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Digital Transition Challenges

Creating an Innovative Business Model

Faced with dominant online platforms monopolizing ads as well as dwindling print ad revenues, CommonWealth Magazine had to find a new business model to survive. The result was the “CW Lab” and six sub-channels catering to distinct audiences.

Opinion: Bilingual Education for a Better Worldview?

Our schools promote English courses and our students learn about nations from outside the Asia-Pacific region, but they remain ignorant of—or even biased towards—the neighboring countries closest to us. This is the fallacy of the much-touted bilingual education and the “international perspective” educators work so hard to foster.

World Economic Forum

CO2 Can Be a Valuable Raw Material. Here’s How

What if we did something with carbon emissions, instead of continuing to try and contain them on a massive scale?


Can’t Tell Pine Nuts from Peanuts? Taiwanese AI Gives ‘Smart Vision’

How did a long-established Taiwanese corporation use AI to rescue one of the top Australian supermarket chains? Coming off six years in the red, AOpen, which built its business on computer peripherals like optical drives and motherboards, made the difficult transition into the AI realm. Following Acer’s 2018 acquisition of a majority stake, AOpen moved quickly into the digital signage and visual recognition fields, taking on orders from major US- and Europe-based chains to become Acer’s potential-rich ace in the hole.

U.S.-China Trade War

Challenges and Opportunities of Manufacturing in Vietnam

As entrepreneurs weigh their options for relocating production lines and local supply chains, Vietnam seems quite attractive. “In the eyes of many entrepreneurs the trade war has turned Vietnam into the new China.”

U.S.-China Trade War

Eye on Vietnam, The New Electronics Manufacturing Hub

Major electronics makers are desperately seeking new production bases as the U.S.-China trade war shows no signs of abating. For many, Vietnam is the top choice, with a powerful electronics cluster taking shape in the northern part of the country. We went there to find how what’s happening.  

Which Are the Most Punctual Airlines?

Do you know which airline was the most punctual in 2018? And which airport had the best On-Time Performance? New statistics show Tokyo International Airport, also known as Haneda Airport, had the best On-Time Performance, and Copa Airlines SA was the most punctual.

Nojima Tsuyoshi

Opinion: Taiwanese Drivers Turn Streets into Warzone

Famed Japanese journalist and writer Nojima Tsuyoshi describes Taiwanese roads as similar to Japan in the 1970s: no better than a battlefield.

German Millennial Launches Food-Saving Movement in Taiwan

Save Food to Stop Wastage 

What should we do with surplus food? Tossing food into the bin is wasteful, but how can it be donated to people who need or want it? German research assistant Stefan Simon is promoting foodsharing in Taiwan, not only to reduce food waste, but also for the sake of a more sustainable environment.

World Economic Forum

China is Sending Science Students to Live with Rural Farmers

For almost 10 years, Beijing’s China Agricultural University has been running the Science & Technology Backyard (STB) project in villages across the country, allowing students to apply their academic knowledge to maximise crop yields.

Cash-free Future Might be Still Far Away

Millions of people in the developed world already live in a de facto cashless society. From the smart watch on your wrist to the contactless card in your wallet, being able to pay for small, everyday items without recourse to cash is fast, easy, and increasingly ubiquitous.

Big Data Led to a Spicy Chocolate Bar

Deciding which products to manufacture used to be a make-or-break skill for businesses. Now though, big data is making it much easier for companies to give customers what they want.