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Fil-Canadian singer and Internet celebrity Mikey Bustos

Key to Viral Success: "Never give up."

Fil-Canadian singer and Internet celebrity Mikey Bustos shared his keys to viral success: "Never give up."

Ford Lio Ho Motor Company

Can NT$4B Buy a Comeback?

Its days as Taiwan’s automobile sales leader long past, Ford Lio Ho is now investing NT$4 billion in manufacturing upgrades. Can these efforts bring back the glory days?

Politics & Society
Fish Depletion in the Taiwan Strait

A China-made Environmental Catastrophe

CommonWealth Magazine reporters went out on the Taiwan Strait to tell the story of the mullet trade. What they saw was the encroachment of Chinese fishing boats in Taiwanese waters and the environmental catastrophe those vessels are creating.

Smart Machines and Aerospace

Machinery Industry Takes Aim at Trillion-Dollar Goal

For the past nine years, Taiwan’s machinery industry has tried to break the trillion- dollar mark in terms of annual output, but so far this challenge has proven insurmountable. This year might be different. Why?

Jane Chi, chair of Chaheng Precision

The Heroine of Taiwan’s Aviation Industry

Growing up, she dreamt of becoming a knight in shining armor defending the weak and downtrodden. As an adult, she worked to save mold maker Chaheng Precision Co. Ltd. from bankruptcy, transforming the conventional company into a Tier-1 supplier for the world’s leading aircraft makers.

Anny Chan, founder of Otto2 Artistic Aesthetics

Not Giving Up Was Worth It

She saw her business go from profitable to hemorrhaging money in the blink of an eye. Scarred by the global financial crisis and a misguided investment strategy, she clawed back to breaking even, meanwhile learning to recognize her weaknesses and stop trying to do everything herself.

Indigenous Singer Jia Jia

Working Hard at Being Herself

Long recognized on the music scene as an exceptional talent, two-time Golden Melody Awards nominee for Best Female Singer Jia Jia tells how she learned to believe in herself…

Angela Duckworth

What is Grit and Why is it the Secret of Success?

Angela Duckworth is an American psychologist, best selling author and professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research shows that the key to excellence is not about talent but 'grit'. In an interview with CommonWealth Magazine, Prof. Duckworth shares her insights about the idea of 'grit'.

Politics & Society
Slow Fish

Where Does Our Fish Come From?

Taiwan is the fourth largest fish consumer in the world, however, Fisheries Statistic Yearbook shows that Taiwan’s coastal fisheries have only 160,000 metric tons of fish left now.  Are Taiwan’s waters overfished? Are Taiwan’s coastal fisheries overfished?  Or do we know where the fish we eat comes from?

Politics & Society
Asia University

Cross-discipline Creativity Key to Students' Success

What is creativity? Where does it come from? How do you teach it? Asia University has designed creative spaces and distinct study programs to steer students towards their passions.

Taiwan F Shares Lose Their Luster

'Taishang' No Longer Coming Home

A series of reforms by China’s stock exchanges have tempted Taiwanese businesses in China to list IPOs there rather than back in Taiwan, leading many to worry that Taiwan’s stock markets may become marginalized.

CTCB Financial Management College

Forging Financial Talents with Guaranteed Employment

Pursuing a “boutique” educational esthetic, the CTCB Financial Management College’s assurance of employment after graduation has helped yield impressive recruitment numbers.