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World Economic Forum

3 Things Every Company Can Do to Benefit from Digital Disruption

Digital disruption brought by critical innovation reshapes the whole landscape of various industries, eliminating companies that fail to adapt. How do companies survive and succeed in these events?

Mining Gold in Cyberspace

The Explosion of the Data Economy

In the 20th century, having oil meant having power and influence. In the 21st century, data has supplanted oil as the resource of choice. But having it isn’t enough. What is it that is separating the winners from the also-rans in this data-driven age?

World Economic Forum

Is the Age of Management Over?

Facing the challenges of modern economy, trying to control people in a corporate environment can be counterproductive.

The One Mistake That Can Destroy Startups

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, is ranked second on Fortune’s list of the World’s 50 Greatest Leaders. Here he shares his insight on management and also points out a crucial mistake that startups should be avoiding.

Why Being Too Intelligent Might Make You a Worse Leader?

People often regard leaders as the smartest or most intelligent, however, researchers recently found that highly intelligent leaders have struggled to adopt the best leadership practices.

Unicorn CEO Johnny Shih

Lesson Learned: Talent Trumps All

Like many young Taiwanese entrepreneurs, this CEO of a men’s skin care company had to break out of his shell to find his way and now hopes to create an environment in Taiwan that values talent more highly and dares to reach out into the world.

Meet Horace Luke – Founder of Gogoro

'Young People Can, They Just Don’t Have The Stage'

Born in Hong Kong, raised in USA, the founder of the most potential Taiwan-based unicorn startup tells you how he led his team to the global stage.

2017 Gurus Forum In Taiwan

The Secrets Of The Hidden Champions

What can we learn from the Hidden Champions? What potential danger is threatening Taiwan in the global competition? See how professor Hermann Simon, elected as the most influential management thinker after Peter Drucker, reveals the secrets of the Hidden Champions in 2017 Gurus Forum in Taiwan.

The World's Best Employers in 2017

Google’s parent company Alphabet is the best employer in the world, according to Statista and Forbes data

Home-care Robots and Traffic-beating Apps

The Brave New World of AI

AI has the power to benefit all of humanity - but only if we use it well.

Middle East and North Africa

These Startups Are Changing the Arab World

Startups and young entrepreneurs are one of the key factors to improve the state of the Arab world and the future ahead of them can be full of potential. How do they find the way to success amid the region's current geopolitical conflicts?

The Gamer Generation

Changing the World through Entertainment

Do we have to be dead serious to change the world? A group of young people in Taiwan are convinced there are fun, entertaining ways to make the world a better place.

Ta Chyuan Treasure Pig Industry Co., Ltd.

Raising Pigs with a Good Conscience

Ta Chyuan Treasure Pig Industry is showing that pork from humanely raised pigs can be a commercial hit while offering a “safe” choice in a market that has been plagued by food safety scandals.

Lettuce Empire

Crafting a Winning ‘Food Safety’ Formula

The Taiwan Lettuce Village’s modern practices are redefining how to grow, harvest and store fresh produce. After conquering Taiwan, the company’s iceberg lettuce is now making waves on the global stage.

Keeping Taiwanese Pop Culture Alive

At a time when China is gaining dominance in Chinese-language pop culture, KKBox has chosen a new approach, launching cultural and entertainment platform “KKFarm” to give fledgling Taiwanese cultural and creative firms the chance to flourish.

The PRD Megacity

Taiwanese Startups Flock to Pearl River Delta

The Pearl River Delta, which outshines other areas in terms of startup support, is luring young Taiwanese entrepreneurs with attractive incentives.

Taking on Hollywood

China Dreaming Big on Movies

From buying Hollywood talent and acquiring movie theater chains around the world to protecting its home market, China is intent on becoming a powerhouse in the global film and video industry and setting the agenda on video content.

New Media “Luogic”

Raking in NT$1.3B with Online Talkshow

Even with open curricula and Internet-based direct broadcasts available in China, a paid subscription knowledge platform has attracted 1.5 million users and garnered NT$1.3 billion in annual revenue. How has it done it?

Monetizing Knowledge

The Next Internet Craze

Live streaming has not provided the payout many anticipated, but a new model has emerged in China that could fill in the gap – paid subscription knowledge sharing platforms. How have they been able to rise to prominence?

Simon Sinek

What Does It Mean to Be a Good Leader?

Each day our world is constantly changing and becomes more competitive. Good leaders brings their teams toward progress and success. However, what does it really mean to be a good leader? World-class author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek might have an answer.

Golden Service Awards : Pinkoi

Selling Creativity, Custom Recommendations

Why is business booming for Pinkoi in countries around the world? Using a recommendations function and analyzing consumer preferences to target their needs, the company acts as a bridge between supply and demand to successfully navigate the intense competition of the e-commerce space.

Clayton Christensen

Breaking the Trap of Ultimate Failures

Clayton Christensen, who is a professor of Harvard Business School and known for his famous theory of "disruptive innovation", came to give a speech in Taipei under the joint invitation from CommonWealth Magazine and NTHU.

Alex Osterwalder

The Essence and Strategy of Innovation

Starting a business is easy, but continuing to make profits is really difficult. Many enterprise operators are afraid of innovations, because once the existing business model is altered, it will be hard to expect profits. Then, what is the key and strategy for companies to innovate successfully?

Ford Lio Ho Motor Company

Can NT$4B Buy a Comeback?

Its days as Taiwan’s automobile sales leader long past, Ford Lio Ho is now investing NT$4 billion in manufacturing upgrades. Can these efforts bring back the glory days?

Jane Chi, chair of Chaheng Precision

The Heroine of Taiwan’s Aviation Industry

Growing up, she dreamt of becoming a knight in shining armor defending the weak and downtrodden. As an adult, she worked to save mold maker Chaheng Precision Co. Ltd. from bankruptcy, transforming the conventional company into a Tier-1 supplier for the world’s leading aircraft makers.

Turning ‘Fans’ into ‘Customers’

Marketing in an Age of Virtual Echo Chambers

Internet technology has facilitated the rise of social media “tribes” that promote their own ideas or interests through highly insulated “echo chambers.” How can marketers penetrate these social media groups to turn “fans” into customers?

Ecological Aquaculture

Giving Our Seas a Break

A milkfish farm in Kaohsiung has found success with ecological aquaculture, using mostly all-natural feed. Its experience has raised hopes that eco-friendly fish farming can maintain supplies while allowing our exhausted seas to catch their breath.

China Medical University Hospital

Doctors Use 3D Printed Models to Plan Surgeries

With the advance of medical technology, physicians need to communicate not only with patients but also with engineers. The definition of “professional" now includes being able to apply new technologies and keep up with technological progress.

Surround Sound from a Mobile Phone

Tricking the Brain into Hearing in Stereo

Four young people from Taiwan have created in the U.S. a breakthrough sound technology for producing stereo sound using a mobile phone, all without external speakers. Here's how they've done it.

Eslite Group Vice Chairman Mercy Wu

A Chinese Brand Formed by Shared Values

Mercy Wu, vice chairman of the Eslite Group, shares Eslite’s approach to adapting to change in some cases and holding on in others.

Rolling Out

Figure Out Your Own World View

Four young women have designed a mission card that tasks people to summon the courage to get to know the world on a deeper level through travel.

Terry Gou Invests in Bio-med Devices

Hon Hai founder and chairman Terry Gou has donated huge sums for the establishment of a cancer treatment center as the company moves into the biomedical engineering industry.

Kai-fu Lee :

Old KPI Models Stifle Innovation

Venture capitalist Kai-fu Lee believes the new wave of startups by young entrepreneurs will disrupt established business models, and he argues in this interview that the power of youth should be feared and respected.

CID Group's Steven Chang

Integration: Taiwan's Next Big Opportunity

Steven Chang's CID Group has been Taiwan's most successful venture capital firm for nearly a decade. As he looks to the future, what are his latest strategies, and what investment opportunities does he see in Taiwan?

KKBox Founder Chris Lin

Entrepreneurship Decoded

What are the secrets of Taiwan's new-generation entrepreneurs? Management professor Ji-Ren Lee launches a dialogue with online music provider Chris Lin, to unravel the enigma of startup success.

Entrepreneurship Survey

Kick-starting the Dream

Nearly three out of four Taiwanese want to start their own business. But how does ambition differ from reality? CommonWealth Magazine compares the expectations of the public with the experiences of ten top entrepreneurs.

Taiwan's Future Leaders

Building Their Own Stages to Shine On

The future belongs to those who create their own opportunities. CommonWealth Magazine looks at some of the future leaders who will reshape Taiwan in the years to come.

Triumph Taiwan

Beating the Heat with Cool Textiles

Using a groundbreaking new cooling fabric, an international undergarment brand has unveiled a new collection that's completely Made in Taiwan – from materials to R&D to production to international marketing.

Indonesian Magnate Mochtar Riady:

'When Everyone Gets Out, I Go In'

This prominent ethnic Chinese Indonesian tycoon has written the book on the art of mixing business and politics. How exactly has he created his legend?

Taiwan's Recycling Industry

Profits Mount for Green Giants

Newly ascendant recycling businesses are no longer simply selling scrap, but extracting prized materials like gold, in the process becoming one of the stronger concept stocks bucking the downturn.

On Top of the e-Commerce World

Jack Ma's helps 45 millions SMEs sell their goods in the global marketplace. Now he wants to help SMEs take their businesses even further.

Taiwan's Most Admired Entrepreneurs

Barry Lam's Star on the Rise

CommonWealth Magazine's list of Taiwan's 10 "Most Admired Entrepreneurs" has seen its biggest upheaval in 15 years after the country's legendary “god of management” passed away.

Tung Ho Steel

A Dozen Years Forging a Successor

In this exclusive interview, Tung Ho president Earle Ho and his son Henry discuss the challenges of leadership succession, and the pluses and minuses of an owner serving as CEO.

TSMC's Morris Chang:

I'm Willing to Start from Scratch

Morris Chang has returned to the helm of TSMC. In this exclusive interview, he ponders the questions on everyone's mind: How will this veteran executive stabilize the company and help it surmount barriers to continued growth?

From Lighting to Delighting

Embracing the irreversible transition from incandescent light bulbs to LEDs, Philips secured itself an excellent position by buying up a number of leading players in the lighting industry.

Lighting Applications – The Final Battleground

The venerable century-old institution that got its start in incandescent light bulbs is plunging into the new era of LED lighting. Using a clever joint venture model, OSRAM is deploying around the globe.

Sophia Tong

Pollinating B&Q with IBM Concepts

Former IBM general manager Sophia Tong is one of a new wave of executives taking on new challenges. How will she transfer her IBM experience to a new industry and what impact can she have?

David Wei

A 'Jack-of-all-Trades' Wins Over Any Customer

With an organizational style where everyone is a jack-of-all-trades, Taipei Inn Group vice general manager David Wei has conjured an occupancy-rate miracle.

The Power of Intelligence

Senao: Master of Half the Handset Market

Meticulous intelligence on retail sales, inventory, and product maintenance have allowed cell phone vendor Senao to cut costs, get a clear picture of consumer preferences, and become Taiwan's largest handset distributor.

Taiwan's Young Niche Entrepreneurs

Red on Tree: Jam with a Taiwanese Accent

In their quest to make jam, three 20-somethings were determined to use locally grown fruit not really suitable for the task, and ultimately created amazing new flavors.

Taiwan's Young Niche Entrepreneurs

Shokay: Yak Hair Goes to Paris

Two young women with a dream of helping impoverished communities have turned yak hair from western China into a luxury fabric and provided herdsmen in the area with a sustainable income.

Taiwan's Young Niche Entrepreneurs

Eztable: Making a Dime on Dining Reservations

Five food-loving young people are making money by matching hungry diners online with restaurants looking for guests. Even five-star hotels are paying for their services.

Taiwan's Young Niche Entrepreneurs

Pinzaan: Designer Chair Makes Web Buzz

Fubon Group

The Art of Expanding during a Downturn

Often dismissed as overly conservative, Fubon now stands out for daring to expand when others contract, becoming the first Taiwanese financial institution to set up shop in China.

D-Link Systems Inc.

Turning Third World Soil into Solid Gold

While most Taiwanese companies are focused solely on the U.S., Europe and China, D-Link has been intensively cultivating Third World markets. What is their singular strategy for working alchemy in the wilderness?

Innovation and Resolve

Taiwan's Most Admired Entrepreneurs

The ranks of Taiwan's top ten most respected business leaders are filled with familiar faces this year – legends of industry sharing certain qualities that have led to great success.

Taiwan's Eco-friendly Industry

Green Is Gold

For Taiwan's top conglomerates, green industry is rapidly becoming the new cash cow. No longer on the fringe, environmental protection is now a critical consideration impacting sales and brand image.

Gearing Up for a Global Battle

A dying brand six years ago, Acer is on the rebound with a vengeance. What strategies have made it the world's No. 2 in notebook PCs and No. 3 in desktops?

Fubon Land Development

A Dual Strategy's Quiet Success

At a time when expectations for Taiwan's housing market are sky high, Fubon Land is sitting on the sidelines, remaining faithful to a strategy that has delivered results.

Government R&D Aids Private Enterprise

The Aroma Returns to Yuchih Tea

Researchers at a government-run tea farm in central Taiwan are using a long-forgotten variety of black tea to revive a farming town's former glory.

Citizen Economy on the Rise

Modern Management Milks an Agro Cash Cow

Armed with just a middle school education, Lee Chuan-tian applies business management models and automated cultivation to provide livelihoods for more than 200.

Citizen Economy on the Rise

Fallow Fields Yield Organic Gold

With the latest inventory efficiency system and an illiterate management approach, Tenha Organic Farm is giving new hope to out-of-work elderly farmers.

Citizen Economy on the Rise

Flowers in the Badlands

In rural Neimen Township, one cooperative is soaring on exports of flaming red flamingo lilies, and offering alternative employment to an erstwhile hog heaven

Taiwan's Breakfast Business

A Mouth-watering Market

In Taiwan, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, and even furniture giant IKEA are inventing new ways to seize on the appeal of breakfast. What’s on the plate for this ever-popular meal?

Cashing In on the Security Craze

This once faltering multimedia technology firm took a bold turn into little-charted terrain, and emerged as the world?s second largest webcam maker.

Evergreen Marine Chairman Y.F. Chang

Visionary at the Helm

With 176 vessels plying the world’s oceans, Evergreen is a truly global Taiwanese conglomerate. The green-friendly vision of Chairman Y.F. Chang has helped it claim a popular niche in a cutthroat field.

HTC CEO Peter Chou

Taking On the Toughest Job

From smartphones to PDA phones with Windows CE, to cell phones with the new Android platform, HTC has always been first. The secret is taking the path of greatest resistance.

Keen High Technologies Co.

Loyalty and Honesty Build an MP3 Empire

Hardly anyone has heard of this obscure Taiwanese-invested company in China. Yet Keen High, whose turnover has increased eightfold in just three years, makes portable MP3 players for most of the world?s global brands...

I-Stone Jewelry Co.

A Tale of Transformation

How did I-Stone grow from a small family workshop in Keelung County, Taiwan to a 1,100-store franchise in China, beating out Swarovski as the favorite of brand of Chinese youth?

Major Challenges in a New Year

Taiwanese Businesses in China Face New Barriers

China will no longer be a gold-digger?s paradise after it implements seven new policies in 2008 that may alter how foreign-invested firms do business there.

Innovative Asustek Stuns the World

The Lion Shows it Can Dance

Having made an impressive debut in the sub-notebook market with the introduction of Eee PC, will Asustek get an additional boost from splitting its contract manufacturing and branded businesses?

From Handset Hero to Internet Media Master?

From rain boots to TV sets to today’s omnipresent cell phones, Nokia has always been ready to transform itself. Now it’s taking aim at the massive Internet services market.

Augmentum CEO Leonard Liu

Birthing a Trans-Pacific Start-up

Instead of retiring, former IBM exec Leonard Liu has started a software firm, and is already outsourcing for Microsoft, Intel and Motorola. But according to his vision, this is just the beginning…

TaiMed Biologics

Taiwan's Biotech Dream Team

A group of luminaries from science and business have launched a company they believe will propel Taiwan's biotechnology sector into the global arena.

Taiwan's Expatriate Scientists Return

Biotechnology's Golden Age Unfolds

Top scholars returning from abroad are contributing skills honed over their lifetimes to make the biotechnology sector Taiwan's next miracle.

Exclusive Interview with Dr. David Ho

Success that Money Can Measure

Renowned researcher David Ho talks of the significance of his new biotech venture, the importance of making a contribution, and the definition of success.

Enabler of Happiness: Kaohsiung County's Chiu-hsing Yang

The Flamingo Lily Miracle

Southern Taiwan's Kaohsiung County is harnessing sophisticated farming techniques and tourism marketing to optimize its agricultural and fishing resources.

TSMC Chairman Morris Chang

Why Are Taiwanese Companies Undervalued?

The Price-Earnings Ratios of Taiwan's listed companies remain discounted internationally. A number of substantive steps can be taken to make the island?s corporations truly world-class, and raise the appraisal of Taiwan.

ScinoPharm Taiwan

Sweet Success... at Long Last

After eight years of fruitless endeavor, ScinoPharm Taiwan is turning a profit. But for CEO Jo Shen, these rewards are no fluke, but the result of meticulous planning.

Acquisition of Gateway

Acer Shows Its Teeth

With its acquisition of Gateway, Acer has made its presence felt in the U.S. market, snatched the world number-three position from rival Lenovo, and declared itself a truly global enterprise.

Taiwanese Enterprises in Southeast Asia

Second Wave Southward

Li & Fung Group

An Empire on Which the Sun Doesn't Set

After a century, the Li & Fung Group shows no sign of age. The group's unique global supply-chain management model brings together 8,300 suppliers globally in a world-class business empire.

Walsin Lihwa Corporation

Soaring on the Wave of China's Domestic Demand

One Taiwanese enterprise is beating out Chinese, Japanese and Western firms in bids for major public projects, in the process becoming the biggest supplier of steel and copper wire in China.

Exclusive Interview

Innovation Authority Dan Steinbock

Globalization is the lifeline of small countries, and compared to Nordic countries, Taiwan is not all that small... Author and professor Dan Steinbock shares some surprising viewpoints.

Beyond OEM, Straight to the World

Taiwan's SMEs are beginning to evolve away from their traditionally passive roles as contract manufacturers, aggressively redefining their position in the global supply chain.

To Go or Not to Go

Taiwanese Professionals Eye China

Global competition is compelling young Taiwanese to grapple with the sticky issue of job prospects across the Taiwan Strait. But while the opportunities may be abundant, what are the tradeoffs?

Chinese Petroleum and China Steel

Making Money by Cutting Carbon

The two industrial giants Chinese Petroleum and China Steel have born the blame for Kaohsiung City's world-topping carbon emissions. Now, their aggressive carbon-cutting efforts are helping the environment, and making them money too.

Cheng Loong Corp.

Papermaker Turns Bad Rep into Pulp Fiction

The paper industry is notorious for consuming energy. But Taiwanese paper manufacturer Cheng Loong has voluntarily cut greenhouse gas emissions, joining the vanguard of Taiwan's green revolution.

Motech Solar

Riding a 30-year Wave of Growth

Between 2003 and 2006 Motech Solar maintained annual growth of 70 to 80 percent. This year it is poised to join the ranks of the world's top five solar cell suppliers. How bright is solar's future?

Making LED Patents Shine on the World Stage

How has a tiny company with just ten employees captured the fancy of global lighting heavyweights? What breakthrough innovations does ISTI bring to the LED field?

Epistar Corporation

Manufacturing Prowess + Patents = Global Primacy

Can a “two-legged” strategy help Epistar Corporation become the UMC of the trillion-NT-dollar LED industry?

Anti-warming Industry

Taiwan Carves Out a Piece of the Green Pie

As petroleum prices keep rising, solar energy and LED lighting offer tremendous alternative potential. Riding high on the tide, Taiwanese enterprises are jockeying for position to profit off global warming.

C.Y. Kao:

Making Money the Proper Way

The chairman of Uni-President, renowned for its contributions to disaster relief and aid to impoverished communities, shares his insights on balancing responsibilities to shareholders and the public interest.

Yin-chun Wei:

Creating Work for the Next Generation

Yin-chun Wei, head of the Ting Hsin business empire, shares his passion for personnel training and grassroots education, in China and Taiwan.