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U.S.-China Trade War

Eye on Vietnam, The New Electronics Manufacturing Hub

Major electronics makers are desperately seeking new production bases as the U.S.-China trade war shows no signs of abating. For many, Vietnam is the top choice, with a powerful electronics cluster taking shape in the northern part of the country. We went there to find how what’s happening.  

World Economic Forum

China is Sending Science Students to Live with Rural Farmers

For almost 10 years, Beijing’s China Agricultural University has been running the Science & Technology Backyard (STB) project in villages across the country, allowing students to apply their academic knowledge to maximise crop yields.

Reasons Behind South Korea’s Elderly Crime Wave

Elderly crime is on the rise in South Korea. The number of crimes committed by senior citizens increased by 45% in the past five years, according to police and government statistics reported by the South Korean media.

Former India Ambassador to China Ashok K. Kantha

With China, Stay Engaged… and Alert

How should Asian countries respond to Beijing’s burgeoning economic and political influence? CommonWealth Magazine spoke to India’s former ambassador to China, Ashok K. Kantha, to get his insight on how to deal with this rising superpower.

The Secret to Gender Equality

Nordic countries lead the world at closing the gender gap and, in recent years, have taken root at the top of the global rankings. But why are these nations so far ahead of others?

Diversifying Away from Chinese Visitors

New Sources Driving Taiwan’s Tourism Growth

The fate of Taiwan’s tourism sector has been closely tied to the ebb and flow of Chinese visitors. But a closer look at visitor numbers reveals that future growth in Taiwan will likely come from other sources.