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World Economic Forum

The 2008 Financial Crisis Had Some Long-Term Effects You Might Not Have Expected

A decade after the 2008 financial crisis, the effects go much deeper than just economic stability.

Security Cameras Everywhere

The Price of Convenience?

Recent international media reports have revealed the depths of China’s surveillance and social credit system, like something out of the dystopian science fiction series Black Mirror. Just this July, Singapore was the target of the worst cyber attack in its history, resulting in the compromise of over a million patients’ records. When the development of smart cities is completed, what kind of future will we face?

Saving Panel Makers Billions

ITRI’s Liquid Crystal Recycling Breakthrough

Taiwanese LCD display makers generate large volumes of scrap screens that have been buried in landfills or crushed into pellets for use in construction. But Taiwan’s ITRI has stunned the world by finding a way to bring discarded panels back to life.

Gita Gopinath

IMF's First Female Chief Economist

IMF director Christine Lagarde appointed Harvard Professor Gita Gopinath, whose work has long challenged conventional thinking on international finance. She will be IMF's very first female chief economist.

Andriod is 10 Years Old

How Android Captured the Smartphone Market

The Android operating system (OS) was born into a fragmented smartphone world filled with infant OS competitors fighting for dominance. Remember Symbian, which ran on millions of Nokia phones? Of course there was Blackberry, a company that in 2010 boasted more market share than iOS. This is the story of how Android managed to take over the smartphone market.

Opinion: How Western Entrepreneurs Can Make It in Asia

An initial question for a wannabe-Western entrepreneur would be: "Where in Asia do I want to build a business?" A careless answer could be whichever economy is growing the fastest. However, a more thoughtful approach would consider how fast an economy is expanding and in what way.