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5 Surprising Ways Digital Technology Is Changing Childhood

According to recent studies, 21% of children aged three and four have their own tablet. How is digital technology influencing modern childhood?

Here's Why Working Fewer Hours Might Make You More Efficient

When a New Zealand employer trialled a four-day week, the result was an 'unmitigated success'. Can reduction of working hours really improve productivity?

China Is Among the 20 Most Innovative Economies for the First Time

China has had a rapid transformation into an innovation powerhouse. Now it has broken into the top 20 of a global list of the most innovative economies.

A Taste of Taiwan

Danish Photographer Bundles Love for Taiwan in Time Lapse Video

A time lapse video clip called A Taste of Taiwan has recently created a buzz on the Internet. Behind the production is Danish photographer Henrik Matzen. The video celebrates Taiwan’s scenic beauty but is also meant as Matzen’s personal thank you to the island and its people. What made Matzen spend three months to shoot this video, paying out of his own pocket?

Does the KMT Still Have a Cross-Strait Role?

Former KMT Chairman Lien Chan no longer has a central role in the party, but he was invited to meet with Xi Jinping rather than the KMT’s incumbent chairman. What happened and does it signal the marginalization of the KMT in cross-strait affairs?

Taiwanese Style—Designing Sustainable Soft Power

How Taiwanese Design Can Stem the Korean Tide

Korean popular culture has swept across Asia in recent years, proving to be tremendously lucrative from period costume TV dramas to K-Pop. Aside from becoming obsessed with “Oppa” and wearing “authentic Korean” accessories, what do you think of when you consider what Taiwan has to offer? Is it creativity, fine food, the high-tech hardware industry, or the warm hospitality and enthusiasm foreign travelers rave about? How should this form of Soft Power be “designed” to ensure that cultural creative products are more than “flashes in the pan?”

Mother of Taiwanese Literature—Chung Chao-cheng

'Longtan, My Home, In Dreams You Visit and Linger in My Soul'

When 94-year-old Chung Chao-cheng walked into the living room, the visitors did their best to stay quiet as to cover up the exhilaration in their hearts. On this day, Chung would be talking about his home, Longtan—the land which never leaves his thought.

Charting the World

Who the US and China Have Trade Disputes With

These two charts show China and the US have more than 300 disputes with different countries and trading blocks. Most of the US's trade disputes are with the E.U. Instead of China.

GRAND SEIKO Releases 20th Anniversary Edition of 9S Mechanical Movement

Born During Changing Times, Changing the Times 20 Years Later

For Taiwan, the 1990s were a decade of radical change and an important transition period [to full-fledged multi-party democracy]. National politics, society, industry and even culture saw dramatic changes during that period. A very large part – probably the best part – of the face of contemporary Taiwan took shape during that era. For manufacturers of high-end watches around the world, the 1990s were also an important transition period. All of a sudden, wristwatches, previously practical tools in everyday life, became status symbols and tokens of good taste. Mechanical watches, originally squeezed out by the functionally superior quartz watches, had a comeback as luxury items thanks to their classical design and the refined craftsmanship behind their making.

Did Mulan Really Join the Army out of Filial Piety?

Taiwanese singers Nana Lee Chien-na and Judy Zhou Ding-wei, who both became famous through the Taiwanese “One Million Star” talent contest TV show, play the lead roles in a new pop version of the original Chinese-language musical Mulan. With their powerful vocals, the pair brings to life a version of Mulan that casts the legendary devoted daughter in a somewhat different light. Playwright Tsai Pao-chang, director of the modern theater troupe Tainaner Ensemble, and composer Owen Wang, founder of theater company Studio M, add moments of laughs and tears, stemming from contemporary gender role issues.

World Economic Forum

One in Three Fish Caught is Thrown Away, According to a New UN Report

According to the latest report published by the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, while fish consumption is at an all-time high, the state of fisheries is becoming increasingly unsustainable.

Self-Driving Buses

Baidu's Plan to Break Into the Japanese Market

Baidu, the Chinese tech giant is aiming to enter Japan while eyeing on several overseas market. This autonomous driving bus is one of Baidu's major steps to its international expansion.