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The Time Is Now for Taiwanese Cuisine

Let’s Eat, the Taiwan ‘Way’

In Mandarin, “flavor” is pronounced “way,” so we’ve decided to call authentic Taiwanese flavors the “Taiwan Way.” Up to now, it has defied definition but efforts are afoot to give it a clear identity and have it resonate around the world.

Milk House

Revolutionizing Milk Distribution

Veterinarian Kung Chien-chia witnessed the problems of Taiwan’s dairy industry first-hand on his daily visits to rural dairy farms. Realizing that the farmers are at the mercy of the island’s three major milk brands, Kung decided to rewrite the rules of milk distribution.

Ta Chyuan Treasure Pig Industry Co., Ltd.

Raising Pigs with a Good Conscience

Ta Chyuan Treasure Pig Industry is showing that pork from humanely raised pigs can be a commercial hit while offering a “safe” choice in a market that has been plagued by food safety scandals.

Mark Stocker

An Opportunity to turn Taiwan into the Cannes of Asia

Taiwan’s five golden Awards have the potential to establish Taiwan as the arbiter of huaren creative arts, not only bringing economic advantage but also bolstering Taiwan’s national identity.

Lettuce Empire

Crafting a Winning ‘Food Safety’ Formula

The Taiwan Lettuce Village’s modern practices are redefining how to grow, harvest and store fresh produce. After conquering Taiwan, the company’s iceberg lettuce is now making waves on the global stage.

Closing in on Industry 4.0

Unveiling TSMC’s Secret Weapon

Recognized as one of Taiwan’s leading practitioners of Industry 4.0, TSMC has been able to maintain its pricing power in an age of plummeting component prices. What has been its secret weapon in achieving that?

Closing in on Industry 4.0

Elevating the Internet of Things

Three Cloud-based platforms keep 300,000 elevators across the globe in line. The incorporation of augmented reality places virtual over actual reality, streamlining workflow. With the Silicon Valley innovation engine powering the way, American Industry 4.0 is quietly accelerating into the passing lane.


Keeping Taiwanese Pop Culture Alive

At a time when China is gaining dominance in Chinese-language pop culture, KKBox has chosen a new approach, launching cultural and entertainment platform “KKFarm” to give fledgling Taiwanese cultural and creative firms the chance to flourish.

Closing in on Industry 4.0

Digital Brains Aid in Farming and Surgery

Robotic arms in operating rooms are old news. But now digital brains are taking on greater roles independent from human operators, serving as assistants during surgical procedures, and also helping farmers tend their vegetable fields.

Interview with Michael Sandel

We Need Public Discourse on Big Ethical Questions

Bestselling author of “Justice: What's the Right Thing to Do?”, philosopher, & professor at Harvard University, Michael Sandel, gives a keynote speech at the Fulbright Thought Leader Forum in Taiwan on 6/2. He talks about "Leadership and Ethics" in the 21st century.

2017 Computex Taipei AI Forum

Can Taiwan Find an AI Niche?

Autonomous vehicles. Robots learning on their own. The artificial intelligence wave has arrived, as was evident when Nvidia founder Jensen Huang spoke at Computex Taipei. Does Taiwan have what it takes to capitalize on this “next big thing?”

The Age of ‘Octopus Talents’ Is Here

As the late management guru Peter Drucker once said, the tools we rely on for survival today could get in the way of growth tomorrow. Constantly enhancing one’s skills and taking on all kinds of roles, “hybrid talents” are the new stars of the workplace.