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Vol. 529 / Content

Why Hong Kong Loves Taiwan

Vol. 529

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Incheon Free Economic Zone

Smart, Green, Spanking New

South Korea has a grand ambition: to build the commercial hub of Northeast Asia. But with investment lagging behind expectations and fierce competition from both China and Japan, can they make good on their bold plan?


Malaysia's Economic Zones

Burying the Hatchet, Climbing the Ladder

At Port Klang, Malaysia's ambition rings clear: to challenge Singapore's claim as the premier entrepot of Southeast Asia. Yet in Iskandar, Malayia is allying with its old foe, for the greater good of regional domination.


Taiwan's New Economic Zones

Deregulation, but No Strategy

The Taiwan version of "free economic zones" involves dispersed resources, unclear positioning and "virtual" zones that amount to little more than deregulation and tax breaks. Is this the panacea for all the island's woes?

Across the Strait

Why Hong Kong Is Smitten with Taiwan

People from Hong Kong have swarmed to Taiwan in recent years to enjoy its night markets and slower pace of life and to learn from its "happy protests." But an unmistakable disenchantment with Beijing may lie behind this infatuation.

Across the Strait

Qianhai Special Economic Zone

Testing Ground for a Freer RMB

It's China's smallest special economic zone, an experimental lab for cross-border trade in the renminbi.

Across the Strait

Professor Ding Xueliang:

Hong Kong: Beijing's Big Headache

A prominent Chinese social scientist examines the former British colony that has become the PRC's most vexatious frontier, and what this thorny relationship may portend for interactions across the Taiwan Strait.