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Politics & Society

Politics & Society
Housing Justice

These Cities Have the Least Affordable Housing

Of the top 20 cities with least-affordable housing relative to income, seven are in Asia and six are in Latin America.


The Secret of the World’s Most Competitive Nation

Though Switzerland has consistently held the top spot in the Global Competitiveness Rankings by the World Economic Forum, the landlocked nation has slipped to rank 47 for enrollment in higher education. The country boasts the most internationalized universities, yet it says internationalization is not the goal.

Miao-Li A&I Vocational High School

Fostering Autonomous Learning and Critical Thinking

Who would have thought that a vocational high school in the small city of Miaoli could attract high schools from Japan and Korea to engage in exchanges in Taiwan? Miao-Li A&I develops students’ critical thinking capacities on top of honing their hands-on skills, sparking a revolution in their minds.

The One Crucial Skill Our Education System is Missing

Students will need more than tech prowess to thrive in the future.

Politics & Society
Wooing Taiwan's Independence-Minded Youth

Can Xi’s ‘National Treatment’ Strategy Work?

A continued stalemate appears to be on the horizon for official cross-strait relations following the 19th Chinese Communist Party Congress. Yet it is worth watching to see how far such substantive measures as “national treatment” aimed at facilitating cross-strait “fusion development” rolled out by PRC President Xi Jinping could go towards winning over a generation of Taiwanese naturally favoring independence.

Failing Education Systems

How Can We Prepare Our Kids For the Jobs Of the Future?

The world of work is changing. How do we help education systems keep up?