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Vol. 665 / Content

TSMC Seeking Domination of Industry 4.0

Vol. 665

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Which Are the Most Punctual Airlines?

Do you know which airline was the most punctual in 2018? And which airport had the best On-Time Performance? New statistics show Tokyo International Airport, also known as Haneda Airport, had the best On-Time Performance, and Copa Airlines SA was the most punctual.


Setting the Standard for Industry 4.0

Uncovering TSMC’s Two Special Weapons

TSMC has revealed its smart manufacturing weapons for the first time. In an exclusive interview with CommonWealth, a top TSMC executive explains how the semiconductor powerhouse has used AI and machine learning to make chips faster than anybody else and achieve consistency across its 13 fabs.


German Millennial Launches Food-Saving Movement in Taiwan

Save Food to Stop Wastage 

What should we do with surplus food? Tossing food into the bin is wasteful, but how can it be donated to people who need or want it? German research assistant Stefan Simon is promoting foodsharing in Taiwan, not only to reduce food waste, but also for the sake of a more sustainable environment.


Nojima Tsuyoshi

Opinion: Taiwanese Drivers Turn Streets into Warzone

Famed Japanese journalist and writer Nojima Tsuyoshi describes Taiwanese roads as similar to Japan in the 1970s: no better than a battlefield.