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Politics & Society
The Black Hole of Fake News

‘Opinion War’ Arrives in Taiwan

“Fake news” is the battlefield of the internet age, with the freedom of speech so valued by democratic societies used against them. Taiwan is a major battleground in this information war. Can it stop “fake news” from influencing its 2020 presidential election?

What Keeps Taipei 101 Steady During Earthquakes and Typhoons?

The giant golden ball prevented people inside the skyscraper from harm or discomfort during earthquakes and typhoons.

Guest-Writer's Submission

Taiwan’s 2020 Elections Go International

As an expat, it can be tough to pick up a decent understanding of Taiwanese politics without sinking some serious time in to research. Taiwan’s upcoming Presidential Election has been explained to me as as the slow smothering of Tsai-Ing Wen’s progressive Independence Project by Han Kuo-yu’s swing back towards the Chinese sphere. What was previously billed as an adversarial, almost inevitable transition has been turned on its head by Gou’s announcement, and it seems to have succeeded in capturing international attention.

Things You Need to Know About Creativity

As the United Nations’ World Creativity and Innovation Day shows, there are many reasons why we should make space in our daily lives to think, dream and innovate. But did you know…?

These Countries Have the Most Expensive Childcare

Childcare costs make up a significant proportion of many working parents’ outgoings. But how much you pay can vary considerably depending on where you live.

How Africa and Asia Are Joining Forces on Universal Healthcare

Thailand's successes in rolling out UHC has led to a knowledge-sharing partnership with ambitious Kenya.

What Happens to Hon Hai if Terry Gou Runs for President?

On April 17, Hon Hai Group chairman Terry Gou dropped a bombshell, announcing his intention to run for president. Once Chairman Gou becomes candidate Gou, he is sure to distance himself from Hon Hai to some degree. But can Hon Hai really afford to let Terry Gou “walk away” in its current state? And who else can take the helm of the Hon Hai empire?

Taiwan Relations Act Anniversary

Taiwanese Cuisine Delights Chicago Homeless

Earlier this month, several hundred residents of a Chicago shelter were treated to Taiwanese cuisine and cultural performances. The shelter residents were also given an opportunity to learn computer skills with donated computers from Taiwan. These “Taiwan Day” activities, organized by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Chicago in cooperation with local groups to mark the 40th anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act, aimed to highlight Taiwan’s commitment to corporate social responsibility values.

New Entries and Extra Stars

How Did These Michelin Restaurants Make the Cut?

Michelin Guide Taipei has announced its selection for 2019. Let’s look at the five new entries and the two that earned additional stars. What did they do right? What’s their secret to success?

Does Indonesia Have the World’s Most Complicated Elections?

As voting concludes in the world’s third largest democracy, Indonesia, the scale of the operation is breathtaking. How do you organize an election that spans more than 17,000 islands and hundreds of thousands of local candidates?

2019 Indonesian Presidential Election

Migrant Workers Cast Votes in Taiwan

Indonesia held its presidential election on April 17, and Indonesians living overseas, including in Taiwan, were able to vote. The campaigns of the two main candidates, incumbent President Joko Widodo and challenger Prabowo Subianto, held rallies in Taiwan to court these voters.

Guest-Writer's Submission

Why the Asia-Pacific is Prime for dApp Development

Blockchain developers are working in 669 startups in the Asia-Pacific, with successful examples of smart contracts being implemented in fruit supply chains, logistics, renting free disk space. Why are Asia-Pacific (APAC) countries among the global leaders in dApp development?