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Life & Style
Three Recommended Routes

Flower Viewing in Taipei

Taiwan may have blazing hot summers, but its mild weather in other seasons allows flowers to bloom year-round. From January through the spring, there are many places to see flowers in Taipei, and flower festivals abound.

How Taiwan’s Forestry Bureau Created Unexpected Buzz with an Artsy Calendar

The Forestry Bureau used to commission its annual calendar as a promotional give-away to non-government organizations, schools and government institutions. But during the past two years, the calendars suddenly became so sought-after that even urgently ordered reprints were immediately sold out. Few would have guessed that a civil servant was the mastermind behind this successful publicity campaign.

World Economic Forum

Religious Violence is on The Rise

What can faith-based communities do about it?


A Dutch Wife and Taiwanese Mother’s Letter to Her Unborn Child

Yizhuo L. is always being suspected by her Dutch in-laws of trying to turn their only grandson Taiwanese, or being hounded by her own parents to make sure the heritage of traditional Chinese culture is not lost in her son. She teaches Chinese to foreign students and embraces sinology while bring bombarded by cultural differences. Right now, her greatest challenge is nurturing her cross-cultural marriage.

Nojima Tsuyoshi Column

Tokyo’s Kabukicho - City of the Taiwanese

Who would have thought that three Taiwanese people would be instrumental to the establishment and growth of Japan’s number one red light district? Not only is this true, but it points to the considerable role certain Taiwanese quietly played in Japan’s overall post-war history.

Certain Commuters Stuck in Traffic 8 Days a Year

Ask any motorist about traffic congestion and they will regale you with tales of long queues, wasted time, and mounting frustration. It’s a global problem with some of the world’s greatest cities also being home to some of the world’s greatest traffic jams.