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Politics & Society

Politics & Society
2018 Taiwan Election

Why So Many Referendums This Year?

Voters were handed a record number of ballots in the just-concluded local elections because they also cast votes in ten concurrently held referendums, with one vote per referendum. Why were so many referendums held this time, and what is the threshold for referendums?

Politics & Society
The Two Key Competencies Both Children and Adults Need

How to Tackle Fake News

How can we equip children with critical thinking and media literacy as fake news and disinformation proliferate all over the world?

From GATT to WTO, Taiwan’s Global Chess Match

Taiwan finally joined the WTO after three years of applications and a decade of negotiations, heralding an era of globalization.

Destroying Nuclear Waste to Create Clean Energy? It Can be Done

If not for long-term radioactive waste, then nuclear power would be the ultimate “green” energy.

Politics & Society
World Economic Forum

The New Debate on Climate Change

The debate over climate change is no longer about what causes global warming. Rather, the issue for policymakers is how to ensure that billions of at-risk people and businesses around the world can rapidly adapt and ensure that their communities are as resilient as possible.

Immersive Travel

More Effective Than Language Schools

There are people who are drawn into a chat while buying an ice cream abroad, instantly overcoming their fear of speaking in a foreign language. Others are like travelers on a quest, successfully reviving dormant language skills in just seven days. Taiwanese polyglot Terry Hsieh, who speaks 25 languages, is living proof that “immersive learning” is more effective than attending formal classes in language schools.