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Vol. 617 / Content

Turning ‘Fans’ into ‘Customers’

Vol. 617

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Turning ‘Fans’ into ‘Customers’

Marketing in an Age of Virtual Echo Chambers

Internet technology has facilitated the rise of social media “tribes” that promote their own ideas or interests through highly insulated “echo chambers.” How can marketers penetrate these social media groups to turn “fans” into customers?


CTCB Financial Management College

Forging Financial Talents with Guaranteed Employment

Pursuing a “boutique” educational esthetic, the CTCB Financial Management College’s assurance of employment after graduation has helped yield impressive recruitment numbers.


Taiwan F Shares Lose Their Luster

'Taishang' No Longer Coming Home

A series of reforms by China’s stock exchanges have tempted Taiwanese businesses in China to list IPOs there rather than back in Taiwan, leading many to worry that Taiwan’s stock markets may become marginalized.

Politics & Society

Feng Chia University

Educational Innovation Helps Students Face the Future

Feng Chia University is in tune with society’s needs, using hands-on methods to pre-pare innovators for industry upgrading and transformation.

Politics & Society

Reinventing Tertiary Education

Aiming for a Unique Profile

Dwindling student numbers, insufficient resources and global competition are forcing Taiwan’s colleges and universities to reinvent themselves or become obsolete. A unique niche with precise positioning may be the answer.

Politics & Society

Taiwan Tech Mechanical Engineering Dept.

Industry 4.0 Revolution on Campus

Taiwan Tech not only wants its students to know how to create, but that they also understand cross-domain integration, using Industry 4.0 thinking to advance traditional automation talent.

Politics & Society

Ming Chuan University

Education in the Social Media Age

When it seems that almost superhuman powers and magic skills are needed to live up to the fickle media industry and its fragmented audiences, the practical courses at Ming Chuan University’s new media department prepare its students to navigate between the old and new media worlds

Politics & Society

Asia University

Cross-discipline Creativity Key to Students' Success

What is creativity? Where does it come from? How do you teach it? Asia University has designed creative spaces and distinct study programs to steer students towards their passions.