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Digital Addiction

Here's the Mechanism that Turns Us into Addicts of Technology

The World Health Organisation is to include “gaming disorder”, the inability to stop gaming, into the International Classification of Diseases. By doing so, the WHO is recognising the serious and growing problem of digital addiction.

What Does Living Abroad Do to Your Self-Awareness?

56% of children living abroad are open to new experiences and cultures.

Is Taiwan’s Famed Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival an Environmental Plague?

This article is a reader’s contribution to Crossing. It explores the environmental pollution caused by the Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival, one of Taiwan’s most famous tourist attractions. What can be done to create a win-win situation for the environment and the tourism industry?

Formosa Moon

Failure and Success in the LA of Taiwan

Notes from a Small Island meets Eat Pray Love on the Tropic of Cancer, Formosa Moon is a dual-voiced cultural exploration around Taiwan undertaken by Joshua Samuel Brown (a long-time resident and author of three other books on Taiwan) and Stephanie Huffman (a first-time visitor who’s reluctantly agreed to relocate sight unseen), a sneak excerpt of which to kick off our featured #Taiwander submission series.

Coping with the AI Onslaught

The Dawn of ‘Taiwan Taxi Drivers+’

For many people whose jobs primarily involve routine tasks, artificial intelligence can seem like a terrifying threat. That especially applies to taxi drivers as AI-powered self-driven cars take to the roads. Is there a way out for them?

Cultural Tourism in Taiwan

The Mazu Pilgrimage Experience

Named by the Discovery Channel as one of the top three religious festivals in the world, the Dajia Mazu holy pilgrimage attracts large numbers of people of Chinese descent from abroad and foreign travelers alike. What makes the Mazu pilgrimage so special and fascinating that participants keep walking, determined to never look back, even when they have painful blisters on their feet?

World Cup Russia 2018

Does Hosting a World Cup Make Economic Sense to the Host Country?

2018 World Cup in Russia is coming soon. The total economic impact of the mega sports event could be $30.8 billion by 2023.

Editor's Pick

TSMC during and after Morris Chang's Leadership

When Morris Chang returned as CEO in 2009, his first major decision was to double TSMC's capital cost to 5.9 billion US dollars, leading TSMC to create the 28-nanometer process miracle, to snatch away 80% of the market, and to win over Globalfoundries. With Chang at the helm, TSMC's stock price increased by 237% with a market value increase of NT 3.3 trillion. Yet, after seven years of legendary leadership, he vowed to make a clean break with TSMC in June. What will TSMC's future be without Morris Chang?

Global Plastic Crisis

90% of Plastic Polluting Our Oceans Comes from Just 10 Rivers

Asia is responsible for 8 of the rivers that have the most plastic waste.

Smartphone Market

Xiaomi Prevails over Samsung in India

Four years ago, Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi entered the Indian market, where it went up against the seemingly impenetrable market leader Samsung. In just two years, it became the leading smartphone brand in India, commanding over 30 percent market share. What lessons does Xiaomi’s sweeping success have for Taiwanese firms?

Politics & Society
Cyber Security

Here are the World's Most Popular Passwords - They're Also the World's Worst

From 'starwars' to 'whatever', our secret phrases are a gift to hackers.

Traveling in Taiwan

Firewalking in Taiwan for Beginners

Six years ago, I walked over a bed of hot coals. While I didn’t burn myself that night, I’ve been raking myself over the coals since.