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The Secret to Gender Equality

Nordic countries lead the world at closing the gender gap and, in recent years, have taken root at the top of the global rankings. But why are these nations so far ahead of others?

The Global Competitiveness Report 2018

Germany Is the World’s Most Innovative Economy

Germany comes top for innovation in the World Economic Forum's report on global competitiveness. Here's why.

Tseng Chun Hsin

How 'The Taiwan Night Market Champion' Fought to the Top

Tseng Chun Hsin, the Taiwanese boy who defeated the host country Britain's Jack Draper to win the Wimbledon boy’s singles title, has just turned 17 today (Aug. 8), having fulfilled the goal he boldly claimed three years ago—becoming a world champion.

World Cup Russia 2018

Does Hosting a World Cup Make Economic Sense to the Host Country?

2018 World Cup in Russia is coming soon. The total economic impact of the mega sports event could be $30.8 billion by 2023.

Defending the Throne

Advantech Launches Counter Attack from Europe

Ennoconn Corporation, a member of the Hon Hai/ Foxconn Technology Group, is steadily closing in on Taiwanese industrial computer manufacturer Advantech Co. Ltd., threatening to replace it as the global No. 1. How does Advantech plan to win this battle?

Top Innovative Countries

What Makes S. Korea and Sweden the Most Innovative Countries in the World?

These are the most innovative countries in the world, South Korea, Sweden and Singapore top the list.

Empty Dutch Prisons

Netherlands is Turning Prisons into Homes for Refugees

Thanks to plummeting crime rates, Dutch authorities have come up with new ways to use the vacant cell blocks.

École 42

Students Clamoring to Study at Revolutionary Free Tech School

While the acceptance rate at Taiwanese universities stands above 100 percent, only 1 percent of applicants are accepted at École 42, a private computer programming school in Paris. What makes this institution even more difficult to get into than a prestigious, top-ranked university like Harvard?


The Secret of the World’s Most Competitive Nation

Though Switzerland has consistently held the top spot in the Global Competitiveness Rankings by the World Economic Forum, the landlocked nation has slipped to rank 47 for enrollment in higher education. The country boasts the most internationalized universities, yet it says internationalization is not the goal.

Closing in on Industry 4.0

Digital Brains Aid in Farming and Surgery

Robotic arms in operating rooms are old news. But now digital brains are taking on greater roles independent from human operators, serving as assistants during surgical procedures, and also helping farmers tend their vegetable fields.

Cambridge – The World’s High-Tech Talent Pool

Over the past century, the University of Cambridge has spawned 92 Nobel prize laureates across all categories. With its cutting-edge research and technology, the Cambridge tech cluster has attracted more than 4,300 talent-hungry companies from around the world.

Thomas Heatherwick:

Keep Moving Forward

Like his projects, Thomas Heatherwick operates in a world of practical considerations and constraints, relentlessly working to bridge modern cities with the individual need to feel important and productive. Inside Heatherwick Studio, an exhibition at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum through May 15, celebrates and gives insight into the mind behind such projects as the Garden Bridge and the British Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo.

Post-Paris Climate Conference

Global Low-Carbon Trends Taking Hold

The conclusion of the Paris Climate Agreement has raised the curtain on a low-carbon future. How are French and German corporations taking up the challenge to turn low carbon into high profits?

Stephane Corcuff

'Acquiring' Ancestors in Taiwan

Inside a cluster of decrepit wooden houses dating from the Japanese period, French scholar Stéphane Corcuff came across a wooden ancestral memorial plaque that changed his relationship with Taiwan.

British Designer Thomas Heatherwick

Making the Future

He is the man behind the stunning UK Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and the 2012 Olympic cauldron. How does this uncompromising "Da Vinci of our times" present a new Great Britain to the world?

British Designer Jay Osgerby

Make Less, But Better

The British design team of Barber and Osgerby gained world fame with their design of a stylish and light all-weather Olympic torch for the London Olympics in 2012. What is the source of their creativity?

Danish Design Centre's Nille Juul-Sorensen:

'Everything Is a Design'

The director of Denmark's foremost school of design considers the sources of Scandinavian design prowess, the methodology behind the minimalism, and the importance of community.

The Nordic Models

Making an Art of the 'Simple Life'

Healing diets, a comfortable home, the simple pleasures of life – Taiwanese are gravitating more than ever to this "simple life." To figure out how to get there, their best bet is to look at Scandinavia.

London Olympics

17 Days to Forge the Next 70 Years

The eyes of the world will be on London for 17 days this summer. But once the Olympic Games are over, will they leave the positive legacy for future generations promised by their organizers?

London Legacy Development Corp.

After the Olympics, the Park Must Live On

Once the London Olympic Games have concluded, the risk of leaving behind disused venues is great. How does London plan to turn Olympic Park into a future community landmark and favored tourist destination?


Why Is Finland Tops in Civics?

Finland often emerges a champion in a variety of educational evaluations, and civic education is no exception. With no formal civics classes, how is it that Finnish kids produce the best civic education achievements?

The Prosperous Baltic Sea Region

Small Countries, Smart Successes

It's the world's wealthiest gulf region: eight small countries with a tradition of equality and universally enviable growth, which may provide some timely lessons for Taiwan.


Affluence, with Strings Attached

Possessed of a strong sense of self-reliance and personal responsibility, the Swiss live direct democracy, taking their destiny in their own hands. They must also keep scrambling to meet the challenges that affluence presents.

The Swiss Model

Putting the Middle Class on Center Stage

Switzerland is best known for luxury watches, the Alps, and secretive banks. But the landlocked country has carved out a distinctive way of life that makes it one of the world's most livable places.

'Made in Switzerland'

Broad Base, Core Competitiveness

With the world's highest production value, Swiss industry must be doing something right. A broad manufacturing base and a solid two-track vocational education system may be the secrets to Swiss success.

Germany – European Renewable Energy Leader

Roofs that Make Money

Across Germany homeowners are installing photovoltaic systems on their roofs to generate electricity, and selling surplus power to utility companies. They are determined to help end the era of nuclear power through green energy.

Greece's Economic Collapse

The Last Joyride of the Crickets

Like the cricket in Aesop's Fables, the Greeks have enjoyed a carefree life with little concern for the future. But now this once-glorious civilization has become the panhandler of Europe. Three key factors lie behind the Grecian downfall.

The German Model

Technical Training: the Sound Foundation

Taiwan's vocational education system was long patterned after Germany's but has veered away from its technical-orientation over the past decade. It may be time to look to Germany again.

Copenhagen Climate Summit

Fourteen days to seal history's judgment on this generation

CommonWealth Magazine is one of the many media organizations from more than 40 countries that are speaking with one voice on climate change during the Copenhagen summit.

Russia's IT Industry

Rising Software Superpower

Just as Kaspersky is occupying the top perch in the anti-virus industry, Russian software seems to be taking over the world, with Taiwanese handset brands and OEM manufacturers counting among their major customers.

Green Vehicles – German Edition

Mini E Leaves Conventional Cars in the Dust

Luxury carmaker BMW developed a hip electric car in less than a year. A replica of the British cult car Mini Cooper, with a battery made in Taiwan, the Mini E boasts an acceleration faster than most combustion-engine vehicles.

London: Capital for a New Millennium

Open, Integrated, Reborn

A city of openness, innovation, intellectual authority and unquestionable energy, London now stands as the financial capital of the world. What secrets does it have to teach Taipei?

British Media

Independent Voices Leading the World

The global media?s values are under assault by the Internet, industry consolidation, and sensationalism. But some British outlets are bucking the trend.

Small Countries, Smart Successes

Sweden: A Model for the Middle Path

The Swedish model shows that social welfare and competitiveness need not be mutually exclusive, and may prove the solution to globalized society’s continually widening wealth gap.

Small Countries, Smart Successes

Estonia: the Baltic Tiger

Despite a tragic history and geographical limitations, this former Soviet republic with a tiny population is turning weaknesses into advantages.

Small Countries, Smart Successes

Finland: The World's Most Competitive Small Nation

With three major strategies, a small, out-of-the-way country, poor and downtrodden for 800 years, became a land of plenty and a model the whole world seeks to emulate.