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Earth Already Has a Perfect Recycling System

Food packaging is vital for extending shelf lives and reducing food waste - but it is adding to our plastic crisis. Could new, biodegradeable plant-based materials have the answer?

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German Millennial Launches Food-Saving Movement in Taiwan

Save Food to Stop Wastage 

What should we do with surplus food? Tossing food into the bin is wasteful, but how can it be donated to people who need or want it? German research assistant Stefan Simon is promoting foodsharing in Taiwan, not only to reduce food waste, but also for the sake of a more sustainable environment.

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World Economic Forum

The Best Countries To Retire In

International Living magazine recently released its latest Annual Global Retirement Index, which lists the top 10 destinations for would-be retirees who want to get away from it all. The survey looks at a number of factors affecting quality of life in each place including climate, local lifestyle, cost of living, healthcare, visa and residency requirements and how easy it is for newcomers to fit in once they arrive.

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A Year of Weaving in Taiwan

“We don’t have any form of writing at Iwan. This is our true text, a living one, ” says an elderly woman as she prepared food for an Amis festival in Iwan in Taitung county.

What to Explore in Taichung

Planning to take a visit to Taiwan’s “Second City” of art, leisure & quirky venues? Located right in the middle of Taiwan’s western coast, Taichung is a quick train ride from either end of the island and offers a serious art and culture scene and some great options for activities and snacking. Here are Taiwan Scene’s suggestions for a Dozen Things to Do in Taichung.

A Southern Taiwan University with a Vision

Cultivating Overseas Talent to Build Bridges to the World

How have more than 400 students from 46 countries around the globe come to study in Pingtung? What makes the Department of Tropical Agriculture and International Cooperation so special?