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The Host of 2018 Asian Games 'Sinking'

Jakarta Is One of the World's Fastest Disappearing Cities

Jakarta, the host of the 2018 Asian Games (Jarkata Palembang 2018), is now in Asia's spotlight. The large city has been growing, developing...also sinking. The rising sea level caused by climate change is threatening the city's future.

Tseng Chun Hsin

How 'The Taiwan Night Market Champion' Fought to the Top

Tseng Chun Hsin, the Taiwanese boy who defeated the host country Britain's Jack Draper to win the Wimbledon boy’s singles title, has just turned 17 today (Aug. 8), having fulfilled the goal he boldly claimed three years ago—becoming a world champion.

Education in China

Testing Times: The Lifelong Cost of Top Marks

A coastal city in China is famous for its top exam results — but the intensive academic culture is grinding down teachers and students alike.

Everest Textile Co. Ltd.

Taiwanese and Local Textile Mills ‘Make Stone Soup’ Together in Forest City, North Carolina

Taiwan’s textile and apparel industry is taking advantage of new opportunities, since manufacturing in the United States cuts down on costly shipping time, smaller brands gain in popularity, and the global division of labor is reshuffled yet again.

Charting the World

Who the US and China Have Trade Disputes With

These two charts show China and the US have more than 300 disputes with different countries and trading blocks. Most of the US's trade disputes are with the E.U. Instead of China.

Self-Driving Buses

Baidu's Plan to Break Into the Japanese Market

Baidu, the Chinese tech giant is aiming to enter Japan while eyeing on several overseas market. This autonomous driving bus is one of Baidu's major steps to its international expansion.