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China’s Bullet Train Network

The First-ever Underwater High-speed Railway in the World

China’s bullet train network is fast expanding, and it will soon extend under the sea. Officials in Beijing have approved construction of a 77km high-speed rail link between Ningbo, a port city south of Shanghai, to Zhoushan, an archipelago off the east coast.

CommonWealth Magazine Digital Transformation Report

Building a Digitally Literate Staff

Digital innovation within CommonWealth Magazine meant requiring print-oriented workers to take on more tasks. How did CommonWealth get people lacking in digital skills up to speed to take on the rapidly changing media environment?

These Cities Attracted the Most Tourists in 2018

A visit to one of the world’s major urban centres has lost none of its appeal, but which cities attract the most tourists?

World Economic Forum

Is it Real that Asia-Pacific is Especially Prone to Natural Disasters?

Humanity is faced with more natural disasters, which last longer and impact more people than ten years ago. Climate change, population growth and urbanization are contributing to an increase in both the number and severity of disasters, with the Asia Pacific region particularly badly hit. 

Explore Taipei's Music Scene

From cafes to record stores down to creative parks - here are some hotspots in Taipei music lovers should never miss out.

Across the Strait
History Resurfaces After Election

How the ‘1992 Consensus’ Colors Taiwan’s Fate

​​​​​​​The so-called “1992 cross-strait consensus” has once again become a hot topic in the wake of Taiwan’s recent elections. What is it all about, and how will it impact future cross-strait dynamics?

CommonWealth Magazine Top 2000 CEO Survey on the Economic Prospects of 2019

Southeast Asia Replaces Longtime Favorite China

The top executives of Taiwan’s 2,000 largest enterprises believe economic prospects for 2019 are glum. Due to the potential fallout from a looming trade war between China and the United States, few dare to be optimistic about the global economy and economic development at home. The prelude to the big relocation of Taiwan’s supply chain is already over, and, while massive challenges are ahead, we can prepare for the battle by taking Chinese strategist Sunzi’s advice: Know yourself and your enemy, and you will not be defeated.

Taiwan’s Top 10 Soup Dumplings

​​​​​​​Xiao long bao, or little dragon dumplings, generally top anyone’s must-try in Taiwan food list. Though there are many places to get great soup dumplings around Taiwan, Taiwan Scene listed ten of the best.

Taiwan-made Smart Bikes Versus the Red Supply Chain

Bicycles Built for the Future

The Taiwanese bicycle industry has been in a slump for the past two years, but now there is a ray of hope. By adding a motor and a computer, your bike is now smarter, better, faster, stronger—and many times more expensive, with price tags going above 3,000 US dollars. They are rolling off the racks like hot cakes, and the winds of change are breathing life into the Taiwanese bicycle supply chain.

A New Financial Crisis Rears its Ugly Head

Tensions were high at the IMF-World Bank Annual Meetings in Bali this October. After a decade of recovery, there are warning signs of an impending financial crisis. The United States hold the key to helping the world survive this new emergency, but will they take action?

CommonWealth Magazine Digital Transformation Report

The Print vs. Digital Dilemma

The most difficult part of going from developing print content to integrating print and online content was combining different processes and work routines. To overcome the problem, CommonWealth adopted a “Central Kitchen” concept that relies on an editorial team to rework content and then reuse it through multiple channels.

Research & Reflections

Why Study in Taiwan?

Taiwanese and American cultures are at once different and the same—even with origins on opposite sides of the world, globalization and urbanization have created a cosmopolitan environment in Taipei that makes me feel at home.