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Politics & Society

Politics & Society
Three Gigantic Geo-engineering Projects

Scientists’ New Plan to Slow Polar Melting: Build a Giant Wall

A giant wall, artificial islands and cooling water are three ways that scientists might slow polar melting.

Politics & Society
Losing the Stars to Artificial Lights

Is It too Late to Save the ‘Night’?

Light pollution is increasingly blocking out the stars and causing other health concerns. Is it too late to solve it?

Politics & Society
World Economic Forum

3 Ways AI Could Threaten Our World

A new report highlights three ways that AI could be used for harm, physically, digitally and politically.

Even as Birth Rates Decline, Overpopulation Remains a Global Challenge

The world’s population is likely to hit 9.8 billion by 2050, although fertility rates are falling globally.

Does ‘Clean’ Coal Power Exist?

Can using so-called “clean” coal to generate power eliminate concerns about dirty air? As lung cancer has practically become the new national illness, how will Taipower’s new Shen’ao coal-fired power plant impact air pollution and health?

Politics & Society
Travel in Taiwan

Eight Questions about Travel Safety in Taiwan

Taiwan boasts a stable democracy, a prosperous economy, a gun-free society and a friendly population. Unsurprisingly, it’s also considered among the world’s safest travel destinations. But Taiwan is still part of the real world, and as the saying goes…Stuff happens. In this article we’ll take an unflinching look at where Taiwan stands where travel safety is concerned.