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Politics & Society

Politics & Society
AI's Dreams and Reality

AI Has Huge Potential – But It Won’t Solve All Our Problems

While AI has opened up a wealth of promising opportunities, it has also led to a mindset that can be best described as "AI solutionism". This is the attitude that, given enough data, machine learning algorithms can solve all of humanity’s problems. How should we view this idea?

Politics & Society
Global Plastic Crisis

90% of Plastic Polluting Our Oceans Comes from Just 10 Rivers

Asia is responsible for 8 of the rivers that have the most plastic waste.

Politics & Society
Cyber Security

Here are the World's Most Popular Passwords - They're Also the World's Worst

From 'starwars' to 'whatever', our secret phrases are a gift to hackers.

Politics & Society
Good Quality of Death

Asia’s First ‘Natural Death’ Law, Will Taiwan be Ready?

Taiwan will become the first country in Asia to carry out a law promoting the concept of a “good quality of death” if the “Patient Right to Autonomy Act” comes into effect early next year as expected. But before that happens, four challenges still have to be overcome.

Charting the World

Parents in these Places Spend the Most on Their Children’s Education

In the US, parents spend an average of $58,000 – less than half of what parents in Hong Kong are spending. Taiwan ranked 5th on the list with an average of $56424, right behind the US.

Generation AI

What Happens When Your Child's Friend is an AI Toy that Talks Back?

Dolls equipped with voice recognition technology are raising fears over children's privacy.