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The Global Competitiveness Report 2018

Germany Is the World’s Most Innovative Economy

Germany comes top for innovation in the World Economic Forum's report on global competitiveness. Here's why.

Prospect of Digital Renminbi

Is China About to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency?

The US' aggressive trade policies could be accelerating China's efforts to digitalize its currency - a move that would likely have far-reaching consequences for the world.

World Economic Forum

Could Robot Leaders Do Better Than Our Current Politicians?

Robots would be less erratic, irrational and ideological than human leaders. So what is stopping us?

Advantech's Rising Star

Invisible Department Eliminates Internet Congestion for Alibaba, iQiyi, and NHK

Mobile multimedia surpassed half the entire world’s mobile data traffic in 2012, and is expected to increase to 78 percent by 2021. But does your video cut out when you’re on your mobile phone? A group of 100 professionals based in Taipei, working to resolve Internet congestion since 2012, finally won orders this year from the likes of Alibaba, iQiyi, and NHK to help make video live streaming supersonic.

Give Them Fish, or Teach Them to Fish?

Better to Teach Them to Stay Hungry

It’s an age-old adage: give a man fish, or teach a man to fish? Now apply this to modern-day education. In a rapidly changing world, today’s moneymaking skills may be obsolete tomorrow. Suffer our little children to stay hungry, rather than allowing their passion for learning to peter out.

The Masterminds Behind

The Rise of the Eslite Nanxi Commercial District

The new Eslite Spectrum Nanxi Store right next to Zhongshan MRT station was the talk of the town even before its formal launch. At the artsy department store, which features a bookstore with movie screenings, customers stood in line for hours just to get a bite of trendy Japanese soufflé pancakes. The area’s rise as a tourism and shopping magnet, however, owes to the vision of an alliance between a community-building NGO, a neighborhood chief, and local artists.

Politics & Society
Former Anti-Nuclear Protestor

Taiwan’s Energy Transition Can’t Afford to Have No Plan B

Ever since the large-scale blackout on August 15 last year in Taiwan, a sense of risk has helped this doctor, once totally opposed to nuclear power, to slowly change his tune. Following is an excerpted interview with Dr. Ming-Jiuh Wang.

Young Fintech Entrepreneur Lands Global E-Commerce Giants as Clients

Around the world, technological innovation is disrupting the financial sector, sparking countries to incubate fintech startups to ensure global competitiveness. The online payment tool TapPay, which made it into the ranks of the world’s leading 100 financial technology companies in late 2017, is all the rage in Taiwan’s startup incubator and consulting circles yet virtually unknown among consumers.

Taiwan’s Blue Ocean Shift

Debunking the ‘Top-down’ Model

Some Taiwanese executives have embraced a “blue ocean” strategy of seeking out new markets rather than getting stuck in fiercely competitive “red ocean” markets. CommonWealth Magazine helped two of them ask the scholars behind the concept questions on how it can be better applied.

Off the Beaten Path

Experience the Enchantment of Nantou

Nantou County Magistrate Lin Ming-chen, an outdoors enthusiast, first attempted to swim across Sun Moon Lake in 2017, finishing in three hours and six minutes to become Taiwan’s first county chief to complete the 3,000-meter swim. As enthusiastically as he embraces nature, he is similarly dedicated to raising Nantou’s visibility. Here, he generously shares his some of his favorite hideaways with travelers looking for an immersive experience of Nantou.

Gazing Into the Distance

The Misty Mountains of Nantou

After four years in front of the camera as a fashion model, Kengo Kobyashi decided to follow his passion for recording his life and get behind the lens as a photographer. Having first come to Taiwan a little more than two years ago, not only has he fallen in love with Taiwan’s cultural color and natural wonders, but the photos and writings he has shared online continue to surprise and delight people around the world with Taiwan’s beauty.

World Economic Forum

The 2008 Financial Crisis Had Some Long-Term Effects You Might Not Have Expected

A decade after the 2008 financial crisis, the effects go much deeper than just economic stability.