson, Jessie Hung is now the vice general manager in charge of grooming a growing talent pool that has made A.S.O Taiwan's leading shoe retail chain.

Talent-grooming Prowess

The Pitched Battle to Develop Leaders

The fates of companies facing a turbulent global economy in 2009 and beyond will be determined by the quality of their people. That is why the power to groom talent is now one of the top priorities of Taiwan's executives.

Nike Running Club

Building Grassroots Fans to Generate Buying Power

The recession has most companies scaling back their advertising budgets, but Nike is investing big in a different marketing approach: cultivating loyalty at the grassroots level.

Mio Technology Corporation

Satellite Navigation Brought Down to Earth

Mio Technology's GPS devices have maintained a firm hold on the hearts and minds of Taiwan's consumers with innovative services and a unique interactive Web site.

Meet Fresh Dessert Franchise

The Sweet Taste of Good Old Times

With a mystique of down-to-earth, old-fashioned flavor, Meet Fresh successfully attracts and retains customers by highlighting the handmade character of its products and spreading the heartwarming legend of its founders.

The Hon Hai Group

Extreme Restructuring in Extreme Times

An economic slump does not have to be bad news. In these turbulent times Taiwanese electronics giant Hon Hai is preparing to go through a crucial restructuring. But will it help Hon Hai to widen its lead over its competitors?

The Economic Downturn

Seeking Advantage in Adversity

The global financial crisis is wreaking economic havoc, leaving no industry or company unscathed. But some enterprises are capitalizing on the downturn to plot their recovery and put some distance between themselves and their competitors.

Acer Inc.

Less Is Much More

The Most Admired Company of Taiwan's information services sector, Acer employs a philosophy of simplicity to gain unmatched speed in a breakneck industry.

Innovation and Resolve

Taiwan's Most Admired Entrepreneurs

The ranks of Taiwan's top ten most respected business leaders are filled with familiar faces this year – legends of industry sharing certain qualities that have led to great success.

2008 Most Admired Company Survey

Finding a Firm Footing for Growth

In 2008, which Taiwanese companies have the wherewithal to weather a global financial meltdown and precarious market conditions? The island’s benchmark enterprises are those creating growth with a solid stance on their foundations.

New Key to Survival in Changing Times:

'Reading the Air'

In Japan, Taiwan, and around the world, in the workplace, businesses and political circles, people are desperately seeking the social awareness skills that often mean the difference between success and failure.

How Yahoo Taiwan 'Reads the Air'

Creativity Comes from an Interest in People

In the ever-changing Internet industry, success comes with being able to detect the latest trends, and as Yahoo Taiwan's general manager Charlene Hung has discovered, an interest in observing people and their surroundings.

The Fight for Top Talent

Enterprises Battle to Groom Leaders of Tomorrow

With the world economy sluggish, many companies are streamlining their workforces. But a shortage of high-level executives has enterprises scrambling to find their future leaders.

IBM Taiwan

Forging T-Type Leaders

With no time for training top talent gradually, IBM Taiwan has initiated a "T-Leadership Course" to quickly make up for a shortfall in junior executives and actively cultivate a high-powered successor team.

BenQ Group

Mabu Academy, the Secret Training Camp

Nestled in the forests of northern Taiwan is BenQ's most important training base, where it cultivates the top managers who may one day fill the shoes of superboss K.Y. Lee.

The Global Downturn:

Chronicles of Cost-cutting Prowess

With a keen nose for ill tidings, Taiwan's SMEs have already gone into crisis mode in response to global economic doldrums. Four companies are readying their battle plans, preparing to wage a long-term war of resistance against rising costs.

Leader of IT Services:

IBM manages to pick up and gets right back on its feet

Having been through several close calls and critical conditions, legacy company IBM has spent a lot of time, effort and resources redefining its business values. That's perhaps why it can accurately grasp hold of visionary trend and innovative ideas.

Focusing on 50 Growth Markets:

IBM's Global Treasure Hunt

The 97-year-old IBM is trying to look beyond its glorious history: as IBM stepped out from the personal computer business and reallocates resources to services business, the Big Blue is now venturing into the growth markets with its sophisticated approaches and unconventional talent training.

Fubon Land Development

A Dual Strategy's Quiet Success

At a time when expectations for Taiwan's housing market are sky high, Fubon Land is sitting on the sidelines, remaining faithful to a strategy that has delivered results.

Confidence on the Upswing

2008 Top 1000 CEO Survey

The pessimistic pall hovering over Taiwan in recent years seems to be lifting, at least in the minds of the country's CEOs. What do they expect from the new administration to justify their renewed confidence?

Top 50 Corporate Citizens 2008

The New Corporate Battleground

"Corporate citizenship" is no longer merely a moral concept to which companies give lip service; it's the new battleground for corporate excellence.

Citizen Economy on the Rise

Cyber Dumplings and Specialty Noodles

From single mothers to disadvantaged families, in every corner of Taiwan, resolute people are developing businesses that help others in life.

Government R&D Aids Private Enterprise

The Aroma Returns to Yuchih Tea

Researchers at a government-run tea farm in central Taiwan are using a long-forgotten variety of black tea to revive a farming town's former glory.

Corporate Citizen, Planet Technology

A Classroom of Hope for Disadvantaged Students

One up-and-coming SME has invested NT$50 million to found Taiwan's first educational trust, in the hope of helping students lagging in their studies to get back on track.

Citizen Economy on the Rise

Modern Management Milks an Agro Cash Cow

Armed with just a middle school education, Lee Chuan-tian applies business management models and automated cultivation to provide livelihoods for more than 200.

Citizen Economy on the Rise

Fallow Fields Yield Organic Gold

With the latest inventory efficiency system and an illiterate management approach, Tenha Organic Farm is giving new hope to out-of-work elderly farmers.

Citizen Economy on the Rise

Flowers in the Badlands

In rural Neimen Township, one cooperative is soaring on exports of flaming red flamingo lilies, and offering alternative employment to an erstwhile hog heaven

Corporate Citizen, Hewlett-Packard

The Green Supply Chain

At HP green thinking has become a guiding principle, not only in R&D, design and marketing, but also in its relations with contract manufacturers.

Nan Ya Plastics Corporation

A Twin-engine Revolution

Once a supplier of plastics and textiles, it is now a petrochemical and electronics giant. Here's the story of how Nan Ya Plastics reinvented itself.

Formosa Plastics Group

Wang Yung-ching's Living Legacy

Although Taiwan's most influential entrepreneur Wang Yung-ching has passed away, he left behind a thriving petrochemical empire that will long outlive him. CommonWealth Magazine looks at his group's winning strategies.

Formosa Chemicals & Fibre

From Textile Pygmy to Petrochemical Colossus

Since the completion of Naphtha Cracker No. 6, FCFC's petrochemical business has skyrocketed, with operating revenue this year ten times the figure for 1991. Who is behind this astounding metamorphosis?

Susan Wang of Formosa Plastics Group

Doing Useful Deeds, Saying Useful Things

Susan Wang attributes her company's success to a good system and clear organization. How does she view the group's distinctive corporate culture?

Taiwan's Breakfast Business

A Mouth-watering Market

In Taiwan, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, and even furniture giant IKEA are inventing new ways to seize on the appeal of breakfast. What’s on the plate for this ever-popular meal?

Welcoming the World

Taiwan's Tourism Takes Off

Whether it's hitting the beach, climbing a peak, taking in the glitz of the big city, or exploring the countryside, Taiwan is gearing up for a greater influx of visitors.

Evergreen Marine Chairman Y.F. Chang

Visionary at the Helm

With 176 vessels plying the world’s oceans, Evergreen is a truly global Taiwanese conglomerate. The green-friendly vision of Chairman Y.F. Chang has helped it claim a popular niche in a cutthroat field.

I-Stone Jewelry Co.

A Tale of Transformation

How did I-Stone grow from a small family workshop in Keelung County, Taiwan to a 1,100-store franchise in China, beating out Swarovski as the favorite of brand of Chinese youth?

TSMC's Trump Cards

K.C. Shih: Straight-shooting Leadership Philosophy

Under K.C. Shih’s leadership, IC design foundry Global Unichip has always been a step ahead of the industry. Now, with the partnership of powerhouse TSMC, his prowess is coming to the fore.

TSMC's Trump Cards

Shang-yi Chiang: Rallying the Troops

Even after the helmsman of TSMC’s R&D retired, he stayed on as chairman of the new acquisitions VisEra and Xintec. To this day, TSMC chairman Morris Chang relies heavily on Shang-yi Chiang.

Taiwanese IC Design

MediaTek Unfolds Its Strategic Map

Tsai Ming-kai, chairman of the IC design juggernaut MediaTek, talks about Taiwan’s global position, the power of proximity, and the importance of perpetual development.


The Crimson Crab Clamps Down

Bouncing back from a three-year slump, Realtek, famed for its red crab logo, has focused its vision and quickened its pace. Now its claws are snapping at the heels of the major international companies.


An Enigma on the Rise

With many of MStar’s products overlapping with MediaTek’s line, a showdown looms as the IC design industry warily eyes this formidable contender.


Finding the Wii Little Niche That Fits

Behind the runaway success of Nintendo’s Wii stands a mid-sized Taiwanese IC design house. How did PixArt manage to become the sole supplier of sensor chips to the Japanese gaming giant?


Busting the Analog Blockade

Analog ICs had long been the uncontested monopoly of U.S. manufacturers. Now Richtek has broken their stranglehold on the market.


Neutrality Makes Many Friends

Worldwide, one in five display driver chips comes from Novatek, though it produces no displays itself. How did the fabless IC design house become the favorite of the world’s major flat panel makers?

2007 Most Admired Company Survey

Competitiveness: a 360-degree Assessment

In this annual survey of Taiwan's most prestigious corporations, important shifts have taken place in the food, service and telecom sectors. What gives some Taiwanese companies that vital edge?

Delta Electronics

Open R&D Brings Brains Together

With more than 100 cooperative projects underway, Delta Electronics thrives on its wide-ranging “open R&D,” the outgrowth of a passion for both technology and knowledge…


Open Service for a Total Design Ecosystem

Twenty years ago TSMC broke the seal on the insular, monopoly-dominated semiconductor nexus. Now it is working on a system of total-process cooperation, to make sure its clients get it right the first time.

The Power of Open Innovation

The rules of the game are being rewritten. From international giants to SMEs, companies are tearing down R&D barriers, and ushering in a new era of openness.

Automotive Industry

Planning for the Worst, Hotai Comes Out on Top

Taiwan?s auto market is adrift in the doldrums. Yet one brand, Toyota, is claiming nearly a third of new car sales. How has its Taiwan representative, Hotai, managed to buck the trend and rise to top?

ScinoPharm Taiwan

Sweet Success... at Long Last

After eight years of fruitless endeavor, ScinoPharm Taiwan is turning a profit. But for CEO Jo Shen, these rewards are no fluke, but the result of meticulous planning.

Acer Group Founder Stan Shih

An Irresistible Trend throughout Industry

A Taiwanese high tech pioneer discusses the new rules requiring companies to declare employee stock bonuses as an operating expense, and the challenges this presents for industry.

New Accounting Rules for Employee Stock-sharing

Swan Song for the High-tech Gold Rush?

What kind of employer can get employees to love their jobs? Four companies have won the Happy Workers Awards for winning the hearts and minds of their workers.

The Happy Workers Awards

Getting Employees to Love

What kind of employer can get employees to love their jobs? Four companies have won the Happy Workers Awards for winning the hearts and minds of their workers.

DuRoyal Desserts

Why Taiwan Is Lapping Up

Taiwan's climbing commodity prices have left the frozen snacks market in doldrums across the board. Yet DuRoyal has bucked the trend, recording 20 percent sales growth. What is its secret formula?

Curves, OSIM

Storming Opposite Ends of Taiwan's Fitness Market

In Taiwan's intensely competitive health product market, positioning is crucial. Two international brands are employing antithetical strategies 'one budget-priced, the other high-end' in bids to capture the island.

Asustek's Australian Army

Building a Global Brand One Victory at a Time

Fighting to become one of the world's top brands, Asustek has deployed its managers around the world in search of new opportunities. What are their rules of engagement, and how are they able to expand Asustek's presence in new markets?

Taiwan Cement Chairman Leslie Koo

The Clocks Have Stopped, but Business Is Moving

Stinging from the deaths of his brother and father, Leslie Koo took the helm of his family?s empire, launching dramatic reform measures and an all-out assault on China. His efforts are paying off.

Conventional SMEs

Breaking the Growth Curse

These two Taiwanese SMEs have been thriving for over 35 years. What have they done to break through the growth barrier and become world-class enterprises?

Li & Fung Group

An Empire on Which the Sun Doesn't Set

After a century, the Li & Fung Group shows no sign of age. The group's unique global supply-chain management model brings together 8,300 suppliers globally in a world-class business empire.

Walsin Lihwa Corporation

Soaring on the Wave of China's Domestic Demand

One Taiwanese enterprise is beating out Chinese, Japanese and Western firms in bids for major public projects, in the process becoming the biggest supplier of steel and copper wire in China.

Taiwan's Top 500 Service Companies

Shifting Markets, Going Global

In 2006, Taiwan’s service sector suffered negative revenue growth for the first time in five years. Yet a market shift has begun to favor those enterprises with global reach.

Top 1,000: HR Strategies and Favored College Graduates

The Wish List: Sales, R&D, Quality Control

Over three-quarters of Taiwan's top 1,000 enterprises are planning to hire first-time job seekers this year. Which industries offer the highest salaries? And what qualities are they hoping to encounter in fresh recruits?

2007 Top 1000 CEO Survey

70 Percent of CEOs: Taiwan's Competitiveness Declining

Taiwan's top CEOs were dissatisfied with Taiwan's economic performance in 2006, as they continued to shift their focus overseas. What role do they foresee for Taiwan?

Taiwan's Top 1000 Enterprises

Metamorphosing to Overcome Micro Margins

While revenues rise, profits are flagging. Yet some companies are transforming themselves, with strategies that transcend the high-volume, low-margin modus operandi of conventional Taiwanese industry.

Taiwanese Executives in China

Challenges 'Greater than You Can Imagine'

What type of Taiwanese person can survive in a local Chinese company? Two businessmen share their views on the life-altering decision to work in China.

Exclusive Interview with Jason Chang

ASE's New Deployment Strategy

With an acquisition bid by Carlyle in tatters, semiconductor giant ASE is building a new strategy for expanding its operations in China.

CommonWealth's Top 50 Corporate Citizens

Around the globe, companies are making social responsibility an essential part of their business strategies. In this survey, CommonWealth unveils the most exemplary corporate citizens of Taiwan.

Actron Technology Corp.

In a Race for Precision? Start Your Engines!

As a core auto electronics component, rectifier diodes must be high quality. As Taiwan’s only manufacturer, how has Actron weathered strict scrutiny to become number three in the world?

TXC Corporation

Riding the Apple Wave

The unassuming quartz crystal is in fact the pulse of the digital products market. How did two brothers from a Taiwanese farming family break the Japanese monopoly to make TXC sixth in the world?

Posiflex Technologies

In-house or No House

From maligned OEM manufacturer to name brand, Posiflex Technologies’ all-or-nothing approach is driving the company toward a dream: becoming the Mercedes of Retail Displays.

United Microelectronics Corporation

A Capital Decrease? Good Defense, Good Offence

A capital decrease at UMC and an increase at UMC-invested HeJian Technology in China... Is UMC pulling out of Taiwan? Or does it have something else up its sleeve?

Senao International

From Minor Leaguer to Handset Titan

An exclusive deal with Chunghwa Telecom under its belt, once tiny Senao has catapulted from bit player to Taiwan’s top mobile phone handset distributor.

China Shipbuilding Corp.

The Road from Red to Black

China Shipbuilding Corp. chairman Frank Lu has led his company back from the brink of bankruptcy and toward a new beginning.