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What Keeps Taipei 101 Steady During Earthquakes and Typhoons?

The giant golden ball prevented people inside the skyscraper from harm or discomfort during earthquakes and typhoons.

What Happens to Hon Hai if Terry Gou Runs for President?

On April 17, Hon Hai Group chairman Terry Gou dropped a bombshell, announcing his intention to run for president. Once Chairman Gou becomes candidate Gou, he is sure to distance himself from Hon Hai to some degree. But can Hon Hai really afford to let Terry Gou “walk away” in its current state? And who else can take the helm of the Hon Hai empire?

Guest-Writer's Submission

Why the Asia-Pacific is Prime for dApp Development

Blockchain developers are working in 669 startups in the Asia-Pacific, with successful examples of smart contracts being implemented in fruit supply chains, logistics, renting free disk space. Why are Asia-Pacific (APAC) countries among the global leaders in dApp development?

A Drive from the Netherlands to Australia Without Gas

It took Wiebe Wakker three years to drive across 31 countries in an electric car.

Cayman Islands Moves to Tax Letterbox Companies

Taiwanese Entrepreneurs on Edge

With a population of just 45,000, the Caymans Islands house more than 100,000 Taiwanese letterbox companies with tax-free status. However, earlier this year, the tax haven enacted “economic substance” legislation that requires offshore companies to prove that they actually derive their income from business in the island territory or pay tax.

CommonWealth Finance Weekly

Is Zero Consumer Inflation a Good Thing?

Consumer inflation has grown at a miniscule 0.2% since the beginning of this year. Even the Chinese New Year in February, which is commonly associated with shopping frenzy and soaring prices, failed to make more than a bump. Declining consumer confidence and decreasing exports indicate Taiwan may be at risk of heading into a recession.