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Politics & Society
Keelung Wild Bird Society Director Shen Chin-Fung

Debate More Critical Than Referendum Result

Nuclear power is a sensitive issue. While numerous members of environmental groups have adopted a low profile in this area, the Wild Bird Society of Keelung openly supports an interim approach that would use nuclear power to transition to green energy. Below are excerpts of our interview with Shen Chin-fung, director of the Keelung Wild Bird Society.

Politics & Society
Jason Hickel

The Great Challenge of the 21st Century Is Learning to Consume Less

Our environment is taking a heavy toll as global material consumption reaches over 80 billion tons per year. Dr. Jason Hickel from the University of London argues that unbalanced consumption between countries instead of over population is the main factor to our ecological crises.

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World Economic Forum

Climbing the Income Ladder Takes Generations, Depending on Where You Live

Since the 1990s, social mobility in the world's most developed countries has stalled. The low-income trap is restraining people's opportunity to well-being. How should countries make economic growth more inclusive?

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Risky Nuclear-free Homeland Strategy

Taiwan’s Energy Tug-of-War

Taiwan has instituted an ambitious policy of phasing out nuclear power by 2025. It is betting heavily on natural gas and renewables, but has it gone too far in limiting its options while other countries diversify their sources of energy?

Investigative Reporting
Behind the Digital Newsroom

‘Taiwan: The Water-Starved Island’ Interactive Maps

When CommonWealth Magazine ran a series earlier this year on “Taiwan: The Water-starved Island,” then digital editor Jessica Liu had barely a month to put together a digital package for the project. Here’s the back story on how the maps were done.

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World Economic Forum

6 Surprising Side Effects of This Year's Global Heat wave

During the first three weeks of July, the world had been hit by one of the strongest heat wave in decades. Here are six of the most surprising side effects of this year’s heat wave.