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Eckart Mayer

Top Mercedes-Benz Exec Plants Trees, Eats Stinky Tofu

“What’s cool about Taiwan is that it’s got both the mountains and the sea. A city like Taipei has the beautiful forests of Yangmingshan, and just half an hour down the mountain is the gorgeous coast. It’s stunning,” exclaims German national Eckart Mayer, the top executive at a leading automobile importer to Taiwan.

AI Industry in China

Meet China's Five Biggest AI Companies

China is aiming to become the leading power in the industry of AI. From last year alone, its AI industry had grown 67%. With two thirds of global investment in artificial intelligence goes to China, being one of the biggest AI companies in China is closely equivalent to becoming the top AI company on a global scale. Here are the top five biggest AI companies in China.

US-China Trade War

Top Quotes from the World Economic Forum in China

Trade was top of the agenda at World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Tianjin, as news broke of a further escalation in the tit-for-tat trade war between the world's two largest economies, the US and China. Politicians, business leaders and academics all had their say on the rift that is sending ripples through the global economy.

World Economic Forum

7 Amazing Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Used in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most groudbreaking new technologies. Now it is already being used in various medical fields. Here are seven examples that offer a glimpse into our medical future with AI.

Colin Chen

Focusing on the Joys of Authentic Nantou Cuisine

Colin Chen became a chef in a radical career change that moved him from a life behind the camera into the social media limelight. Originally working as a print media photographer, Chen discovered his passion for cooking during a stint abroad as he craved the taste of home.

The Truth Behind ICO Roadshows

Red Blockchain Rolling in Taiwan

Chinese crypto media, capital and social communities are joining hands, moving their speculative frameworks to Taiwan after being purged from China. If they reenact their pump and dump schemes in Taiwan, taking the money and running, investors could lose their shirts, and the future of Taiwan’s blockchain industry could be thrown into jeopardy.

Sustainable Tourism Paradise

Discover Changhua County’s Boundless Charms

The Wanggong Fishing Harbor Festival of Lights, the Tianwei Sea of Flowers, the Fangyuan wetlands mangroves, Baguashan Sky Bridge, Qingshuiyan Hot Springs, Beidou meatballs, Xizhou lamb stew, and the historical sites of Lugang…these are just some of the many notable tourist attractions of Changhua County.

Taiwan’s First Successful Media Paywall

Focused on a target audience of decision-makers around the Chinese-speaking world, “CommonWealth All Access” features in-depth analysis of major economic, business and financial issues and also delves into political and social topics.

What the Movie Gets Right and Wrong about the 'Rich Asians'

Eileen Chow knows rich Asians. Her grandfather was a mainland China newspaper mogul that had fled Mao’s revolution to Taiwan. Chow talks with Journalist Tom Ashbrook about the dynamics and history of her own dealings with the 'Crazy Rich Asians‘, as well as her life at the intersections of several cultures.

Slow Living in Miaoli County

Discovering Miaoli Culture Through Slow Travel

With traditional culture kept alive along the county’s coastline and in the mountains, four distinct seasons and a wealth of seasonal flowers and fruit, Miaoli has all it takes for developing slow tourism.

WEF ASEAN 2018 Summit

These Are Some of Asia’s Most Creative Start-Ups

The World Economic Forum has selected 80 winning start-ups to take part in its ASEAN 2018 summit as part of a competition to find the region’s most innovative new companies.

Oceans of Plastic

Asia’s Plastic Problem Is Choking the World’s Oceans. Here’s How to Fix It

Every year 8 million tonnes of discarded plastic ends up in the ocean, and the situation is getting worse. According to a World Economic Forum report, under the current mode and growth of plastic usage, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean (by weight) by 2050.