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Hsinchu City Mayor Lin Chih-chien

Lifting Up the ‘Sandwich Generation’

Taiwan’s youngest city mayor heads up a city that will mark its tricentennial next year. On the strength of a series of popular initiatives, Hsinchu City Mayor Lin Chih-chien is helping reshape Taiwan’s own “Windy City” to face the challenges of the new century.

Taitung County Magistrate Justin Huang

Using Tourism to Save the Economy

Since taking office five years ago, he has helped transform Taitung County from a remote southern coastal city with 40 percent low-income families and a serious population drain into a major tourism hotspot. How has County Magistrate Justin Huang presided over such a turnaround?

Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan

Forging a New Leadership Model

Taoyuan Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan was a surprise winner of his city’s mayoral election in 2014, and he has continued to surprise in office, showing diligence and savvy in building a positive image among city residents and delivering results.

Nantou County Magistrate Lin Ming-chen

A Mobile County Government at Home with Constituents

CommonWealth Magazine journeyed to the remote county of Nantou to get to the bottom of dark horse Lin Ming-chen’s popularity.

2017 Local Leader Approval Survey

Major Reshuffling of Top Stars

CommonWealth Magazine's latest local leader approval survey results are out. As the bipartisan divide between the blue and green political camps wanes, many veteran mayors and magistrates are seeing their stars fall, while rookies are rising to new highs.

Retail Revolution

New Tech Unlocks Potential of Unmanned Stores

Late last year, U.S. online retail giant Amazon launched Amazon Go, pioneering a new kind of store without a checkout counter. China and Japan are also battling to deliver a checkout-free shopping experience in unmanned stores. What are their secret weapons in this battle for new retail service models?

Targeting Thailand 4.0

PChome Stakes Out its Territory

The key to the ‘Thailand 4.0’ plan is digitalization, with e-commerce participation a critical element of development. Taiwan-based PChome has set its sights on the opportunities presented by Thailand’s digital transformation.

Taiwan Launches Its First Home-Grown Satellite

Satellites, once the domain of a handful of national space agencies, have become smaller and more affordable, leading to more accessible satellite-based ventures. The recent launch of Formosat-5, the first space mission entirely manufactured on the island, was a major milestone for Taiwan’s space program.

Decoding Amazon

Ruthless Management Tactics Foster Innovation

Named Wired magazine’s most innovative company for 2017, operates according to principles many people find shocking, such as forbidding Powerpoint presentations and requiring employees to write six-page reports. The precise management approach keeps this e-commerce icon efficient and employees confident.

A Threat to South Korea?

Terry Gou’s American Dream

Foxconn’s plan to build an LCD flat panel factory in the U.S. still has to be approved by the Wisconsin State Senate. If it does go forward, what does Foxconn boss Terry Gou really want from it, and why is he seen by South Korea as its biggest threat?

The TSMC Electricity Dilemma

Can Taiwan Power TSMC’s Dream?

TSMC alone has accounted for about a third of the increase in Taiwan’s power usage over the past five years, and a new technology is about to drive its electricity needs even higher. Can power-strapped Taiwan accommodate this semiconductor giant.

Taiwan’s ER Crisis

“Too convenient, too cheap, no need to wait,” is what characterizes emergency rooms in Taiwan. As a result, people with minor ailments flock to the ERs of major hospitals, diverting resources from those with life-threatening conditions or injuries. Can the public healthcare system be sustained if emergency departments are treated like round-the-clock convenience stores?