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From Reading to Literacy

Reading and Writing – An Antiquated Way of Thinking?

Many teachers ask their students to put their phones down. But is that the only thing educators should do to keep up with the 21st century? Meet Ms. Marcie Craig Post, Executive Director of International Literacy Association, in an interview after her speech in the 2017 International Reading Education Forum.


The Secret of the World’s Most Competitive Nation

Though Switzerland has consistently held the top spot in the Global Competitiveness Rankings by the World Economic Forum, the landlocked nation has slipped to rank 47 for enrollment in higher education. The country boasts the most internationalized universities, yet it says internationalization is not the goal.

The Growing Air Industry In Asia

Hong Kong-Taipei, World’s Busiest Airline Route 3 Years In A Row, Why?

When it comes to the world's busiest airline routes, you might be thinking of New York to Washington DC or London to Paris. However, it is the Hong Kong-Taipei route that topped the world's list for 3 consecutive years. Here are 3 reasons why.

Middle East and North Africa

These Startups Are Changing the Arab World

Startups and young entrepreneurs are one of the key factors to improve the state of the Arab world and the future ahead of them can be full of potential. How do they find the way to success amid the region's current geopolitical conflicts?

What Happened to Canada’s Economic Competitiveness?

Canada ranks 14th in the World Economic Forum's latest competitiveness rankings. Here's why

Why Migrant Workers are the Key to Asia’s Green Cities of the Future

Building Asia's green cities will change more than skylines. It can unlock social mobility, job opportunities and skills development.