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Which Are the Most Punctual Airlines?

Do you know which airline was the most punctual in 2018? And which airport had the best On-Time Performance? New statistics show Tokyo International Airport, also known as Haneda Airport, had the best On-Time Performance, and Copa Airlines SA was the most punctual.

Cash-free Future Might be Still Far Away

Millions of people in the developed world already live in a de facto cashless society. From the smart watch on your wrist to the contactless card in your wallet, being able to pay for small, everyday items without recourse to cash is fast, easy, and increasingly ubiquitous.

Big Data Led to a Spicy Chocolate Bar

Deciding which products to manufacture used to be a make-or-break skill for businesses. Now though, big data is making it much easier for companies to give customers what they want.

Top Employers Voted by Workers

What does it take to be voted the best employer in the world? Maybe it is allowing staff to take a nap during the working day, as Google does at its London office.

Globe Telecom President Ernest Cu

Traditional Telecom Firm Escapes SMS Price War by Building Trendy Brand

As other Philippine telecom service providers were still embroiled in a cut-throat price war for text messaging services, Globe Telecom had already transitioned to more innovative business models, increasing customer loyalty through free telephony services, enhancing the customer experience through guided tours and creating its own content. On the sidelines of the CommonWealth Economic Forum, Globe Telecom President Ernest Cu shared his views on leading his team and embracing a digital lifestyle.

Returning to Summit of Server Industry Kingdom

Taiwan, Unexpected Beneficiary of US-China Trade War

​​​​​​​In the midst of the U.S.-China trade war, Taiwan’s electronic industry has seen the largest wave of repatriation in its history. The server industry has re-established its base in the Greater Taoyuan-Hsinchu region, and Taiwan’s data security and technological knowhow have become critical in this “new technology Cold War.” What sort of impact will this mass relocation of the computer industry have on Taiwan’s economy? And does it signal Made in Taiwan’s return to glory?