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World Economic Forum

Measuring Human Development with Happiness

The challenge for both the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Gross National Happiness (GNH) is how to translate such ambitious goals into practical development plans and implement them – how to ensure theory turns into practice.

CommonWealth Finance Weekly

Xi Jinping is in Europe; Why is Taiwan Worried?

President of China Xi Jinping is making state visits to three European countries this week. Special attention is being paid to discussions concerning the controversial “Belt and Road Initiative” with the Italian government, as well as a possible visit to the Vatican. Taiwan is especially nervous about Xi meeting the Pope in the Holy See.

World Economic Forum

Asia’s 10 Most Gender Equal Countries

The Philippines is the only nation from the region to make the Global Gender Gap Index's top 10.

Choson Exchange

Making a Difference in North Korea

Despite received wisdom, North Korea is a country of individuals - which is why individuals can make a difference.

Taiwan’s Fertility Medicine

Why are Japanese and Filipinos Coming to ‘Make Babies’ in Taiwan?

Taiwan’s fertility medicine has long enjoyed international acclaim, with many anxious parents from China, Japan, and Southeast Asia coming to Taiwan in hopes of fulfilling their dream of having children. However, as the market has become saturated, fertility clinics have begun to actively seek ways to sustain their businesses, adopting the electronics industry’s division of labor model via new modes of international cooperation.

World Economic Forum

Japan’s Workforce Will be 20% Smaller by 2040

As many as 12 million Japanese people may disappear from the country’s workforce by 2040, according to official estimates. That’s a fall of around 20%.