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Across the Strait
No Bounderies For This Taiwanese Top Chef

A Chinese Culinary Creator – André Chiang's New Position

"Many Taiwanese restaurants have been expanding their business to Mainland China or other countries. This does not mean they are betraying Taiwan," said Sandra Lee, Vice President of Marketing of Hasmore Ltd. Restaurant Group.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Legislator Freddy Lim

Taiwan Needs to Step Up its Game

Best known as the frontman for a heavy metal band and now a lawmaker, Freddy Lim tells CommonWealth what it takes for Taiwanese artists to gain traction overseas and the importance of both drawing on their heritage and meeting international standards.


The Secret of the World’s Most Competitive Nation

Though Switzerland has consistently held the top spot in the Global Competitiveness Rankings by the World Economic Forum, the landlocked nation has slipped to rank 47 for enrollment in higher education. The country boasts the most internationalized universities, yet it says internationalization is not the goal.

Politics & Society
Miao-Li A&I Vocational High School

Fostering Autonomous Learning and Critical Thinking

Who would have thought that a vocational high school in the small city of Miaoli could attract high schools from Japan and Korea to engage in exchanges in Taiwan? Miao-Li A&I develops students’ critical thinking capacities on top of honing their hands-on skills, sparking a revolution in their minds.

Refining The Tea Drinking Culture

Taiwan Tea in Starbucks

Starbucks Taiwan has been looking into integrating a “new tea culture” into the world’s largest coffee chain.

The One Crucial Skill Our Education System is Missing

Students will need more than tech prowess to thrive in the future.

Future of Peer to Peer Economy

Cracking the Code of Blockchain

Blockchain is certainly trending, but there are simple but important questions to ask. What is blockchain? How does it work exactly? What is its impact on our economy and society? Here's what you need to know.

China's Annual Shopping Craze

Startling Statistics from Singles' Day

These statistics show the amount spent this year for Alibaba's annual Singles' Day.

Meet Horace Luke – Founder of Gogoro

'Young People Can, They Just Don’t Have The Stage'

Born in Hong Kong, raised in USA, the founder of the most potential Taiwan-based unicorn startup tells you how he led his team to the global stage.

Chien Lee-feng vs. Tom Wang

Should People Fear Robots?

Many workers are worried that robots and AI will supplant them. CommonWealth Magazine Group publication Cheers brought together two experts to discuss whether those concerns are warranted and what can be done to stay ahead of the game.

Award-winning Musician Sangpuy:

‘Music is Life’

The accomplished indigenous musician expands on the inspiration behind his music, as well as how nature and culture have both helped him deal with the challenges in his life.

Eco-Tourism off Jiangjun’ao Isle

When the South Penghu Marine National Park was established in late 2014, local fishermen feared for their livelihood due to restrictions on fishing and other conservation measures. Meanwhile, guided snorkeling and scuba-diving excursions are providing new sources of income, putting the area on the eco-tourism map.