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A Container Market of Colorful Vocabularies

KUBIC, a cultural and creative market in Kaohsiung captures the eyes of both the city's visitors and residents. It is built by containers and will definitely challenge your imagination and concept of architecture.

ASE’s ‘Environmental Education’ Plan

Contributing to a Sustainable Future in Taiwan

The ASE Group has long seen “environmental education” as an essential part of a sustainable future, and the company is now a leading advocate in the field with the help of several initiatives that are raising environmental awareness.

Saving the Fat Kids

Children in Taiwan can get their hands on french fries, fried chicken and pearl milk tea at any time. Now, one in four elementary school kids is obese.

Pop Group Mayday

Heating Up Taiwan's Concert Industry

Hundreds of thousands of fans make the pilgrimage to Mayday's concerts each year, bringing in hundreds of millions of Taiwan dollars. Mayday's success is due in no small part to the backing of its 100-strong support staff.

The Post-90 Generation

Managing Those Difficult Young Workers

Averse to authority and often prodigal, the youngest crop of employees in Taiwan and China is giving companies grief. What managerial lessons are essential as enterprises approach the generational precipice?

Guangwu Junior High School

Fighting Upstream

Once known as a "gangster school," Hsinchu's Guangwu Junior High School has turned to "nature exploration" outings to bury its bad reputation and sell students on education.

Tainan City

Taiwan's New Cultural and Creative Mecca

Of Taiwan's biggest cities, only Tainan has insisted on preserving its historical roots and using them to draw a more creative crowd. But will that be enough for the city to regain its vitality?

Sprinna Chiang, Volunteer for the Disabled

The Unexpected Joys of Giving

In devoting her spare time to working with the blind, Sprinna Chiang has become a beacon of hope. Along the way in her journey of service she has been privy to a vision of happiness few sighted people will ever know.

Anti-Drug Counselor Wu Yu-chou

Rescuing 'Spirits in Danger'

A senior military instructor leads a 21-day extreme expedition up eight of Taiwan's most challenging mountains. The goal: to change the lives of troubled youths caught up in drug abuse.

'Linking Our Lives'

Lucie Cheng – May Her Spirit Live On

Reaping a Golden Harvest Award, the Diane Ying film Linking Our Lives pays tribute to a Taiwanese scholar who inspired a generation.

Jingmei Girls' Tug-of-War Team

The Long Haul to Glory

Fourteen teenage girls, their features still childlike but their hands callused like construction workers, have shown the grit it takes to beat the most formidable athletes from around the globe.

Music Festival Economy Blossoms

Taiwan's annual "Spring Scream" music festival kicks off in Kenting on April 4. With a million visitors attending 20 such music festivals annually, an enormous spring-summer business op is blooming.

Confessions of a Married Businessman

What's Left without the Love?

Does marriage become just a thankless chore once the love has gone out of it? Is marriage a burden that's just too much to bear in life? Or is marriage a sacred path to life fulfillment? What does a guy who's made a big name for himself in the world of business see as the essential truth behind marriage?

Taipei's Heti Elementary School

Making Things Better – Kids Take Charge

From too much dog poop on the lawns to insufficient tap water, a group of Taipei grade school students are proving daily through their actions that they can rely on their own efforts to make life on campus better.

Jhuang-Wei Elementary School

Buddy System Teaches Concern

Under the "hand in hand" buddy system at Jhuang-Wei Elementary School in Taiwan's Yilan County, the younger kids learn to adapt, third- and fourth-graders learn independence, and the older kids learn to take care of others.

Taiwanese Comic Book Industry

Manhua Momentum

Despite a dauntingly challenging market, a growing number of Taiwanese comic artists have found prominence at international festivals. How can they break beyond the barriers and make their mark in the profitable world of comics and animation?

Building Esprit de Corps

Wowprime Tackles Everest

At first blush, climbing up to the world’s highest mountain seems completely unrelated to a corporate performance. But when Wowprime chairman Steve Day took a team of top employees on an expedition challenging their stamina and will, what insights did they take back with them?

Tiger Tactics of the Rich

Give Kids the Gift of Hardship

Children who grow up pampered, praised and protected often turn into self-indulgent, helpless adults. But as many of the most prosperous families have learned, kids who endure hardship can take setbacks in their stride.

An Extreme Test of Will and Endurance

Witnessing a Rite of Passage on Mt. Dawu

What do 18 year-olds know about hardship? What kind of rite of passage can have a lifetime impact? Pingdong County's Mt. Dawu treks are an extreme test of physical ability and willpower, a study in humility and the true meaning of cooperation.

Lunar New Year Traditions

The Many Faces of New Year's Feasts

Some Lunar New Year traditions are being left behind by modern society, but few Taiwanese can resist their memories of the holiday's flavors and smells.

Felice Chen

Elegant Simplicity: Coco Chanel in the Kitchen

Insisting on light, healthy food and warm hospitality, former banker Felice Chen cooks up deceptively simple dishes with complex flavors that dazzle the taste buds.

Lee Chien-lung's New Year Specialty:

Fish Head Braised in Chili Sauce

Coming from an old family of New Taipei, bureaucrat Lee Chien-lung shares the dishes that take pride of place on his Lunar New Year table, and what makes them meaningful.

The Spirit of Craftsmanship

Vocational Education on the Rebound

More and more students with good grades are deciding to enroll in Taiwan’s vocational schools, pursuing personal interests rather than attending a school for its academic prestige. These assertive students are challenging established teaching practices, and perceptions.

Formosan Landlocked Salmon

Bringing ‘Nbang' Home

The ancient wisdom of coexistence between land, salmon and man is being reinvigorated through the cooperative efforts of Shei-Pa National Park and a local elementary school, as sustainable environmental education takes root.

Mount Ali Tea Plantations

Farewell, Monoculture

After Typhoon Morakot triggered massive landslides last summer, Taiwan's tea farmers have begun to rethink their relationship with nature, interspersing trees among their tea plants to benefit the soil and the local ecosystem.