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Nobuyuki Idei: How Technology is Changing Society

As the real economy erects trade walls, the digital economy is forging a world without national borders and upending the economic system that has gradually taken shape in the 250 years since the start of the Industrial Revolution. How technology is changing society?How artificial intelligence and robots can be integrated into daily living? How countries should respond to the challenges brought by technology? Nobuyuki Idei, Founder and CEO of Quantum Leaps and former Chairman of Sony Corporation, gives an opening speech in 2017 CommonWealth Economic Forum (CWEF).

American Economist Stephen Roach

Pressure on China Bad for Business

In an interview with CommonWealth Magazine, former Morgan Stanley Asia chairman Stephen Roach talks about the economic and geopolitical risks of a Trump presidency and why taking on China may not help Trump achieve his goals.

Trump a Boon for Petrochemicals

Formosa Plastics’ Shift to America

With Donald Trump pledging to ease regulations on oil and gas businesses and a future energy secretary friendly to the industry, Taiwan’s Formosa Plastics Group is focusing its attention on the United States, perhaps to Taiwan’s detriment.

Paul Sheard:

Trumponomics Holds Potential Solutions

In an interview with CommonWealth Magazine, S&P Global Chief Economist Paul Sheard discusses the potential economic policies of incoming U.S. President Donald Trump.

Singapore’s Low-Profile Diplomacy

The Superpower Balancing Act

China and the United States are battling for influence in Southeast Asia and the South China Sea. Sandwiched between the two, Singapore has kept its distance from both superpowers while fighting to stay competitive amid external threats.

Singapore Sociologist Daniel Goh

Political Liberalization the Right Track

Singapore’s strong economy and social stability have fuel the city-state’s rise as ASEAN’s most advanced country. But as activist and sociologist Daniel Goh explains, political liberalization is now needed to deliver the innovation economy Singapore wants.