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World Economic Forum

3 Things You Need to Know about the US-China Trade Dispute

Could a row over steel turn into a full-blown trade war?

Better to be the Head of a Dog than the Tail of a Lion

Paving a New Path in the Central African Republic

For most Taiwanese, Africa is in another world, but an intrepid group of investors is now braving high risks in the war-torn Central African Republic to carve out their own legacies.

China's Growing Influence

The Challenges of Chinese Investment in Latin America

As São Paulo hosts the World Economic Forum on Latin America 2018, it is time to consider China’s important influence on economies and business in the region since the Forum's last meeting in Brazil, in 2011.

Defending the Throne

Advantech Launches Counter Attack from Europe

Ennoconn Corporation, a member of the Hon Hai/ Foxconn Technology Group, is steadily closing in on Taiwanese industrial computer manufacturer Advantech Co. Ltd., threatening to replace it as the global No. 1. How does Advantech plan to win this battle?

Terry Gou’s U.S. Gambit

The Eagle Has Taken Off

Foxconn Technology Group Chairman Terry Gou is pressing forward with the first 10.5-generation flat panel display plant to be built on American soil. Considering the challenges, does the gambit make strategic sense?

The Legacy of Cambodia’s Tragedy

Rebuilding a Scarred Civilization

Cambodia is still grappling with the Khmer Rouge’s obliteration of its culture and civilization in the late 1970s. But for the average Cambodian, escaping poverty and building a viable economy may be more important than seeking transitional justice.