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China’s IC Ambitions

Big Money ≠ A Second TSMC

China has shown a willingness to do whatever it takes to become an electronics superpower, including trading market access for technology. But the strategy has so far fallen short in boosting leading Chinese wafer foundry SMIC. Why is that?

Reflexive Taiwan Series

From the Island of Women to #MeToo

Not long ago, when news of rich and powerful men finally being called to account – dethroned as a comeuppance for sexually predatory behavior – was still rolling in, my friend Darice Dan Chang wrote about how the movement had barely touched Taiwan. Although I’m usually upbeat about life in Taiwan as a woman compared to the rest of Asia, she had a point.

Tsai-chu Yeh

The First Taiwanese Commencement Speaker of UC Berkeley

Tsai-chu Yeh, the first Taiwanese student to step on the podium of UC Berkeley College of Engineering, has given a commencement speech that hit a new record of views for UC Berkeley's graduation ceremony videos.

The Wandering Voice

A 9-year-old Refugee's Heartbreaking Letter to Hong Kong’s Leader

Tens of millions of stateless "ghost citizens" are struggling for survival in the corners of prosperous cities.

Will China Grow Old Before It Gets Rich?

Could India soon be the biggest driver of global growth instead of China?

Politics & Society
World Economic Forum

Conflict Costs the Global Economy $14 Trillion a Year

In 2015, violence cost the world $13.6 trillion. The following year, it cost a trillion more.

Behind E.Sun’s Historic ‘Jiaoxi Meeting’

2 Pieces of Paper = 1 Smooth Succession

The succession issue has troubled many Taiwanese firms, but E.Sun Financial Holdings handled it smoothly 10 years ago. Ten years later, the company’s chairman and president divulge for the first time the back story behind why it went so well.

The Night Jakarta Burned

“When I looked outside through a gap in the curtains, I could see downtown Jakarta burning.” This is how an eye witness described the fires set by looters in the anti-Chinese riots in Indonesia that shocked the world in 1998. How do those who went through the horrors of ethnic violence remember this dark chapter of Indonesian history?

Here are the Most Influential Countries in Asia

There are many factors which come together to determine the level of a country's real-world power. What is Taiwan's status in terms of resource and influence on this power list?

Taiwan’s First LVMH Prize Recipient- Angus Chiang

Taking Taiwan’s Culture to the Runways of London and Paris

Everyday experiences like shopping for materials at Yongle Market or listening to the rush of motorcycles on nearby streets provide vital creative energy for emerging Taiwanese fashion designer Angus Chiang. This attuned sensitivity to Taiwan’s distinctive everyday culture has helped Chiang make inroads into the fussy European fashion market.

Malaysia's New Government

Malaysia's New Prime Minister Talks about China-Taiwan Relations

As Malaysia’s stunning election is getting interpreted by many Taiwanese media as “the victory of anti-China over pro-China," this is what the newly elected Prime Minister says about Malaysia's relation with China and Taiwan.

4 Mega-trends You Should Know about the Future of Work

We are used to the erosion of low paid jobs.Yet new forms of technology and automation are also making more highly qualified professionals obsolete. What are the “mega-trends” in our evolving job market?