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China’s Bullet Train Network

The First-ever Underwater High-speed Railway in the World

China’s bullet train network is fast expanding, and it will soon extend under the sea. Officials in Beijing have approved construction of a 77km high-speed rail link between Ningbo, a port city south of Shanghai, to Zhoushan, an archipelago off the east coast.

World Economic Forum

Is it Real that Asia-Pacific is Especially Prone to Natural Disasters?

Humanity is faced with more natural disasters, which last longer and impact more people than ten years ago. Climate change, population growth and urbanization are contributing to an increase in both the number and severity of disasters, with the Asia Pacific region particularly badly hit. 

World Economic Forum

Why This City is Paying People to Move There

Would you move to a new city for $10,000? That’s the hope of an organisation that wants to lure workers to Tulsa in Oklahoma, as it aims to bridge a widening gulf between large metropolitan centers and smaller ones at risk of being left behind.

World Economic Forum

South Asia Can Become an Innovation Hub

South Asia has the potential to become a hub of innovation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR): with its young population well connected to new global technological developments; opportunities created by the growth of 4IR technologies; and a large, educated labour market.

Fasten Your Seatbelts

Air Travel in Asia is Taking Off

As the aviation industry continues to expand rapidly over the next two decades, growing demand for airline seats will outstrip the supply of qualified pilots. The biggest shortage will be in Asia where airlines have more new planes on order than anywhere else.

World Bank Human Capital Index 2018

These Asian Economies Invested in Their People – and It Paid Off

The new World Bank Human Capital Index highlights the benefits of investing in health and education, and the potentially dire consequences of leaving people behind.