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Vol. 621 / Content

China Getting an Overhaul

Vol. 621

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A Bubble, Swords and Roiled Waters

China Getting an Overhaul

As it tries to reinvent itself, China is facing several daunting threats that could provoke social turmoil. CommonWealth Magazine went to China to identify those perils and see what Beijing is doing to cope with them.


China’s ‘Lifestyle Services’ Boom

Exploiting the Desire for a Better Life

China’s startup scene is no longer just about the Internet but also about a trend toward premium products. As China’s growing middle class cares less about a product's price-performance ratio, a new group of service providers has emerged to tap the premium product market.


New Media “Luogic”

Raking in NT$1.3B with Online Talkshow

Even with open curricula and Internet-based direct broadcasts available in China, a paid subscription knowledge platform has attracted 1.5 million users and garnered NT$1.3 billion in annual revenue. How has it done it?


Taking on Hollywood

China Dreaming Big on Movies

From buying Hollywood talent and acquiring movie theater chains around the world to protecting its home market, China is intent on becoming a powerhouse in the global film and video industry and setting the agenda on video content.


Monetizing Knowledge

The Next Internet Craze

Live streaming has not provided the payout many anticipated, but a new model has emerged in China that could fill in the gap – paid subscription knowledge sharing platforms. How have they been able to rise to prominence?