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Politics & Society

Does the e-Mobility Wave Spell the End of Taiwan’s 28,000 Motorcycle Repair Shops?

Thirty years ago, motorbike repair shops were even more ubiquitous than convenience stores are today. The nearly 30,000 workshops were real cash cows. Now, with the advent of e-bikes, traditional mechanics feel pressure to adjust and venture into unfamiliar terrain.

Politics & Society
Can Health Insurance Boost Fertility?

The Fertility Effect of National Health Insurance in Taiwan

"Without the high level of immigration that the U.S. has traditionally enjoyed, we might have fertility problems as severe as Taiwan’s, and be facing the challenges of shrinking workforce that Taiwan is facing today—we might yet in the future."

World Economic Forum

The Benefits of Learning a Second Language

Some advantages to learning a second language are fairly obvious, but there are many others that are not so immediately apparent.

Investigative Reporting
Taiwan’s First Big Data Air Pollution Analysis

Uncovering an Emissions Controversy

Pollution data suggests Taiwan’s air quality should be getting better. But a CommonWealth Magazine investigation has found that the data may be tainted, with companies using various tactics to hide high air pollution emissions readings. 

Politics & Society
Red Candle Games

‘Devotion’ Gaming Controversy: Taiwan’s ‘Soft Power’ Meets China’s ‘Tough Power’

Heated discussion has flared up on Internet forums across Taiwan and Hong Kong in recent days after an online game contained reference to the “Xi Jinping as Winnie the Pooh” meme.

Politics & Society
Why Are Landlords Letting Property Sit Idle Instead of Lowering Rents?

Is Taipei’s East District Becoming a Ghost Town?

In mid-January, Yun Fu Lou, a well-known restaurant at East District Taipei, sent shock waves through the gourmet community with its announcement that it will shut down at the end of February. Reportedly, the restaurant, a fixture in the city’s hospitality sector for more than four decades, could not afford the pricey rent anymore. The nearby Swatch watch store ceased business at the beginning of the year, although the landlord had lowered the annual rent from NT$1.8 million to NT$1 million. Is there still hope for a revival of the once buzzing and busy East District of Taipei?