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AIT Chairman James F. Moriarty:

Those who Play by the Rules will be our Partners

James F. Moriarty, chairman of the board of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), took out time during a recent visit to Taiwan to discuss bilateral relations, U.S. trade policy and foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific region under President Donald Trump.

From Reading to Literacy

Reading and Writing – An Antiquated Way of Thinking?

Many teachers ask their students to put their phones down. But is that the only thing educators should do to keep up with the 21st century? Meet Ms. Marcie Craig Post, Executive Director of International Literacy Association, in an interview after her speech in the 2017 International Reading Education Forum.

What Happened to Canada’s Economic Competitiveness?

Canada ranks 14th in the World Economic Forum's latest competitiveness rankings. Here's why

Closing in on Industry 4.0

Elevating the Internet of Things

Three Cloud-based platforms keep 300,000 elevators across the globe in line. The incorporation of augmented reality places virtual over actual reality, streamlining workflow. With the Silicon Valley innovation engine powering the way, American Industry 4.0 is quietly accelerating into the passing lane.

Interview with Michael Sandel

We Need Public Discourse on Big Ethical Questions

Bestselling author of “Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?”, philosopher, & professor at Harvard University, Michael Sandel, gives a keynote speech at the Fulbright Thought Leader Forum in Taiwan on 6/2. He talks about "Leadership and Ethics" in the 21st century.

American Economist Stephen Roach

Pressure on China Bad for Business

In an interview with CommonWealth Magazine, former Morgan Stanley Asia chairman Stephen Roach talks about the economic and geopolitical risks of a Trump presidency and why taking on China may not help Trump achieve his goals.

Trump a Boon for Petrochemicals

Formosa Plastics’ Shift to America

With Donald Trump pledging to ease regulations on oil and gas businesses and a future energy secretary friendly to the industry, Taiwan’s Formosa Plastics Group is focusing its attention on the United States, perhaps to Taiwan’s detriment.

Paul Sheard:

Trumponomics Holds Potential Solutions

In an interview with CommonWealth Magazine, S&P Global Chief Economist Paul Sheard discusses the potential economic policies of incoming U.S. President Donald Trump.

American Novelist Jonathan Franzen

Challenging the Internet Age

Jonathan Franzen is known for taking on Twitter and Facebook and lamenting how reading is becoming a lost art. In this exclusive interview, Franzen talks about how reading and literature have an important role in the new digital era.

Draper University

School of the Future Challenges Limitations

Why has the Korean government sent students to Silicon Valley entrepreneurial schools? How have graduates of one such school produced 70 startup ventures in just two years?

Stanford's Shock Education

Redefining the 'Good Student'

Taiwan's rigid education system produces plenty of "good students," but here are three stories about a group of Taiwanese who found out at Stanford University that what it means to be "good" in this new era is changing.

Former Curitiba Mayor Jaime Lerner

In Search of City Dwellers' Dreams

In the 1970s, an idealistic architect and urban planner named Jaime Lerner became mayor of Curitiba, Brazil, and employed a "culture of speed" to give his city a facelift.


Brazil's Easiest City to Live In

At the Rio+20 Earth Summit in June, Curitiba won a Global Green City Award, and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called it a model of sustainable development. How has it won such acclaim?

San Francisco

Rebuilding Faster by Going Slow

Cities are rushing to reinvent themselves to get an edge, but San Francisco's 40-year revitalization program proves that time is a necessary cost of urban renewal.

Talent, Technology, Innovation

America's Three Crowning Jewels

The USA is showing signs of decline, but it still has a few cards up its sleeve that are helping it maintain its elevated political and economic status around the globe.

America Gone Astray

The Crushing of the 'American Dream'

The promise of the American dream was a good job, a good education and a good home, but that's no longer the case. Who's responsible for stealing it away?

Superpower on the Skids

Collision of the Two Americas

The American dream is turning into a nightmare, with disheartening levels of inequality, unemployment and homelessness. In this eyewitness report, CommonWealth Magazine visits the USA, in what may be its final days at the top.

Germany's Economic Resilience

The Ants Battle Back

In Aesop's Fables, the hardworking ant has plenty of stores for the winter. With its legendary diligence, Germany has staged comebacks following many downturns in the past. What are the secrets to its resilience?

The G2 – China and the U.S.

Tango on the Top Rung

In as little as a decade, China will eclipse the U.S. as the world's biggest economy. As America shares its superpower status with China, their often contradictory rivalry is becoming a decisive factor in the fate of Taiwan, and the world.

The Industrial Standards Battle

China Sets the Rules – How to Win the Game?

Promoting its own standards and rewriting the game rules across a range of industries, China hopes to go head-to-head with the leading standards of the West. Once China can "call the shots," how can Taiwan reap the rewards?

Brazil's Yim King Po

From Immigrant Rags to IT Riches

Brazilian immigrant Yim King Po grew up poor, but he parlayed a keen eye for emerging trends, the advantage of local knowledge, and multinational connections into a top position in Brazil's information services market.

Biofuel Bonanza

Brazil's Sugarcane King

Ethanol is emerging as a major global energy source, one Taiwan can ill afford to overlook. And as the sprawling domain of this Brazilian tycoon attests, sugarcane can be a source of sweet fortune.

Taiwanese Business Frontier

Brazil Beckons

Already an important source of the world's raw materials, Brazil is taking shape as a new frontier of business opportunity, an increasingly important market for companies, and fertile soil for enterprising Taiwanese business people.

The Taiwanese Cowboys of Brazil

Taking the Profits by the Horns

Amidst global food shortages, Brazil's fertile soil produces a bountiful blessing. It is here that Taiwanese entrepreneur Jerry Huang steered his way toward a business that is rooted and sustainable.

The Flip Side of Happiness

The Two Faces of Finland

One of the world’s happiest countries also has one of the world’s highest suicide rates. Behind Finland's contented national visage, what remains unknown to us?

Kingston Technology President John Tu

Changing the lives of 150 American Students

John Tu and his company, Kingston Technology, have long been the stuff of legends. Now, having drawn the attention of Hollywood, another of Tu’s legends is showing in theaters all over the world.