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Smiling Taiwan 319+

Smiling Taiwan 319+
Layers of Beauty in Daily Life

Chai Chai: More than a Postman

Some places in Taiwan leave deep imprints in the minds of the people who have lived there.

The Hawks of Kenting

As the autumn winds begin to blow, so come the migratory hawks. Head south to Kenting to glimpse them soaring magnificently across the sky, and enjoy a peaceful autumn afternoon soaking in a hot spring fit for a Japanese prince.

Smiling Taiwan 319+
Tainan City

Sowing the Seeds of Dreams

As more and more cultural immigrants plant their roots in Tainan, Taiwan's first capital city is slowly emerging as the island's creative and cultural Mecca.

Smiling Taiwan 319+
Taipei Station

A Hint of Manhattan

Once merely a place of transit from one destination to another, Taipei Station has become a glamorous venue to stop and enjoy in its own right.

Smiling Taiwan 319+
The Old House Inn in Tainan

Old House, New Soul

After Kyle Hsieh lovingly converted his old family home into a vacation rental, it quickly became a hit with travelers from Taiwan and abroad. Retro is now contemporary, and the past is the latest fashion.

Smiling Taiwan 319+
Ah-Lang of Kenting

Barefoot through the Mountains and Surf

In the course of a single day, this Kenting native may surf in the ocean and lecture on forest ecology in a national park, drawing his spiritual sustenance from the great outdoors along southern Taiwan's mountainous coast.

Smiling Taiwan 319+
O'rip Magazine Founder Wang Yu-ping

Bringing Out the Good in Life

She left a high-profile job as the events planning director for Eslite Bookstore to start a magazine in underdeveloped Hualien County. What convinced Wang Yu-ping to give up the city life?

Smiling Taiwan 319+
Catcher Technology

Elite Craftsmanship Captures Apple's Eye

CommonWealth Magazine was recently granted an exclusive peek at Catcher Technology's highly secretive Apple production line, unveiling just how Taiwan's biggest maker of metal notebook computer casings struck gold.

Smiling Taiwan 319+
Travel in Taiwan

The Six Lures Hooking Foreign Visitors

Taiwan's people seem more smitten with Europe's streetscapes and Japan's culture than their country's own beauty. But CommonWealth Magazine has identified six major lures that overseas visitors have come to appreciate.

Smiling Taiwan 319+
Travel in Taiwan

Understated Splendors

With its charming mix of old and new, its stunning scenery and mouth-watering food, Taiwan has become the insider's favorite travel destination in Asia. But are the Taiwanese themselves aware how beautiful their island is?