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Taiwan’s Sustainability Challenge

Time to Eat a Green Apple

Apple is quietly going green, including making new products out of recycled materials and pushing a 100 percent renewable energy goal for its own stores and suppliers. With Taiwan a critical part of Apple’s supply chain, how will it adapt?

Far Eastern New Century Corporation

Water-free Dyeing Puts Taoyuan on the World Map

The textile industry is notorious for using vast amounts of water throughout its milling processes, putting an enormous strain on the planet’s dwindling water resources. But Far Eastern New Century Corp. has had the foresight to invest in a novel “water-free dyeing” technique, saving resources and cutting costs.

Yung Shin Pharm Ind.

Little Giant Serves CSR with Volleyball

From a minor volleyball tournament to one of the biggest sporting events in Taiwan, the Yung Shin Cup is a prime example of private corporate sports sponsorship. Boosting the local economy and community development, the tournament is a platform of exchange for the sports and health communities.

Mercedes-Benz Taiwan

German CEO Takes Lead in Local Reforestation

Mercedes-Benz Taiwan, the country’s leading seller of luxury automobiles, continues to rack up sales records year after year. Despite being a foreign corporation, MBT has given back to society through two locally attuned programs.

A Must Do Activity When Visiting Kaohsiung

‘One-Day Farmer’ Tour Has Hit Abroad

Under the bright sunny day, a group of sweaty people are wearing gloves and protective clothing in a large pineapple field, and hurriedly harvesting pineapples.  The edge of pineapple leaves is very sharp which one hand has to hold the bottom while the other bend it down with great strength.  However, these group of people aren’t farmers at all, they are tourists coming from Japan.

Politics & Society
Reversing the Brain Drain

Time for Homecomings

Thirty years ago, Taiwan sent a team overseas to study semiconductors and recruited Morris Chang back to the country. Can history repeat itself? Taiwan is hoping it can to reverse its brain drain, but the government and private sector need to step up.

Lin Hwai-min:

‘We Can Do Without Cloud Gate, but We Must Have Eslite’

“I hope that the people that come here can find inspiration for their lives at Eslite.” This quote from Eslite founder Robert Wu, who passed away in Taipei on July 20, made a lasting impression on Cloud Gate Dance Theatre founder Lin Hwai-min. In the article below, Lin explains his appreciation for Wu and his commitment to creating Taiwan’s premiere bookstore experience.


Pearl Milk Tea Craze Sweeps the Maldives

Taiwan’s homegrown hand-shaken tea beverages are continuing their conquest of overseas markets. Kaffa International Co. Ltd., whose global franchise teahouse chain Chatime already has a strong presence in Southeast Asia, is expanding its reach to tropical holiday destinations.

Politics & Society
Taiwan’s Growing Talent Drain

‘Farewell, Taiwan’

With its low salaries and lack of stages on which to shine, Taiwan is no longer seen by young people as a land of opportunity, and they are leaving in droves. Are companies and the government ready for the massive talent deficit down the road?

Felice Chen:

My Students Tell me There’s No Way Ahead

NTU Mentor Program Professor and former bank director relates how changes in the region’s financial sphere have affected the prospects of local students.

Cheng-shu Kao:

‘Invisible Champion’ Model Taiwan’s Way Out

Small- and medium-sized enterprises have been instrumental in making Taiwan a key link in the global manufacturing network. These invisible champions developed an industry model unique to Taiwan, making their products indispensable.

Mark Stocker:

Taiwan Must Market Itself as a Global Steward of Green

A concerted effort by the government and private enterprises to market Taiwan's green achievements abroad would not only benefit the nation's image, it would also create more business opportunities for Taiwan's brands, products and services.