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Nobuyuki Idei: How Technology is Changing Society

As the real economy erects trade walls, the digital economy is forging a world without national borders and upending the economic system that has gradually taken shape in the 250 years since the start of the Industrial Revolution. How technology is changing society?How artificial intelligence and robots can be integrated into daily living? How countries should respond to the challenges brought by technology? Nobuyuki Idei, Founder and CEO of Quantum Leaps and former Chairman of Sony Corporation, gives an opening speech in 2017 CommonWealth Economic Forum (CWEF).

Pekka Soini, Director General of Tekes

Government Funding Encourages Companies to Take Risks

A self-described risk taker whose philosophy rests on encouraging imagination through play might seem more like PIXAR or Tesla than a government agency. But Tekes, Finland’s state funding agency, is different.

Moving into the Iot Age

Asian Silicon Valley Set to Take Off

The Asian Silicon Valley vision of President Tsai Ing-wen is starting to take shape with the help of two Taiwan-born Silicon Valley veterans who specialize in technology development and fundraising, but many challenges remain.

FSC Vice Chairman Cheng-Mount Cheng

How Can TAIEX Overcome Low Trading Volume?

Although Taiwan stock exchange index had a strong showing in 2016, turnover and trading volume have hit a record low. In this interview, FSC Vice Chairman Cheng-Mount Cheng discusses what can be done to heal the market’s ills.

Micron Technology

A Taiwan-US Coalition?

Bullish about DRAM and Taiwan’s technological capabilities, Micron Technology is going forward with NT$120 billion acquisition of Inotera Memories, dashing the hopes of potential buyers in China.

MediaTek, Fubon and Foxconn

Lackluster Stock Market A Headache for Investors

Why is Taiwan’s stock exchange failing to retain strong, successful companies? Share prices are falling short of expectations, raising capital is difficult, and fewer promising companies are going public here.